3 Most Important Supplements for Bodybuilding – Leroy Colbert

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THIS WAS FILMED ON LEROY’S 78 BIRTHDAY 5/09/11. Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He is now a consultant at Total Nutrition, a supplement and health food store located in Los Angeles, California. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, give him a call. http://leroycolbert.com/
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Ulises Ventura says:

If you take enzymes, will your body produce less over time? Just a question
that’s bugging me

shsram says:

I have a question Mr. Colbert or anyone else who may want to answer. I’m
taking the multi-vitamin from Universal Nutrition called AnimalPak and
noticed it doesn’t have B-Complex Vitamins in it but does include enzymes
such as:
VegPeptase 2000

So I decided to go to my local pharmacy and look for B-complex vitamins. I
bought some and it also includes vitamin C as well. Here’s my thing, on the
label it doesn’t state anything about increasing the absorption of food or
what Mr. Colbert was referring to in the video but tells about it being for
cellular energy production and Antioxident support. Would this be
considered the same thing that was referred to in the video?

GamingGreenHD says:

Guys does he mean 200 mg of each b vitamin, or like 200 mg if i plus all
the b vitamins together? 

Ramon Heard Jr says:

You are the best.

Djanti S. says:

So, the B Complex I have, only contains about 1,4mg of each B vitamin. How
many should I then take a day? Or should I buy a new box with a higher

J V L I V S Photography says:

Mr. Colbert, you are very old school and very resourceful, sir! My humble
thanks to you and your knowledge. 

ashkoninsd says:

Thanks for the input Leroy. If I may also add a little something…

About a year ago, I used to suffer badly from stomach bloating, indigestion
and excessive gas. Without question, the use of probiotics got rid of all
of these symptoms for me. Probiotics literally saved my life – that’s how
bad I was suffering. I take 2 50 billion strand pills each morning, for a
total of 100 billion strands of probiotics; each morning before I eat
anything. My bloating went away, no more gas and I digest everything (no
matter what kind of food it is) very easily. Once in a rare while, I’ll
experience some bloating and I’ll take a 3rd probiotic and it goes away. I
highly recommend it to anyone who’s having digestion issues.

Vennika Johnson says:

If you don’t want to go all the way out to the health food store to pick
these up, iHerb.com has a ton of supplements like these for cheap. They
arrive in 3-4 days and have sales all the time, and ship just about
anywhere. I’ve got a code that’ll get you $10 off. Here you go, hope it
helps: CLG358.

Pudsy440 says:

Really good point about people eating foods that they would never give to
their dog … funny, but true!

crni195 says:

il take natural wealth papaya enzimes and natural wealth b complex.. about
20$ total in my country.

Kochanovskaya Lada says:

Scientific proof reveal that it is possible to improve your muscle building
process 2x-3x more quickly; just by change your eating plan. Because time
you spend on the workout room is just 3% of all your time.

nappychef35 says:

Leroy is the protein in vegetables (specifically chickpeas) inferior to
animal protein (steak, fish, chicken or eggs), assuming both are complete?
Thank you for your wisdom. It is greatly appreciated and needed.

Omega Blaze says:

I use Papaya Enzymes.

Not sure what Leroy recommends, but they DEFINTELY stop bloating after

Great Info. 

ziandra zadora says:

Is this recommendation for everyone ? I’m a 40 year old female who enjoys
lifting weights a couple of times a week I do lift heavy but do I still
need the same amount as a big male serious lifter ? 

Gustavo Geraldini says:

Thaks good you are here explaining it at all. You are a gentleman. I hope
next generation listen to your heart and soul comments too much valuable.
Golds value mr. Colbert. best regards. your frined from Brazil

Angelo Normand says:

Awesome! Anything that promotes protein synthesis is key. Basically what
roids do.

Erik Nielsen says:

Can you make these videos shorter, more key points based?

Arvon A says:

What enzyme and B complex supplements do you recommend?

Nkarfunkle says:

leroy your a great help and i’ll do what ever you say to be as healthy as
you when i’m 78

Fredy Medina says:

Whats your take on b12 injections.1 per week.

pfl95 says:

Oh man… I just calculated my macros and bought my whey and I thought that
was it!
Eat my macros every day and that would be it! The supplements I take are
pre workout and Whey.

I’m still a beginner at this… I’m trying to get a fit body in order to
play rugby and join the UK marine commandos (currently 19). Should I just
eat my macros and my pres? all this other supplements I should ignore?

Randy Sloan says:

Protein, creatine, caffeine, multi vitamin, fish oil. Pretty decent there.

Motivational JUNKIE says:

hey Leroy if i keep taking vitamins and more vitamins am i going to
eventually built up a tolerance towards them and need more and more??? Or
are supplements not like a drug in that way?


Just recently less then a week ago I bought B Complex for the first time
and started supplementing it a little more then the recommended dosage
since I do eat more then normal. Energy went up, appetite went up and my
overall mood was better. Because my appetite went up and digestion probably
got better too, ill bet that muscle growth will come in more frequently
because of the following reasons. THANKS LEROY.

PeopleEqualShlt says:

Im not Leroy but i would say take before food then the enzymes are already
in your system and ready to breakdown that next meal.

Chris Karambelas says:

a single enzyme can digest or break down 10^x16 of protein/fat/carb. I
doubt anyone has to worry about digestive enzyme supplementation!

Donny89100 says:

Enzymes ‘ vitamin d ‘ b complex .. and creatine.. thats all you need maybe
a pre workout

Breazeh says:

Hey Leroy, do you recommend any brands of a enzymes or b-complex product?
Thanks for the video, you provide excellent information, keep it up!

backnite1 says:

you are obvious a hodge twin fan boy because that what they say about
pissing it away . there is no way to tell your pissing it out . i know what
your going to say o i smell it in my piss WRONG not if its in a vegeage
cap. and another thing you said grams . b complex is not measured in grams
its measured in milla grams. and dehyrated all that means is your not
drinking enough water not from a supplement .

Chris Karambelas says:

Eating an excess of protein will not cause the body to turn it into FAT.
This biochemical pathway does not even exist. It will turn into a
carbohydrate sources, this is called gluconeogenesis. If you’re not eating
an adequate amount of protein and you begin to correct this by eating more,
yes you will build more muscle!

009frajer says:

fuck off you muscle maximizer you cheater people will not buy your products
so fuck away bitch!! we know what are you tryng to do you loser. STOP LYNG

johnosandra says:

When you’re finished learning you’re finished.

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