5 Bodybuilding Supplement Scams & Myths To Avoid

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** 5 Bodybuilding Supplement Scams & Myths To Avoid

The bodybuilding and fitness supplement industry is absolutely overflowing with dishonest companies promoting over hyped pills and powders that really do nothing except steal your hard earned money without actually helping you build muscle or lose fat more effectively.

The truth is that there are far more bad bodybuilding supplement rip offs out there than there are legitimately effective products, and it’s important to do your research first if you want to avoid these blatant supplement scams.

Here are 5 bodybuilding supplement scams you should steer clear of…

#1 – Testosterone Boosters. There is currently no research available showing ANY of these products to be effective for raising testosterone levels in the body high enough to have any measurable impact on muscle growth or workout performance. These are some of the very worst supplements out there since they’re surrounded by so much hype.

#2 – Glutamine. Although this was a very popular supplement for many years, the research has basically debunked all of the claims made about glutamine and its effects on muscle growth. Not only that, but most orally consumed glutamine is simply converted into glucose anyway.

#3 – L-Arginine. This amino acid is included in “nitric oxide boosters” but has never been shown to have any real effects on raising and sustaining N02 levels in the blood. Yet another set of supplements to avoid here.

#4 – Weight Gain Powders. These are nothing more than a basic mix of whey protein and simple sugars and have very little nutritional value but a ton of calories at the same time. In very small amounts they’ll be okay but should definitely be consumed in moderation.

#5 – “Advanced” Forms Of Creatine. These are a muscle building supplement scam that you should definitely avoid as all research has shown the original creatine monohydrate to be just as or even more effective than any of the newer forms. Not only that, but it’s far less expensive as well.

So there you have it – 5 bodybuilding supplements that don’t work. Check out my free guide below for my complete no B.S supplement recommendations.

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Sean Nalewanyj says:


Here are 5 very popular products that may sound great on paper, but that
are almost certainly a waste of your cash…

=> 5 Bodybuilding Supplement Scams

kodfish1985 says:

I gotta commend u for this.as an on and off supplement user for 10 years i
have tried prob 100 supps.of which maybe 17 were good.2 test boosters i
found good were 19 anabol testo by usn(old formula)they were so strong but
had to be methylated compounds in em.i was like a bull.super
strong,bigger,pumped,hornier.but after 6 weeks my pee turned real orange
and i had bad joint pain.sounds like winny.older brands of bulgarian trib
were ok too.nowadays its a joke.my friends owns a supp shop and even he
admits it!great vid man

Arkansas.alacran says:

+Sean Nalewanyj What are your thoughts on BCAAs could you please make a
video on this.

Paul D. says:

GNC pro complex mass gainer is one of the few I have found with low sugar>>
only 6 grams to 115 carbs!
So if anyone is looking for a good gainer, go GNC. For once they made a
good product ;)

David May says:

Hey man I liked the video. It was good information I was just wondering
where you got the information. Not because I think your wrong, I would just
like to get some info on some other supplement ingredients that I am look
at to try. Any help? 

Greg K says:

What are your Thoughts on the “Afterburn” claims.
Is that Legit or Hype?

Robert Zarraga says:

Dude Thanks a LOT… I’m naturally a big guy and I’ve been working out
pretty much my all my life just to be in shape and never cared about any
kind of spp’s, recently started to drink whey protein shakes and I’m
looking to get a little more mass and get ripped so my friends and their
“BroScience started to recomend all kind of supp’s for me to buy, so this
saved me a big buck. Thanks again. Subscribed!!

Sean Island says:

creatine ethyl ester and creatine hcl are the same thing. I think many
people would disagree with you that creatine monohydrate will not bloat
you. Actually i believe that is the only creatine product that will bloat
I agree that weight gainers are not totally nutritious, although some
products are made with decently low amounts of sugar. 

Rob Lawrence says:

Another great video lesson Sean. In my opinion, your wealth of knowledge is
second to none. Thank you.

gym/addiction says:

What color are the dmz 3.0 capsules

Ritesh Jasrotia says:

very well explained sean…n it all makes sense
..will checkout more of ur videos..

Master Yoda says:

Sean, what do you think about L-Glutamine Peptides? It could be placebo but
I did feel less DOMS while on L-Glutamine Peptides. Your thoughts? Do you
think it’s placebo or there might be something to it?

Karthik Ramasamy says:

Great video again! :)

Daniel Rainey says:

Great video Sean. Thanks for keeping it real! 

Fatihah Ismail says:

Do you make these mistakes in your workouts? Copy and paste into google
Ready Set Ripped to find out.

samir musa says:

god bless u +Sean Nalewanyj thanx man 

Explicit626Beats says:

You’ve been putting out great content. Thank you!

ElGolden Landeros says:

Sean I’ve been a subscriber of your channel for sometime now also supported
your pre-workout which I’ve really good; but I’d really like your take on
Coconut Oil! lately I’ve come across ppl bashing it and it’ll be great to
hear your say on it, THANKS Sean 

Excalibur says:

Fat burners? Multivitamins? Some people say the latter don’t really work.

pedrossantiago26 says:

Thank you!!

Hector Aquino says:

Thank you Sean

Big Zee Albeloushi says:

L glutamine helps alot with your digestive system and support your immune

simonb26189 says:

Great stuff Sean make a video about time under tension please…!

gla300 says:

The only use DAA supplements have is using it during PCT, since it was
proven to raise T levels by 60% for people WITH LOW-T not average healthy

Yolo Swag Beast Mode Muthafucka says:

awesome video Sean!

TheStar Damien says:

Where do I find your supplement recommendation list?

unclejuju12 says:

is it better to take a creatine blend or a mono

Barry Kelly says:

Another great video Sean! 🙂 Having gone through a million and one supps
over the years imo only whey and creatine are pretty much the only one’s
worth paying for. A multi vit/min capsule if cutting perhaps. A preworkout
or some caffeine tabs can be ok now and again for big workouts.

Jonny Garcia says:

Are all protein powders exactly the target of muscle growth such as EAS to
MTS to Mutant ???

Matteyou1986 says:

Excellent video!

meocats says:

thanks for the suppliment guide, i found it very useful

barretti3 says:

Love the videos! Straight to the point, easy to understand. Should have way
more views

chrisknight101 says:

hey sean, did you say 3x5grams of monohydrate per day, or 3-5grams. i
couldnt really hear

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