5 Supplement Scams of Bodybuilding – Leroy Colbert

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He is now a consultant at Total Nutrition, a supplement and health food store located in Los Angeles, California. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website. http://leroycolbert.com/

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JU MO WA says:

another question. when dieting down, is it possible to get shredded when
consuming creatine? i am not sure but i seam to hold alot of water while
taking 3g creatine per day

JU MO WA says:

when cutting, is it productive to consume cla with carbs since cla is a
kind of fat? great video btw.

Farzy Aqili says:

gr8 video….i have used hmb….silly me…no results…..i respect you a
lot sir

UsedCondomCollector says:

I’m scared. His eyes freak me out! Is he possessed by the devil?

Zivai Cairns says:

Thanks Leroy love from the uk

Irvin Williams says:

Thanks Leroy. That 80’s synthesizer was almost as good the advice. Keep
up the videos man I appreciate them. Much Love 

Ali Syed says:

Thank you Leroy you are a great man you really love us all thank you

7limey says:

#1 scam – Mike Chang

Charly Redz says:

Thanx wish more people like u!!

Jayarea5 says:

So much game runnin through them veins 

personal Trainer says:

Thank you sir

Taylor Lord says:

great videos!

jbeckham360 says:

I know he is just trying to help but if anyone else has taken USP Labs
PowerFull they will know its a hell of a lot more than just L-Arginine. It
does work just like real HGH, not as good but dam good for 50 a bottle. You
have to cycle on and off of it or you will start looking funny with a huge
single eye brow lol. Other than that, it is the shiznit for legal over the
counter sups, its number one in most peoples book today besides Creatine
and Whey Protien!!! I have never seen anything come close to powerful, when
you would normally be on your last rep a switch flips in your brain and the
hulk comes out as you can push two or more reps. Never mind the ridiculous
pumps you get during and long after your workout.

Chuy Ruvalcaba says:

You might as well give hgh to a bum on the streets- classic

Bass Player says:

Man speaks the truth!
L- Arginine stimulates the production of Nitrous oxide the conversion takes
place in the body and it is a gas, it is not a solid. It relaxes the muscle
surrounding your vessels “endothelial lining”. It lowers my blood pressure
also by allowing the vessels to expand. “Vasodilator”
L- Arginine affects Growth hormone output and for this purpose is best
taken at bed time on a empty stomach, (2-4 grams) and its a safe product

lordofthecxnts says:

lol a glass of water

GrumpyBlack says:

I appreciate the info. You would think though, that a guy involved with
fitness all his life would be in better health. His eyes look like my drunk

Barry Kelly says:

But is that his supplement shop he’s in?

personal Trainer says:

Awsome leroy the 21in arm

Grant gg says:

Hemovol works justs sayin

Scarx2gt says:

Is Leeroy high in this video? XD His eyes are all glazed over and red. 

dragonUSMC1 says:

excellent mr colbert

Atoweha says:

it depends on your goals, if you want big sculpted muscles, do
bodybuilding, if you want to become a better althete/more active with
usable muscle and strength, do crossfit.

backnite1 says:

great vid

perfectdiversion says:

good video. you can sell anything to a body builder


LOVE YOU LEROY COLBERT.!! Love from Florida /salute

towerguarder says:

Lol i just purchased 400gs of arginine

musclesuccess says:

Good Video…

Dirty Needlez says:

Thanks for the vid luckily I don’t take any of that!

ThaGodKingDorell says:

Keep the info coming

Team-Shmo says:

Where can I read this? Products with N.O. are super popular in pre workouts
which I’m sure he sells and proprietary blends are basically 90% of all
supplements. There is even hydroxycut right behind him which kills people
every year.

Bennett Carr says:

I like the new intro

bert bertson says:

You forgot glutamine lol

Crossfirehurricane57 says:

No, he sells not thes products in his store. You cant read?… 🙂

RazvanSuican says:

good intro, better than the last one

hakonsson says:

Great, i just bought HMB

j2tmfc says:

Good vid leroy. It gets me how everyone who starts going to the gym
instantly thinks supplements are going to turn them into bodybuilders
overnight. If you consider the fact that after Christmas is the busiest
time for gym intake (in the UK anyway), I wonder if the sale of supplements
matches with people believing the marketing hype and wanting a quick fix. I
bet Leroy has seen it all a thousand times.

gta41978 says:

leroy i love your advice, would u say amplified ambolic extreme whey 60 is
good or bad? i would really appreciate your advice

ravenous1111 says:

liking the new videos coming in from leroy…keep up the good work brother!

Jamaxe Jr says:

Like the new intro!

xXJeReMiAhXx99 says:

how are you going to get test c for $6 a month from a doc?

Team-Shmo says:

The only thing I don’t like about this video is you are probably selling
these products in your store.

planetzeb1 says:

i just take goodys pain reliever powders creatine pre workout, iron, zinc,
vitamin d, after breakfast fish oil and , magnesium, before i got to sleep

MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

He didn’t sell these things in his store. He would always advise people of
the truth so they wouldn’t waste their money. Now whether you believe me or
not is up to you…..

Muhammed Neumann says:

Nice Intro xD

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