Afroman — Arrested for Punching Female Fan

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Cops hauled Afroman off stage, and he knows why — because he punched a female fan in the face … instead of getting high. Well, he might have been high too.


CustomGrow420 says:

Lmao he was mad

ouuuhhh says:

African-Americans suck

Heisenberg says:

Damn, when i clicked video i thought it was like some soft punch. But this
nigga took her face to heaven and her body still in earth 

Tony Spade says:

#whiteprivelage vs #blackreality
It looked like he did nothing until she touched him. She kept backing up
and backing up. If security cannot secure artist, then I have NO problem
with them defending themselves.
Could a black man jump on stage and rub his body on a white female
performer? If she punched him would we blame her? I doubt he felt
threatened but I’m positive he felt disrespected and violated just like any
other human being would feel. 

Rexoris says:

Fan deserves it, but security failed at their job -.-

The Darkskin Philosopher says:

gave this bitch dat DP heavy punch shoryuken

GTA5IsoMods says:

He don’t give a fuck, look at his mink coat. 0 Fucks.

MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ says:

If a male fan was grinding on a female performer and she turned around and
socked him in the face everyone would see it as he deserved it and applaud

Marcus Pollack says:

now his fan count went from 1 to 0 smh.

reefertwo says:

Some fucking idiot who shouldn’t have been on stage, backed into him,
whilst half-way through a song, so he reacted !
Did he know it was a bimbo – not a bloke ?? Where were the security guys ??


Zachary Gray says:

He wasn’t about to punch her but then he got high.

Reyjonh says:

It was cause he got high

Avant Garde says:

look at the flick of the wrist

bigk705 says:

gave her the ryu uppercut 

SoundsToLife says:

Who the fuck is Afroman?

irina gutierrez says:

what a pussy

Mario Rivera says:

All he did in my eyes is keep a inconsiderate fat cow in her place. Bitch
thought she could be cute but ma homie hit her wit the hadoken ! 


I love when celebrities fuck up.

sexypimpking says:

Wwhy does it have to be female fan? Can’t it just be a fan? Fucking hate
tmz and double standards. Free my nigga Afro man, he did nothing but keep
these bitches in line.

Ready4 Outdoors says:

What a fucking crackhead! I hope this bastard gets knocked out in jail!

Vroom Xavier says:

I wasn’t going to k.o her but I got high ou ou ou 

RuggedALAN says:

Damn. He knocked her the fuck out lol

americanmisfit1981 says:

Did he do it because he got high?

ZKMGking says:

bitch should have got off stage 

Mrsarcat says:

What a piece of shit

luis25k says:

because he got high

NO WAY says:

not cool

Emmay864 says:


TheJavyop says:

FALCOOOON!!…(and de crowd says)

Jovani Santos says:


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