Arnolds Strength and Size Program: Military Press (Powerbodybuilding)

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If you don’t know about Arnold Schwarzenegger program check out this video:









“You have got to want it as bad as you want to breathe” – Eric Thomas.

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Colossus Fitness says:

How about that 1080p and ace editing and beats and 750 subs 😉 too much
good! Thanks everybody. 

Colossus Fitness says:

If you don’t know about Arnold Schwarzenegger program check out this video:

#bodybuilding #powerlifting #arnold #colossusfitness 

strengthOVERsize says:

Haha the old Maple Leafs Garden gym ayy? Memories of Ryerson

jake jefferson says:

LOOKING LEAN 4:39-5:09

kendawgz fitness says:

Damn, after seeing your shoulder work it makes mine look like nothing! I
just uploaded an PR OHP of 135 and was feeling good until my bubble burst
watching this 🙁
Still nice vid for motivation..great work guys!

Brandon Conceicao says:

Its a great program! Btw how tall are you/how much do you weigh? you look
lean af

Olivia Capra says:

love the new logos 🙂 Can’t wait for colossus tees 

HipHopExclusive says:

Digging this arnold program more now that theres a visual of it. How long
did it take you guys to get through it? + what else did you do for
accessory work?

properproductionTDOT says:

The intro and the logo look so good. I guess you guys are looking decent as
well ;)

Matty Cuschieri says:

Congrats on the Subs boys. Quality looks insane too !

Keep up the awesome work. Gruesome shoulder session!!

Brandon Hughes Fitness says:

Looks good, nice video, just subbed to you!! Strong pressing, I tore my
rotator cuff last year during football, since then I’ve definitely been
super cautious!!

Xian Hijas says:

I can’t focus on your workout video because of your mirin’ beard.

Pump Savages says:

very nice video guys looking forward to future content!

The Strong Girls says:

String press guys! And congrats on the subs! -Stef

Primal Training says:

Looked shredded in that stringer mane.

mickyboarder says:

you ever try behind the head?

Ramy Salameh says:

Congrats on the subs! And strong pushes!

Bulldurham Bodybuilding says:

135 goin up like 10 lbs

John Augustenborg says:

Those were some solid presses! Had everyone mirin them! Solid shoulder day
as well, and congrats on the 750 subs!

KacperMuscle says:

you commented on my video and i just want to say that i will be uploading
every week colossus fitness il be doing workout routines,motivational
videos,il be giving people tips and alot more 😀 il just subbed to you man 

BarbellaFitness says:

intense sets

Local Fit says:

hell ya man 750 subs!

Colossus Fitness says:

Heres a little more info about the program if you haven’t seen it already

srb2006 says:

Lol Your awesome strength coach from a few videos back must have skipped
showing you how to do military presses as this looks more like incline
bench when you take your ass off the seat 😉

House of Flex says:

Nice pressing, have you ever tried a Z press? 

threedabs glenn says:

get big or die trying

edward caplar says:

Where is that blue stringer from?

Steve Hewit says:

Do you guys do OHP as well?

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