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Vert Shock is the only way you will finally achieve your dream of dunking like a professional athlete. It’s the best, most proven and insanely effective vertical jump training program in existence and you are 100% guaranteed that it will work for you.

This is not only backed by a professional basketball player, the world’s highest dunker with a 50.1″ vertical leap, and scientific evidence… it’s also been proven effective by hundreds of our athletes and we use this stuff ourselves.

This Cuts Down Training Time, Reduces The Risk Of Injury, But More Importantly — Makes You Jump A HECK Of A Lot Higher.

Vertical Jump Training – Vert Shock, Program Is The ‘Everything-Included’ Solution To Get You Jumping Higher Than You Ever Dreamed Possible.

Everything is available online for you to use day or night, 24,7 any day of the year for the rest of your life. You will get instant access to all the videos, checklists, and forum so you can get started immediately with no extra equipment, stuff to buy, too much material to read or any technical junk to wade through.

You just jump in and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy.

We’ve crammed everything we know about jumping higher into this online membership club that gives you access to all our workout videos, checklists, guides and worksheets any time of the day or night. We call it Vert Shock because it’s literally going to ‘shock’ your body into becoming a jumping machine!

Ever wish you could dunk on That Guy on the court? You know the one, too cocky for his own good, likes to talk too much trash? Way better in his head than in real life? Ever wanted to be able to be the guy with the highest vertical or be able to sky for a rebound to the amazement of your friends? Are you hoping for a basketball scholarship and need that extra little something to get you over the top? Want to impress that girl sitting in the stands on a Friday night or next to the neighborhood court?

If so, the Folkersystem Vert Shock program is for you. This vertical jump training program will have you winning dunk contests in no time flat. Or maybe you play volleyball and want to jump out of the gym, spiking hard on everyone above the net. Run parkour and need to get over that wall with ease? Adam Folker can help you with that too.
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