Beginners Guide To Supplements & My Supplement Stack

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– Beginners Guide to Fitness / Bodybuilding Supplements
– A Student Teen Bodybuilders Supplement Stack: CreaPure Creatine Monohydrate , Pre-Workout, Whey Protein, Fish oil, Multi vitamin and Oats.
– Featuring: Optimum Nutrition and MyProtein



Matthew Russo says:

can you please make a video where you show how you make your protein shake
and how often a day you have it! thanks for the helpful video!

Alex Blow says:

Crazy to look back and watch this again… I’m no one to speak, but damn
you’ve got bigger since here! Your upper chest especially!

Jeff Galvez says:

No casein/bed time protein?

J Mu says:

Sean – Can you link where you get your instant oats in powder form? How
does it differ from a quick oatmeal (aside from being blended)?

David Notter says:

No bcaas? And do u take creatine all year around?

dime says:

beautiful informative video, subscribed

Jose Rojas says:

How many servings does your protein have 

Tom Harker says:

Oats are only 75p per kilo in Tesco rather than £2 on my protein+shipping.

Just making you all aware

Paolo Tomas says:

so sean you take 3 fish oils and 3 optimen in the morning??

IamZedX says:

Oats are NOT supplements

ronaldo petersson says:

can u link the myprotein products? 

Swissplayboy90 says:

Hi Sean, why don’t you buy your vitamins and fish oil from

Albin Ahlbäck says:

You should mention that everything here (except pre-workout (can be
replaced in some cases) and creatine) can be replaced by real food.
Creatine can be replaced, but then you would have to eat ALOT of beef, that
probably isn’t good for you.
Real food is always to prefer, because it has parts that will help the
vitamins and minerals to be absorbed.

I’m not hating, just want to point that out, because ALOT of people
actually think that you need supplements.

TazzyOpz says:

I feel like he is losing his English/British accent a little? 😮 From
looking at his older videos to now it just seems like he is… maybe it’s
just me.

frozenballs3 says:

excellent, straight forward info ( i <3 this boy)

ISeeYouYouDontSeeMe says:

little tip if you talk to the guys on the website and ask for
a discount they give you a code for 10% off and if you spend over 50 quid
its free p&p because of that i got 1kg creatine for like a tenner (when i
got 5kg of protein too)

Joey Burnett says:

I do have another question for you. What are your thoughts on training to
failure? I’ve seen people recommend doing all sets 1 rep short of failure,
all reps to failure, using a set number of reps each move that will make
the last set go to failure, ect. Just curious to know what you think since
there are lots of opinions out there.

Kurt T says:

i remember you said you take 3 of the fish oils and multi vitamin in the
morning. I think it would be better to spread it throughout the day
because your body can’t process it all at once and the excess you would
piss out. What do you think?

Miisch44p says:

bro, how old are you? i’m 17 my self
Keep the vids up!

Rick Randall says:

Good straight forward guide, pretty much same stack as me other than I
don’t use oates and pre workout, just intra BCAA’s, with creatine post and
pre. I would recommend myprotein to everyone in the UK. Always get discount
codes and the delivery is always sharp. My refresh stack to got delivered
this morning.

2xpromw says:

Hey nice videos, I’m 17 years old and looking to gain muscle quicker and I
was looking at creatine mono-hydrate for help. I was wondering what you
thought on taking creatine and at what age did you start? Do you ever have
side effects by taking creatine and how long have you been taking it? 

Levent Deniz says:


privategroundschool says:

I use the exact same supplements as you, aside from oats. I will definitely
have to start looking into those. A suggestion from me to you: you might
want to consider milk thistle and antioxidant pills. They are super cheap.
The milk thistle helps protect your liver from all of the pre workout and
creatine, and the antioxidant will help boost your metabolism. Keep up the
good work man!

Dan Townhill says:

you recommend any flavours for the protein?

GhengisTron says:

Everyone thats taken Creatine that I know once they stop the muscle turns
to “water weight” making the skin sag due to the muscle bleeding out the
water that goes in them to give the definition you’re looking for. I have a
high protein no red meat diet which gives you muscle mass and definition
due to not having the high sodium which causes water weight. Not ragging
just saying be careful with that stuff.

Jack Tipton says:

been training for a while now and have lost over 2stone so far! also an ex
runescape addict lmao. Anyway i find myself drained of energy after work
and find it hard to get any energy together for the gym at the moment. Ive
never used Pre-workouts but sounds exactly what i need.

Dan B says:

Great video. Simple but adequately informative – like it!

emtcrystal says:

had no idea myprotein had a US online store…sick deals…

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