Best Bodybuilding Supplements: My Favorite 3 Supplements

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In this video, Fitness Model Troy Adashun reveals his 3 favorite bodybuilding supplements. These are the best bodybuilding supplements for his current needs and will work well for any naturally skinny guy.

The best bodybuilding supplement is something that is of great debate. Top bodybuilding supplements can be opinion-based, but in this video, Troy gives you the cold hard facts on why these 3 natural bodybuilding supplements are in his daily regimen.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements: Troy’s Favorite 3

1:30 – Bodybuilding Multivitamin

A high-quality multivitamin is a great insurance policy to your dietary needs. Not only do high-quality bodybuilding multivitamins contain all of the essential vitamins and minerals, but the good ones also contain antioxidants, joint support, and even digestive support. These are all essential things for anyone and is why a high-quality multivitamin is one of the top bodybuilding supplements. Some of the good brands are Muscle Pharm Armor V, Orange Triad, and the Animal Pak.

3:21 – Creatine

Creatine is one of the best supplements for bodybuilding because it works to increase your strength. Creatine will increase the energy output of your largest and strongest muscle groups, allowing you to lift more weight and exert more overload on the muscle. This is why creatine is one of the best bodybuilding supplements for mass.

4:40 – BCAA

This is one of the best supplements when you enter a calorie deficit and want to maintain your lean muscle mass. Since Troy is constantly trying to stay lean, sometimes he enters a calorie deficit. Taking BCAAs is great for maintaining muscle mass and fueling your muscles for hard workouts when you are in a cutting period and are trying to shed excess body fat. This is why BCAAs are one of the bodybuilding supplements that work. Increasing your protein synthesis is a vital component to success in bodybuilding, and this is why BCAAs are one of the best bodybuilding supplements.

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Weight Gain Network says:

What are the 3 best bodybuilding supplements?

Fitness model Troy Adashun shares his 3 favorite muscle growth supplements
in this video.

These 3 supplements are powerful muscle growth catalysts that will help any
naturally skinny guy pack on lean muscle gains.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements: My Favorite 3 Supplements

Serious Fireworks says:

whats your take on the vitapaks? that have one pill of each omega, liver
tabs, multi, etc.?

Kelan Enos says:

What do you mix your creatine with? Water? Gatorade? Juice?

FruitWT says:

creatine.. didnt see that one coming lol

Dooality says:

What are the best bodybuilding supplements for toddlers? And don’t say
creatine. I tried that with my son and he got really sick. 

oxy Kid says:

that stashe is hilarious

Yusuf Osmanli says:

Peak anabolic protein fusion!
Because it contains a lot of glutamines, bcaas AND got 91g protein per 100g.
Taste is not the best , but it is much more effective than golden standard
and it is very cheap. ( 20 bucks per kilogramm)

BCAA + protein + glutamines at once for a low price, i think nothing can
beat that.

It tastes like very cheap chocolate milk…but you add dextrose anyways so
it doesnt matter (dextrose makes the taste much better)

rohat dundar says:


Chunilal Bhowmik says:

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