Beta-Alanine Bogus Bodybuilding Supplement?? @hodgetwins @gymshark

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Hodgetwins Bio:
Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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yagimaynee says:

i think lord keiths problem is that he always got his eyebrows too low and
he look like he plottin murders

My Stoner Mind says:

Every once in a while I stop and think, “I know you can read my thoughts.”

Just in case.

Alon Eitan says:


Saras Gabbery says:

Soften your face up, smile, and get your Raw Vegan buttfruit on…

Friends, you need bifocals.

There’s a lot of broscientific proof that if you hit the Raw Vegan fruits,
and veggies, your eyes will get all kindzz of gainzzzzz….ALLLL KINDZZZZZZ

This is just Tranny Dyke advice…now you go out there and do whatever the
FRUIT…youuuu wanna doooo

~Tranny Dyke Avatar

hi says:

i’m a non respoder to whey protein and creatine WTF am i?

PJ Dajuiceman says:

twin on left look like he dropped one to many plates on his head lmao funny
as hell tho!!

amilitarymind says:

My Pre-workout is Veggie Juice (Beets, Carrots, Spinach, + Kiwi or Orange)
and a homemade Choco ball which has Peanut Butter, Dark Cocoa, Honey, Milk,
and Oats.

Tammara Faye says:

Ticklish Keith?

tommy sotomayor says:

these guys are so gay

Jorge Salinas says:

IPhone I see in your hands?

TheStonedMartian says:

Where da hell is kevante1

AssassinDeadend says:

I finally figured out why they were laughing so much in the beginning! Lol!
It’s cuz Keith (the one on the right) was moving to the beat, then STOPPED.

Stamina Sports Nutrition says:

First 17 seconds was gold haha

RealBuilderTV says:

hahahaha you look just like me now 2:08

Do u even liftbrah says:

I can’t seem to find the nutrition info of my mouth wash, how can I count
it’s macros? HELP

PixelArt01 says:

You guys are hilarious!!

Make sure you go back to that video and put up an annotation saying that
what you said was wrong or something, in your own words. So that when
someone goes to view it, they don’t receive the wrong info. In case you
didn’t already do that.

Dave Chappelle says:

Just worry about eating your fucking whole foods forget the damn
Suppliments none of those supplements even fucking work if you don’t
fucking eat God damn it’s a marketing skill The only thing you should be
buying is fucking protein powder mix fat burners don’t fucking work mass
gainer don’t fucking work because you only doing the same thing in that
same thing is eating so fucking eat

rubber duky says:

with the money from the Youtube channel both of you bitches should be able
to afford some dental work….88

xDwelleR says:

What is the whole point of beta alanine? To give a god damn itch? Where are
ya’ll science mother fuckers at?

Cota Omar says:

You guys are awesome ! 

Holtii14 says:

beta alanine works for me, I was cutting and wasn’t taking it and decided
to get 3-4g every day and I got my strength back on many lifts whilst in a
deficit :)

theRealAV8r says:

It’s all in the eyebrows – Kevin’s are naturally more arched, Keith’s more
straight/furrowed. Makes Kev’s face more open, Keith’s (seemingly) more
‘angry’. Both are clowns but Keith is more deadpan too.
I’m like Keith, can be a total clown but my face is serious looking.

Raiden G says:

Your face looks meaner cuz your eyebrows are lower

MrGoranPa says:

I am glad that you are continuing the “dumb and domber musclehead” series.

NYCParkourAddict says:

Eh Man! Bring back the grandma rocking chair with the lemonade on a Sunday
afternoon after church. At least bring that back.

Collin Quarles says:

Beta-Alanine only produces results in higher dosages, 4-6 g a day.

halomaniackslashcraz says:

Wierd question, should pecs wobble or jiggle a little when u punch

Lavabug says:

Supplements are a waste of money. Get on a fuckin caloric surplus with real
food, with a minimum of 60g of fat and 100g protein in a day and train
hard, it’s really all you need for gainz.

C Green says:

I always thought the mean twin was gunna kill the smooth looking twin. Do
and your channel wont work. So dont.

markohoppis says:

Don’t know what it does besides besides make you feel like you rolled
around in pink panther insulation.

AveryCarriere says:

I’m a 19 year old bodybuilder with the hopes and aspirations of one day
becoming an IFBB pro;
I’ve competed 4 times so far and I’d say… i’m pretty swole.

Please give my videos a look.

rubber duky says:

It’s the HogTies…… Ooops I meant… Black and Burnt-ie

colonelbuttcustard says:

Yeaah… so I’m not going accept you guys are 40 something, I’m like 21 and
I look older than you

jamesgville says:

OK so that’s lil’ BITCHHHEESSSE

Jack H says:

Bring back ‘ fuck out the way ‘ 

Ryan Cloud says:

Bitch hhheeesss e! Lmao

IEY LY says:

Butt fucking mother fuckers!

Lizmarh Maldonado says:

I’d let Keith violently leave the nuts hanging out with no lube.

Iron Chick says:

I like Keith’s “butt fuckin'” face haha

Ameer Fisher says:

Make a vid about hgh to cure degenerative disc disease and bulging discs

Jim Myers says:

I knew you’d get to his question if I was patient. lol

hisham borgol says:

oh god im laughing my ass off loooooool 


Beta Alanine is OP

Fuck you if you disagree

Jack Fox says:

I only fuck with the alpha alinine

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