Platinum Series PROTOGEN Protein Supplement Review – 8.5/10

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Close Platinum Series PROTOGEN Protein Supplement Review ( – 8.5/10. This all day protein is great! The flavoring could be a bit better and a touch up on the ingredient profile as well.

I have given away all tub associated with this review. Thanks!

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Peter Czerwinski, aka ‘Furious Pete’, is a Professional Competitive Eater, Master in Engineering Graduate and Fitness Guru. Even though he is a competitive eater, he is also very knowledgeable in the fitness and supplement industry. He is sick of biased ads and swears to do show reviews of unbiased supplement ads so that YOU, the viewer, get an honest answer and stop wasting your money on pointless products. You will be guaranteed an honest review every time.


hoboness202 says:

Optimum gold standard is still by far my favorite, never tried the
platinum hydro yet 

thedimamart says:

Hey Pete love the vids, keep up the good work. Please review Pre/Post Jym.

nartin9 says:

Body Fortress is my first got it 3 days ago it is good 

logan hudson says:

I might buy cheep or I will like 2 try this

gunlover94 says:

i want it cuz i’m poor and work a shitty job, and this would help me get in
my protein requirement!

R Steag says:

I use’s foundation series protien, i wonder if this is better or not
cause their foundation tastes great and works great

Brett Wilson says:

I recently bought a tub of Protogen. It mixes well and the cookies-n-cream
is one of the best I have tasted. Why do I want to be involved in this
giveaway? I am a poor college student.

nachobed says:

im a broke ass college kid trying to make so GAINS normally i try to eat my
protein but i do like my Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard plz help a poor
college kid out 🙂

Aaron Densmore says:

My brother got some of this and says he liked it so much he won’t share. 🙁
It would be cool to get some from this contest.

buck19 says:

cant say i have a favorite supp yet. just rounded out wk4. i went from
140@6’2″ to 156lbs. i started on walmart brand protein powder. didnt mix
well, no stomach issues, good flavor when with milk. ive putting together
pre-workout meals you should check out. ill tag you in my ahi tuna soup
recipe. 30g+ fish protein, egg protein, poultry protein, plus carbs,
minerals, and a little japanese secret for recovery. tired of being skinny!
now im dragging my mirror flexing friends to the gym.

heddo john says:

Hi Furious Pete. I liked and favorited this video :). I really hope I can
get a free tub of protein because as a minor its very hard for me to buy
protein online and this particular brand they dont have at store. I would
be very excited if you could give me the opportunity of trying this
supplement review :D. The only protein ive ever used is ON french vanilla
flavor and it really wasnt that great :|. hopefully if i can try this it
will make it my new favorite 😀

Vin Diesel says:

Do a review on Platnium Pre by Oprimum Nutrition

jumboklysm says:

I always like to try new supplements and see if they are better for me as
the ones I’m actually using. My favorite protein powder right now is either
the Power Whey Complex or Power Whey Isolate from BioX, it’s a canadian
product, it tastes like heaven and it’s not so expensive!

SlothEditing says:

Hey pete, i don’t want to sound like i am trying to beg for a tub because i
am not. Anyway my life is really hard at the moment, i live with my mom and
brother but she has no job and me & my brother are currently at college
trying to make somthing of ourselves. we have very little money and i
workout everyday of the week and rest on weekends. it is really hard for me
to afford protein as it is just so expensive 🙁 i have sold some of my
possesions so i can afford it. loving the videos pete 🙂

AceAtwal95 says:

Rate beast sports creature

Emilio says:

Hey petem I would love to try out the protein. So far I almost liked every
platinuem series supplement!

SuppsReviews says:

Winners please follow up and message me on here to get your tub

SuppsReviews says:

If I was I’d give this a 10/10

Tyler Carter says:

I like this protein. It isn’t top of the charts in any one category, but it
does everything I need from it at the right price. Because it has HFCS and
the taste isn’t the best (it isn’t bad, it’s just boring), I would
recommend this be used for those who are trying to gain weight, and to mix
this with an equal share of hot cocoa powder.

j mills says:

i use max muscle iso-x , can you please do a review on that powder. I would
love to know if its good or do i need to spend money on a better protein.

Syed Salman says:

If you have been trying to get ripped, you should do a google search Max
Muscle Method. They can help you get the body you deserve.

MerchwithDan says:

I know its already over but if people didnt respond then i need a good
protein 😀

WizardChipz says:

Hey Pete, I’ve only been lifting seriously for about a year now, and I
haven’t really tried many different kinds of protein powder thus far, but
my favorite would probably be muscle milk, something about the consistency
really agrees with my stomach. I have a hard time with my appetite, and I
believe having a protein powder that promotes all-day recovery could really
assist me with this problem. Please pick me! Oh, and watch our videos and
let us know what you think, it’d mean a lot, thanks man.

Danny Davern says:

Can you review platinum pre?

xDr3adNaughtx says:

Hello Pete. I want to try this product because I want to try this fancy
super protein powder. I usually stick to ON Whey Protein Mocha Cappucino
flavour (Tastes kind of like an Ice Capp from Tim’s)

Miguel Matos says:

Congrats!! to me you have the best supplements review channel! i need your
opinion before use Muscletech-Myobuild please do a review!

Benjamin Wagmann says:

I would like to try this protein powder, because i tried three every day
proteins out. I mixed it in my Good morning shake. Some oats, some samens,
some banana and some quark aand a bit of milk. And that all day protein. I
really try to get much protein as possible from the nomal food sources. So
i want to try the protein.

Scott Winter says:

Hey Pete! Mate luv the vids. Yeah, atm using balance 100% whey protein
chocolate flavour. It’s pretty good but I would really like to try
something that has blend to it, as I heard all types of things about
different proteins and I would to give something like this a go just to see
if could get better results. Hope to see one sent down under. Cheers mate.

acousticgrlstl says:

I want dat bottle!!!! and awl dem proteins. I love that I’m not allergic to
the proteins inside this bitch, GIMME. Also, titty sprinkles.

bozzy7777 says:

do an allmax creatine monohydrate review

Thomas42179 says:

Thanks for the shirts pete. They fit perfectly!

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