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The entire point of me making this video was to let people know that just because a supplement company makes a claim on their label, doesn’t mean it’s true. Do your research on a supplement before buying any supplement! Get ingredients that are proven to work. I didn’t say that all supplements are a scam. I take whey protein, a pre-workout, and fish oil, but if there’s a supplement that sounds too good to be true, chances are it probably isn’t one worth buying.

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sanakiyamam1987 says:

many or even all don`t work…its just marketing with cute sexy looking
girls and boys to let think the ugly looking person like this -> look honey
or dude you can look like us if you use those products bla blaa blaa…than
comes if you look like us you can get friends, money, girls and and and
blaa blaaa blaa again…soon if my products are empty i don`t won`t to buy
supps again !! I`m done with it !!

Sam Mehta says:

Good protein (whey), creatine, pre workout (optional), fish oil,

LittleAsianNinja711 - says:

The youtuber six pack shortcuts is a scam.

sanakiyamam1987 says:

the only one that works for outside and destroys the inside is steroid !!!
many sponsored Bodybuilders are on Steroids and make the victims believe
look this product gonna work and you will look like me and get those girls
mannnnnnnn…..I`m done with it and i warn many young people out
there…stay away of this bullshit !! eat healthy food from the Nature !

Mikei M says:

fucking 100 % not 99, steroids does all the work for bodybuilders, nobody
of them do supplements they all do needle 

Justin brandon says:

I think everyone who is a newbie to lifting becomes a victim of the
supplement industry I know i was

divine0enigma says:

There’s a new kind of supplement scam hitting stores. I’m hearing a WHOLE
lot of hype about brain enhancement pills, like seen in the movie
Limitless. I can’t believe people fall for this shit.

Tonton Palanca says:

Hey Mike.

What do you think of BCAAs?

Lynx Star Automotive says:

This cat spoke the truth. I been saying this FOREVER! Most sups = garbage.
Eat right, eat whole foods, drink water not sugar, and you will see major

Mike Dewar says:

As much as it is a scam its billions of dollars a year industry! Capitalism
at its finest!

juggalochewwer says:

Supplements work for me 

Lee Belcher says:

Your right that’s why ppl take roids cuz they really work

Cheech Chong says:

I’ll answer with a big Hell Yeah! 

MrMagoo2011b says:

Like most things it depends. For the majority of us a good whey and bcaa
will do. BUT if you are considering bodybuilding seriously everything
changes because will be almost impossible to get your 7-8 thousands maybe
more kcal/day only for food.
Here on youtube there is a video of Markus Ruhl taking 8 scoops of whey
during a flight to somewhere. When we see his size it is easy to understand

MrVideoKnight says:

Weren’t you the guy who said he was going to quit YT?

Chris Hodges says:

I totally agree with U. I too have spent my share on Supps that I thought
were credible brands with little 2 no results. Over time, I began 2 will
myself into thinking it worked, but I was fooling myself. Now I’m down to a
basic stack, Multivitamin, Protein & a pre-workout. Keepin’ It Simple.

Coma Studio says:


saurav verma says:

I hate suppliments.I just eat enough good food,Egg whites,chicken,sometimes
red meat,vitamins & quality carbs & everything good that i come across. I
have a goal of fitness not winning bodybuilding championship or anything &
I feel no medicine can give u fitness when u’r already fit, These are just
marketing.they give u little steroid & coco powder mixed with some more
flavoures & thats it. One of my friend makes it at home & sells it to the
wholesalers so I know.

Bertoxx Eleven says:

Sounds like you are on the right track, but the FDA is pretty much a joke –
so that whole thing is nonsense. Yes the industry is not regulated by the
FDA, but it IS regulated by the free market. You will see a lot of lifters
comment that some supplements work great, and these should not be ignored.
If these products do nothing, or are perceived as a bad deal, people will
not buy them.

themax316 says:

I think you make some valid points….

Kevin Ledesma says:

I was hoping you’d recommend some legit supplements based off your
experiences. Maybe like fat burners or bcaas powders ?

KMich1973 says:

Yes and don’t double scoop your protein drink to get 60 grams of protein
like the supplement companies want…you just piss away most of it and run
to the store to buy more sooner!

Ted Tezeu says:

it’s much better to take your omega 3 from fresh source like fatty ocean
fish,the stuff in the pills turns rancid and can damage your health.

Zf Saturn says:

Great video!

KidFrom106 says:

i get my protein from a solid food source than liquid any day

Danny Vai says:

Craze is a perfect example of not being regulated by the FDA…i was hooked
on that crap and now realize its similar to meth! ya its a big scam!

BoredThatsWhy says:

ALLMAX Nutrition by far the most honest supplement brand out there.
Ingredients and amount are listed individually. Pretty cool..

mrfulgi says:

I love Mrs. Dash’s products, great alternative to salt. 🙂

M Rusydi says:

Will b great if u hav name the supplement brand

KinGzMusic says:

Creatine, Fish Oils, and a Good multi Vitamin are the only supplement’s
needed, Some type of protein powder helps, but with proper nutrition you
could probably throw out the fish oils, multi, and protein powder, however
I think Creatine is a cheap supp that everybody could benefit from.

david galindo says:

So. Michael, how do we find the right one?? This u didn’t say. But good vid

BelievinSP says:

I approve of Michael Kory Fitness!! Thanks for spreading the truth friend.

Buppi337 says:

Just if you need more ideas Michael, try talking about prohormones

Joseph1NJ says:

No whey!

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