Bodybuilding Supplements Guide Part 5 – NO2, BCAA’s, and Fat Burners.

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In this 5th video I’m going to focus on some more advanced muscle building supplements that you can use to help maximize your training and nutritional program and speed up your gains in the gym.

But I’d recommend that you check out and use all the products that I mentioned in my previous 4 videos. Laying the foundation of essential supplements and proper nutrition is critical before moving on to the more “advanced” muscle building and fat burning supplements that I cover here.


cneuhauser1 says:

What happened to 1-3 Dimethyl?

mbuso innocent says:

Hy hi everyone I have a question and looking for help. I have started this
few past days using usn supplements one is fast grow anabolic and
hyperbolic mass and hardcore whey protein. So my question is can I mix them
together in one place or take them together in one day. Because what is
happening how is I have experience some discomfort In my bowels and I use
the toilet now more than 10 times a day is that normal? 

TheSanta6103 says:

good old jack3d..

Lee Hayward says:

You’re asking the wrong guy about growing taller, I’m only 5’6 tall 🙂

traxxasmaniac123 says:

is jack3d good for me? i take it but ive been hearing some things

jay kemp says:

steve o

Lee Hayward says:

@TheNoobaki Actually it can help with that as well. Some companies sell it
as a natural alternative to Viagra 🙂

AdamSpooge93 says:

i tried green tea and caffeine last year and when i came of time i felt
like shit for abouts 2 weeks.

joaquin mathis says:

@JinNey6yes but it all depends on your bodyweight and the dosage if its
high but u have a big body then its most likley fine just dont over do

thah says:

@jdizzog1 well, i’m 5’6” tall and 140lbs. Should i use it? i’m thinking to
take the Muscle Pharm Assault or just take the Optimum Nutrition Creatine
Powder just to be safe…. what should i do?

Lee Hayward says:

You can have a shake about 1 hour before you workout and another one right
after you workout. That’s usually what I do. I’ve got a video that talks
about pre and post workout nutrition in more detail at: “Pre and Post Workout Nutrition For

bamer53 says:

My only chance to get in the gym is at 9pm n ill stay late so when i get
home can i still take the creatine that late n also on yur vid about
creatine u say to take creatine with yur am shake and will that be to close
together to take it like that????

Lee Hayward says:

I’ve never used it before so I can’t comment on it.

Lee Hayward says:

What I do is take NO2 pre workout. BCAA during workout. And protein and
carb shake with creatine post workout. And you can do this after every
workout, even if you workout twice per day.

Jose Franco says:

Is Twinlab’s Ripped Fuel Extreme a good fat loss supplement?

Lee Hayward says:

Thanks, glad you enjoy the videos.

Lee Hayward says:

Take about 10 grams of BCAA’s during your actual weight training workouts.
You don’t need to take amino acids on your non-workout days.

cobaltss50 says:

Can you please cover meal replacement supplementary products lee? Some of
us are on the go and have to skip a meal or two. If you have any experience
with these replacement shakes. Can you make.a short informational video.
Thank you.

Ray Roman says:

Thanks for the info Lee. I ended up taking the Hydroxycut back. Although
they changed their formula, I would rather not risk the liver and kidney

Lee Hayward says:

Thanks for your comments, glad you like the videos 🙂

Lee Hayward says:

@IbanezGio122 I personally don’t use L-Carnitine, but it is a safe
supplement if you want to try it.

Bob Omar says:

Great and very beneficial videos ! Thanks 🙂 Was just wondering…is it
true that L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate based Nitric Oxide products don’t
actually work ? i.e they don’t give pumps, vascularity etc. ?

LowProfileVideos says:

Hey, I have another question hope you can answer it how many grams of free
form glutamine if i weigh 205lbs , also if u can consider the fact that i
glutamine is in protein powder, when should i take it?

maddy mustang says:

thanks a million for this video info Lee. i couldn’t quite get the names of
the last three. what are they again….caffeine,green tea extract and what
else? and have u ever used muscle pharm combat powder? cause i was thinking
of using that after the optimum nutrition.

Lee Hayward says:

Watch the first part of this video series. That one will answer your

Lee Hayward says:

@nishiftw Height is determined by genetics, most guys are going to grow to
be as tall as their father regardless if they workout or not or if they
take supplements or not. The only thing that will probably stunt your
growth is being malnourished, but that’s very unlikely in this day and age.
Most people are over eating rather than under eating 🙂

Paparmane says:

Hey Lee, what about buying beta alanine and arginine separately instead of
those «cocktails» like NO xplode? would that be good? and what about the
dosage? only pre-workout or split during the day?

Lee Hayward says:

I don’t agree with that because I found that they DO help increase blood
flow and vascularity during workouts. I use them before I train.

Bob Omar says:

Mmm…okey thanks for the reply and for the info 🙂

Lee Hayward says:

Yes, this is true… But if you over dose on anything it can be fatal. If
you take too many pain killers it can be fatal, if you drink too much
alcohol it can be fatal, etc. Most of the horror stories about ephedrine
are from people who abused it and mixed it with other recreational drugs
and alcohol in order to get high. Not from bodybuilders using it in
moderation to help burn fat.

chiefwhosmokumdopeum says:

soo how do u take ur creatine and protien? like just mix them together
after a workout or take one then mix another??

Lee Hayward says:

@eli90ch Creatine is so cheap to buy (it works out to like 10 cents a day
to use) that I prefer to take extra Creatine Monohydrate in addition to the
little bit that’s found in pre-workout drinks.

XDarkfoxX1 says:

what do you think of the (Muscle Tech ® CELL-TECH™ HARDCORE PRO SERIES –
Fruit Punch)? After reading the reviews, it seems legitimate and it states
it does well before and after workouts.

wetrunway says:

nice video, i have a question, can i mix Jacked+Xtend+1 scoop whey as PWO
shake ? and also can i sip Xtend throughout the day between meals as some
people recommend ? i wanna cut down fat, and replace Xtend with some of my

oOBashoROo says:

Haha lee I thought ephedra is illegal?!

mike says:

Any advise on Animal Nitro – Universal Nutrition? it’s got BCAA as well.

Lee Hayward says:

It may vary depending on the brand, but the particular green tea extract
capsules I’m using do not have any caffeine. But if they did you would just
factor that into total amount of caffeine and adjust the amounts

laubeatz says:

ive tried a few different NO2 products and i agree that they are all
safe… the currnet one i am on however, 1MR is quite strong so i wouldn’t
advise first-timers to get straight on that unless you are a beast =P

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