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Are you confused and unsure what to take when it comes to muscle building and fat loss supplements? If so, then welcome to the club because I’m confused about supplements as well. In fact I think if anyone tells you that they AREN’T confused about supplements, either they couldn’t care less about them, or they are lying and won’t let their egos admit that they are confused.

I mean every month there are new products hitting the market, some new weird and wonderful anabolic concoction that’s promised to be the long lost secret to achieving the ripped muscular body of your dreams. Or some new loss super duper fat loss diet loss pill that will melt the fat off you quicker then a stick of butter in a red hot frying pan.

And these supplements can be tempting. Especially when you read the glossy full page magazine ads with all the scientific jargon, and the picture of some jacked up muscle dude claiming that he built his body as a direct result of taking “Supplement X”. Then to top it off they’ll stick a picture in the background of a guy dressed as a doctor with a stethoscope around his neck and a clipboard in his hand to make the whole thing seem “official”.

I mean with all that stuff being heavily promoted in an internationally published bodybuilding magazine, how can one not help but to be a little intrigued about this magic muscle building breakthrough miracle that they are selling.

Now before you think that I’m just going to go on a big “Anti-Supplement” rant, I’m NOT. I actually do use and whole heartedly believe there are huge benefits to taking certain supplements. But what I don’t like is the deceptive tactics and BS that most supplement companies use when promoting their products.

My goal with this video is to help you become a more educated consumer so that you don’t fall prey to the lies and misconceptions that greedy supplement marketers use to trick you out of your hard earned money. I also want to help you make intelligent supplement choices that will move you closer to achieving the lean muscular physique you desire. Rather then just getting a lean wallet, which is all most people end up with when buying supplements.


MehganFox says:

i had no idea mags were owned by sup companies. but it does make sense…

andyatuvic says:

@leemhayward Looking forward to the 2nd part of the video. Great stuff
Lee!! Btw are you from Canada?

Lee Hayward says:

@kwstas67 They are an old time bodybuilding supplement, you’ll hardly ever
see them anymore. Just do a google search for them.

gregory49 says:

@Chamilism it works it’s a back up energy source for atp which is what your
body uses when you contract a muscle, we get it in our meals as well
providing you eat red meat. Basic Creatine mono is the way to go.

sathanas222 says:

thanks for this video Lee, looking forward to hearing what supplements are
actually good to take…I’ve as well as many people have taken a lot of bs
in the past that seem to affect you more mentally than physically, only now
and then do I actually find something that has somewhat of a minimal benefit

monster24kb says:

do u think the Syntha-6 protein is good?

Tetragagaca says:

(by accident).

nisarakbari says:

where do i get the picture of the kid with the caption???

Justin Tang says:

@KautiousNupe if you like lee go check out elliott hulse he has less videos
but better for athletes. Lee’s a little too focused on bodybuilding

Damian Osborne says:

hey is a good supplement the Nitro-tech Hardcore ?

MrPoliticalmuscle says:

I worked for a supplement company about this time last year and now when I
look at the shelvesI feel like I don’t recognize anything anymore.

LiquiedIce says:

What people here think about Tbol ? How are the results and does you get
any sideeffects? Thank´s if some have a quick answer :D!

Streetbat24 says:

Thank you for your video!

Swara Salim Ibrahim says:

hi lee l need to ask. l only use 100 whey gold standard and l take only
morning and after training. and l eat well breakfast, lunch and dinner do l
need any other Supplements before or after?

Tab54o says:

After the ban on andro products they’re isnt much shit that is worth buying
to me.

microphonecheck1 says:

thanks lee, ill be looking out for the new video. got any advice on gainer
shakes? from what i can tell theyre all just carb powder and whey. so is a
cheap one just as good as an expensive one? thanks man!

lolaroflmao says:

@MrJeetcool 2-2.5 grams per kilo of bodyweight. so your 140gram estimate is
right on the money 🙂

Lee Hayward says:

You can make great gains within your first year of bodybuilding. In fact,
if you follow a good diet plan and stick to a consistent training program
you’ll make your best gains during your very first year.

silentninja32 says:

Honestly, i dont “believe” in supplements. i bust my ass in the gym, i eat
like Goku and i’m not losing weight, but rather slowly gaining muscle. the
only thing i use and would ever use is maybe a little whey protein here or
there, but not as much as they recommend because that’ll do some damage to
your kidneys in the long term

earthdefenceftw says:

Thanks Lee.

arsenalmanic says:


Antonio Galván says:

Mr. Hayward I would like to know what’s your opinion on a product call
“SHRED360”, would you recommend it as a fat-loss supplement?

TheKillakeno says:

Great video Lee. Really straight forward and really make sense. I asked my
older brother bout what kind of whey to use, and he only recommended one
product to me, Whey Gold Standard. This is the only product I’ve tried and
use. Is this any good?

Lee Hayward says:

@slickleg1004 Supplements will not hinder your fat loss. Things like
protein, vitamins, creatine, etc. can actually help you maintain your lean
muscle while losing bodyfat. I take supplements when I’m dieting for fat

JaYSTaYFReSH says:

Very informative video Lee. Can’t wait for part 2.

nicklofton says:

hey lee, ive been taking l-arginine pills to help the aid of nitric oxide.
for me, i can see and feel the results. my friend, on the other hand claims
there are no effects for him. do you invest in nitric oxide? what is your
view on it?

Ricky Vogel says:

Wow, thanks a lot for your honesty on the “supplement game”. I’m 36 and
just getting started in my fitness/body building persuit. Along with this
great info do you have any good workout programs you would recommend?
Again, thanks for your info.

Robert Walton says:

lee is the best

robert m. says:

best video so far lee. love it cant wait for part 2.

Lee Hayward says:

@KautiousNupe Thanks for the comment, glad you like the videos!

IDCtwenty says:

Whey protein and Creatine is all I have taken and nothing else interests me
for now at least.

Lee Hayward says:

@crazymallu Don’t worry, this video is purely for informational purposes
only. I get so many questions about supplements that I figured the easiest
way to cover them all is to make a video. I don’t have any “hidden agenda”
here. I don’t even sell supplements or have any affiliation with any
supplement companies.

arsenalmanic says:

@leemhayward hi there. I very much enjoy your vids, and have followed them
for the last couple of months. i want to get you views on OTC TESTO
boosters please. I bought 2 last month, but i have a feeling i wasted my
money, because i havent seen any positive effects from them. I bought
NOVEDEX XT (gaspari) & TRIBEX (biotest) they make bold claims on the lable
, but i think they are just crap. YOU OPINION PLEASE thank you, and looking
forward to your supplement part 2

2650tossen says:

Looking forward to part two 😀

Hammad Bokhari says:

Hey, what do you say about Tribulus terrestris?

runtinsweet says:

Sensible advice as usual.

Alex Nguyen says:

Lee, What do you think about creatine? Does it work? Do you use it?

Tetragagaca says:

oppps…Sorry i voted down this video. I thought this was one of ur best
video of all time, next to the Cuban adventure series

Alex Nguyen says:

@gregory49 Is there any side effects or repercussions? I’m 16, should I
take it?

Willy Freebody says:

some supplements help that u can do with out and some don’t do jack

KingRockets says:

this is exactly out of your ebook

Lee Hayward says:

All the specifics of what products I use and recommend will be covered in
the second part. I never had room to include it all in one big video
because it would have been too long to upload to YouTube.

Kris Daugherty says:

lee in your early days of bodybuilding how much did fat cat bodybuilding
suppliment companies cost you?

Radiation4TheNation says:

Hi Lee, thanks for making these videos. I am wondering if you can also
perhaps consider these questions in your part 2 of this video: 1. Are
creatine supplement necessary? Is it dangerous to use? What would happen if
you stop using it? I hear you can’t just drop it off at the tip of a hat.
2. If protein shakes are harmless, why do they include tons of chemicals
unlike natural products like a can of tuna, milk or plain natural yogurt?

Lee Hayward says:

For muscle building protein powder is a “must have” in my opinion. And when
it comes to fat loss I would have to say the ephedrine and caffeine stack
has given me the best results.

sirglenn2k says:

what about pro hormons?

spiceguy703 says:

You’re a genius!!!

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