Bodybuilding Supplements That Work IF… (SUPPLEMENT LIE!)

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Get what you’re actually paying for in your supplements

If you ever asked the question of whether bodybuilding supplements actually work to help you build more muscle then you need to watch this video. The answer must start with whether or not the supplements that you’re taking are even including the ingredients that they say they are! Sad but true.

In the unregulated supplement industry, manufacturers can tell you what they put into your bottle of supplements but never have to verify whether that is true. The best bodybuilding supplements will start by actually putting in the ingredients!

For instance, in this supplement video I show you how you can tell if you are getting the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) that you are paying for. BCAAs are chemically hydrophobic, which means that they do not mix well with water. If your protein supplements that you use for body building are mixing clear, then you should start to question what you’re actually getting.

It’s time to start doing your own supplement reviews and holding these supplement manufacturers more accountable for what they are putting in these bottles. Once you are sure you are getting what you are paying for, then and only then can you even ask the question of are supplements necessary or do supplements work.

For a complete line of pre workout, post workout and recovery supplements that are tested and trusted by today’s top professional athletes, head to and try the ATHLEAN-Rx sports nutrition supplements for yourself.

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Panneer Yuvaraja says:

BCAA’s ,amino acids ,creatine, casein ,whey protein and glutamine are the
most heard terms in bodybuilding ..
Now i wanna know what are the uses of each and every term…I googled it
but it’s damn confusing !
I am very skinny guy and I use currently use whey protein as supplement
.Should I use some of the above that i mentioned ?

Georgemman YouTube Channel says:

Χρήσιμο βίντεο για να επιλέξετε σωστά και ποιοτικά #συμπληρώματα αμινοξέων
Τι πρέπει να προσέξετε χωρίς να παρασύρεστε απο τα “γευστικά”

Benjamin Pattee says:

Have to disagree with you on this, and frankly I think it’s a ploy to get
more sales on your products. Most bigger supplement companies micronize
their free form aminos to make them more water soluble to avoid clumping
because most customers hate feeling like they’re drinking throw up. That +
the shit load of sucralose (Splenda) they put into it and you have a tasty,
non-clumpy amino acid as opposed to your old milk tasting drink that is
probably denatured anyway. If you think this is false or believe
micronization is just a gimmick then look at creatine. Most athletes take
creatine and KNOW it works, they get results. Pure creatine is powdery like
protein powder, yet when you buy it they’re like tiny crystals almost like
sugar. That’s because they micronized it. Same is done with most Amino

Matthew Purdum says:

The company I buy my BCAA’s from doesn’t get that clumpy a stuff at the
top, is a top name distributor, and I don’t buy flavored BCAA’s; so when I
mix them it’s bitter as shit. I think the BCAA’s that aren’t micro
filtrated (possibly incorrect terminology) can get clumpy when put with the
water and require to be shaken well before sipping on them each time.

Sithu Kaung says:

It’s mike Changs pink shit

Leon Kennedy says:

WHELP to everyone looking in the comments at if Jeff’s supplement(s) are

*Remember this*
…you can either listen to a bunch of YouTube commentators who are perhaps
complete strangers that are unlikely to even know half of the stuff they
are talking about WITHOUT any proof or videos of their own to back up their
facts. OR You can at least Try to trust someone with a degree in medical /
fitness for thousands of athletes and go with his supplement creations he
formed by himself while trying to put up whatever videos and provide
factual evidence to us of these products working in action through both
their physical and chemical nature. FDA approval or not, EVERYTHING within
them is posted on the A-X site. And yes they’re expensive because of
everything put in them, its like a container of whey, creatine, casein, BC
AA’s and / or any other essential nutrient(s) your body needs all in one
serving, so of course they won’t be cheap.

I’ve never tried them before due to not having the expenses, but they sure
seem worth a try when comparing to all the other stuff out there.

Amra says:

Anyone have some actual scientific research showing that BCAAs provide a
significant improvement in a fitness regimen? Everything I have read thus
far suggests that outside of replacing a meal with a protein shake when
weight training, most supplements are shockingly ineffective as their
effect is placebo, in that they make you think its making a difference and
so you can stay motivated to do whats actually making the difference, which
is working out.. 

blackiechan52 says:

Wow. I used to be annoyed by the clumps I constantly see in my protein. Now
I’m thankful for them.

Joseph Dyer says:

The problem is if someone respectable in the body building industry
disagreed with this video then who can you trust?

BillCutting1855 says:

I wish you had a distributor in the United Kingdom. I’d love to take
Athlean supplements however I’d get import Taxed up to my eyeballs if I was
to order from the States each time. Hopefully I’ll see your product on
monster supplements one day.

Thanks for another great video Jeff. You are the Mr Miyagi of youtube!

charles wellentin says:

I just go to and buy my BCAA supplements…..very cheap and you know you
are getting the amount you need

Anthony Mcloughlin says:

would this test work for a whey protein isolate supplement? 

Angel Ramirez (M&F) says:

This is why I only trust Jeff and +Jim Stoppani #JYM 

AssassinXcX96 says:

Guess im lucky mine tastes like shit and doesn’t solve properly, costs me

Akira kira says:

That pink stuff is Xtend ….
Strawberry Kiwi if im not mistaken

Ekram Razaq says:

Is this pre work out he is talking about? 

leonidas1491 says:

Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy gets those clumps at the surface. Doesn’t
taste that bad, either.

Minh Cong Bui says:

i live in Vietnam,i bought a Cellucor C4 yesterday (this product is
genuine and of course not yet out of date),but when i opened the bottle it
was just a whole piece in there! it was one clump! and i had to use a steel
spoon to break it into little pieces,the reseller told me that it was due
to the troppical weather we live here in Vietnam that caused the
situation,and that the C4 still functions the same. Any idea about this?
also i’d love to buy your product line but unfortunately i cannot find it
here in Vietnam :)

Joel Flores says:

lol guess i need to stop taking all the gnc bullcrap i got

jeremyabravo says:

hey jeff! what do you think of yohimbine hcl? i’m thinking of using it
along with my diet as i’ve heard it promotes fat loss in stubborn areas and
also provides more energy. Is it worth it?

North Douglas says:

ISO-Advanced all natural Whey Protein I get it from a natural health food
market a 10lbs. Container. Jeffry is this a good protein source?

Benfiquista241 says:

what if i take it in pill form?

Christopher C says:

I trust you enough to tell others about your program

Emanuel Burnstad says:

Well now I feel better what my Whey protein tastes bad and clumps lol

golfinguna says:

Hi Jeff What`s your take on some protein powders containing lauryl

SouthBayRider says:

Jeff Cavaliere for president

Jesus Laboy says:

Not sure why but I trust you. Lol. 

Ermo77 says:

Why would you not be able to dissolve hydrophobic substances in water ? I
mean there are chemicals to dissolve oil and fat in water too, so why would
there be no chemical to dissolve hydrophobic substances in water ? Maybe
the second product contains such a chemical.

Ambrew says:

Look at 4.30 and please explain to me what his trying to say.

conner kent says:

I take Modern BCAA from Upslabs and it desolves clearly. I guess that’s

Elvis Trompf says:

To be honest, I don’t want my supplements (in particular preworkouts and
BCAAS) to taste ‘amazing’ or overly sweet. Firstly, most of the chemicals
you want (when they are pure) are bitter/acidic as fuck. Also that taste,
under some sort of placebo effect, drive me to work out harder. Secondly,
we’re all adults right? I don’t need my supps to be ‘perfect’ for my picky
tastes. I want clumps and bitter tastes. I’m not a fussy 5 yo.

DoorsFan91 says:

Looking forward to trying out Jeff’s supplements. Any other you tube
reviews out?

Joao Prata says:

How long before training should you take BCAA to get the most of it while
working out? Thanx :)

Max Schlepzig says:

I use a blender so i never see clumps.

LiveLovePureNatural says:

Wow!!!!! What about your vegan formula on the counter ? Thanks

Silanethione says:

99% truth, except the part about branched chain aas are acidic. They
actually are neutral, but do taste bad like all amino acids.

sucheNAME100 says:

So what’s your recommendation on supplementing BCAAs? 

ericnomics1 says:

I use yellow pea protein contains all the amino acids and clumps like that.
Very easy to digest.

Hamed Kayello says:

FYI BCAA (L-Leucine, Isoleucine, and L-Valine) are soluble in water in the
dosages used in products. Lumps are not from BCAA unless you are adding way
more than the recommended dosage… You are a trainer not a chemist, let
the chemists worry about solubility and lumps. You are just trying to sell
a product. The lumps in your product are not due to BCAA.

ThomasTheStallion says:

Hey Jeff, do I have to worry about losing muscle mass if I lose more than
1.5 – 2 lbs a week if I maintain a protein intake of 1 gram per pound of
body weight?

Yee ji ziang says:

I am currently taking “Dymatize whey protein” , I dunno why! But the fact
that it doesn’t have anything floating around and it dissolve better in the
water make it do much easier to consume…. Is this brand of protein bad?
Opinion guys ^_^ 

Chris Rojas says:

My only issue with Jeff’s protein supplements is that they are not lactose
free. For those, like myself, who are lactose intolerant, it’s difficult to
find a supplement we get behind, and won’t cause us mild to extreme GI
(gastrointestinal) pain. Hopefully, he or others can come up with a
guaranteed product that over sees this dilemma. I plan on trying 100% egg
protein (a lactose free product) soon, and hopefully that does the trick. 

Goldie Sandhu says:

I’m using warrior Storm intra workout…. The tube that Jeff is referring
to looks like the tube that warrior Storm comes in. It states it had BCAA
in it but doesn’t taste nice, there aren’t any clumpy bits at top but
doesn’t mix entirely clear either. Should I not be using it? 

Tyler Manning says:

My BCAA’s clump and tastes like ass, so I mix it with a pre workout so it
tastes a bit better, but still has the clumps

ProzacPreacher says:

What about instantised BCAAs? And saying that BCAAs have to taste bad is
just plain wrong. You can get it to taste acceptable using flavour systems.

Nick Gardiner says:

Jeff, would love to try your supplements but to buy them in the UK is just
way to expensive. are you planning an importing route into UK or any
distributors over here coming in soon? I have been using Athlean systems
for 3 years now so would definitely regularly buy these if they were over
here as i imagine a lot of other people would here.

David Wellens says:

Does anyone know which supplement Jeff is referring to? Kind of makes me
curious… :-)

Neal says:

Stoppani s has been tested in a lab and his isn’t what he claims , Jim is a
juiced up liar

Ath lean products are far better
And Jeff is a honest guy he’s in superb condition 

tenaciousfilm . says:

Worrying this much about BCAA supplements is pointless, keep your nutrition
decent and you won’t have to stress about it. Solved.

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