Bodybuilding Tip Waxy Maize Is A Gimmick!!! Supplement Review @hodgetwins

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Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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bullrunning says:

Did you just say food breaks down quicker!! Don’t listen to these little
twirps. They have dem black genetics been lifting for 20 years and there
still small. There clearly not doing anything right. Waxy maize is legit

bullrunning says:

Shits cheap btw. Like 20 cents a serving. More effective and more cost
efficient then a candy bar and fruit

PIS187 says:

Damn dude got me to buy this bs fuc#

Jrd Doyle says:

not true. corn starch has 2x the Glycemic Index of Waxy Maize. totally
different products for that reason alone. waxy maize is more of a healthy
bulking food anyway not a post workout product. Also, waxy maize has no
fiber so you it does not result in excessive weight loss while you are
bulking. I cannot think of another carb source with low GI, low fiber, and
in powder form so you can consume tons of calories at once.

Joseph Anderson says:
mikey777666 says:


jrb06e1 says:

guess you never heard of creatine

Ameerz14 says:

go do some fucking weights, dont worry you wont become huge, you lknow how
much dedication a female bodybuilder needs…do 20-30 mins of cardio NO
MORE! and do lotsa squats, body excersizes, low weight high rep excersizes,
dumbells and light barbells. do your leg press i swear nothings hotter than
a girl with toned ass legs

Dj1LL says:

@XtremeJuggernaut comon now mfka.. would you really say that to they’re
faces? didnt think so pussyboy

JJ says:

@Newbpwng so you dont need them i got the mega men etreme athlete. it has 6
pills in it they say to take every morning with food.

Von635 says:

@Newbpwng sure is their wheybolic extreme sucks i gotta coupple scoops left

Ali Pinar says:

İ was going to buy it …

Nuno Almeida says:

I like this guys, they are funny, but when it comes to heard a serious
opinion i see other channels, i don’t like to hear people that review a
product and don’t even try it,, if i say that you’re protein shake has
placebo affect, should you believe it? I don’t think so

Terriana Jones says:

so, what advice would you give women who wants a little muscle but don’t
want to look like a body builder lol

fgn1994 says:

they are right!

JJ says:

can you 2 plz do a video on multivitamins. GNC says that there your
foundation of you getting in shap. plz do a video or write back what ever.

jonnyfied says:

I agree with you guys…but literature suggest that the human body takes
longer breaking down some sugars better than others….ie: fructose is alot
harder to digest than lactose…so why eat fruits after your workout? why
not something high in dextrose and maltose? thanks in advance for your reply

madmoody79 says:

my pre workout drink is 1scoop of bsn+creatine + water and my post workout
drink is whey protein + creatine +water. Some one please tell me if this
combinations are right to get big, and also go to gym 3 times a week only

Martae Ruelas says:

Im working with Dennis James and competing in the USA’s this July. He’s
recommended that I use Waxy Maize after a workout. half a scoop. As far as
Bcaa’s they are great when you do cardio or workout getting ready for a
show but do not need the extra calories or losing muscle. Its worked
wonders for me….

XtremeJuggernaut says:

I was just making a point

Phil Desousa says:

@madmoody79 thats fine except i would take the creatine once i prefer after

Ellis Witcher says:

Whole food will always beat supplements. Just look at the old school
bodybuilders, it just works.

kutz1 says:

you guys speak the truth, love it, keep it up! i’m sharing your channel to
all my friends and telling them to subscribe. You guys rock! Can you guys
do more videos on types of workouts for each body part? Like how to
properly do form, biggest mistakes ppl do form-wise on various types of
exercises? I’d like to see you guys offer examples and take some videos of
your actual workout routines. Keep it up guys!

DerToyzi says:

@supernova1990 old school bbs often took steroids? but I don’t like to use
supplements either

HarlydarvySenior says:

Corn Starch!

Itz Tee says:

That’s the most epic saying ever! I hope you didn’t say it with racist
intentions though -_-

Newbpwng says:

@2sikjj GNC brand is hte biggest garbage ever

Zack Smith says:

Mo muscle, mo muscle

Somkhith Phattaphone says:

@muscleman677 C4 is a great supplement. It’s as good if not stronger than
jack3d. Cellucor makes great products and every time I go into my local GNC
usually C4 is gone from the shelf.

Noc4ball says:

Lmao… Just buy a box of corn starch and mix it with some koolaid to give
it flavor.

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