Bodybuilding Transformation Journey by Crazy Eddie Fitness – Day #2 Pain in the ass Leg Day

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Close This is My Bodybuilding Transformation Video Day #1 Journey if you want to see how I got started on day one.

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My Name is Eddie Ujueta and I’m a 42 year old man from New Jersey who has a big dream to help millions of people reach any goal they want make a reality. I have struggled and tryed so many things but when you try you never really commit to making what you want appear in your life. So I learned that you hhave to put yourself out there and make the announcement to the world aboout what you are going after because once you have others watching your (like a teacher) every move you feel compelled to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Hit me up anytime on youtube (message me) if you need help and support.

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