Cheapest Over The Counter BODYBUILDING Supplement BANNED LIKE STEROIDS!!!! @hodgetwins

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Hodgetwins Bio:
Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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xEcstasyx1 says:

this video completely proves that those two dudes are complete and utter

DM3062 says:

haha 2:20

Trevor Johnson says:

@DrMedicineManMD I looked up the only studies I could find, and in “Dose
effect of caffeine on testosterone and cortisol responses to resistance
exercise” published in the internation journal of sports nutrition from
2008, the said “(Test. increase from caffeine)this benefit might be
counteracted by the opposing catabolic effects of the increase in cortisol
and resultant decline in the testosterone:cortisol ratio.”

optimal natural bodybuilding says:

my trainer said if you take coffee you get a good energy burst but over
about 20 mins you drop down and all your energy goes down hill, is that

optimal natural bodybuilding says:

i love all your videos 🙂 great work! oh btw everything is right what you
guys are saying, but when yous do chest triceps and shoulders thats not
that great because when you do your chest its using your shoulders and your
triceps so when you go to workout your triceps and shoulders they prity
allready worked, so you will be overtraining your triceps and shoulder,
because once the muscle fibre is ripped and teared up you cant break it

killacalimorphs says:

Do u take the caffeine before every workout ?

TheBeardedGamer says:

Is there any benefit to “5 hour energy” type drinks, as a replacement to
the caffiene. I try not to drink coffee due to the crashing, but maybe just
straight caffeine pills would be different.

ATOM09 says:

caffeine does work but it won’t give you mass. it will, however, give you
definition. but if you wanna get bulk, then don’t bother with caffeine.

Md Saiful says:

Hey there, have you tried MuscLeader (just search Google)? There you will
find a useful free video featuring how to gain visible muscle mass quickly
while eliminating excess fat as well. Ryan and hundreds of guys with the
same goal experienced amazing success by using this system. It might help
you also.

paulgnc24 says:

caffeine is banned in any pro sport!

hamish tana says:

@trevor1787 not really, but you are.

Trevor Johnson says:

Really? Jack3d works because of the caffeine? The slightly more than 100mg
that’s included gives you that kind of results? It couldn’t be from the
dimethylamylamine? This is stupid, most of their videos are nothing more
than misinterpretation of science and a strong unfounded worship of jack3d.

Trevor Johnson says:

@hamt24 U mad?

Ingmar H says:

@dro305 Who cycles jack?

nfelisshia says:

a lil off topic but…you guys are sooo sexy

Ellis Witcher says:

My cheap-ass pre-workout supplement is a couple of cups of strong coffee,
always does the trick!

robiscool09 says:

caffeine is bad for your body, you should just let your bodies natural
exercise response to increase blood pressure.


All you have to do is read the description in the box without clicking show
more to figure out what the heck they’re talking about…

Trevor Johnson says:

@DrMedicineManMD Can you cite the article? Also, wouldn’t that depend on
the regulation of the receptors of the individuals tested?

phaedruslive says:

bronkaid-asperin-caffein pills= home made eca stack

hamish tana says:

@trevor1787 don’t forget to change your tampon Jimmy Struthers

Trevor Johnson says:

@rainxxxx You need to research more. Anthony Almada has already been behind
countless studies of Geranium, and he alond with everyone who has studied
it has not been able to find 1, 3 dimethylamylamine. Just because USPLabs
says “geranium stem=1, 3 dimethylamylamine doesn’t make it factual. It’s

slash flash says:

Caffeine is amazing before cardio (you may think I am crazy, but I do 2
cardios per week and I run 2 hours in each cardio on elliptical totaled to
at least 12 miles high intensity). It increases metabolism rate and causes
loss of water retention in your body, this gives you a hot energetic core
and great concentration. BTW, I do cardio 2-3 hours after my breakfast.

Trevor Johnson says:

@DrMedicineManMD Also, the resulting test. increase isn’t anything
significant. As show in “Anabolic processes in human skeletal muscle:
restoring the identities of growth hormone and testosterone.”, the increase
in test./GH contributed with exercise, and I would speculate with caffeine
ingestion won’t matter for hypertrophy.

cocoisthe1 says:

Couldn’t agree more! I used to drink coffee a lot but I stopped because I
quit smoking and I associate the two together! But I noticed when I drank
coffee I was 10-30percent stronger based on the time of day its bizarre I
think its like warming up for your brain!

CandidCarl says:

I have a cup of coffee before my workout each day. It’s quite a bit cheaper
than buying pills.

Trevor Johnson says:

@rainxxxx lol, so because you’re to retarded to know actual facts about
products you take, you resort to ad hominem attacks? Very strong proof of
your stupidity.

Aaron Walker says:

One cup of coffee has ~150mg of caffeine in it. 400 is about about 2 and
3/4 cups of coffee.

Keone Pinckney says:

They took it off the list in 2004 though my brothers

Ingmar H says:

Lol the supplement companies would love that yes, that’s the biggest waste
of money there is.

gocsa says:

Wow these guys are stupid. 1: No, bench pressing is not an Olympic number,
and deadlift isn’t either. Those are in powerlifting, but not in the
Olympics. 2: A cup of coffe has around 90-150 mg of caffeine in it, and
some people (including myself) drink 2-3 or even more (sometime bigger than
average) cups of coffee a day. So 400 mg is really not that much, although
it’s kinda a lot taking it all at once but nowhere near 10 cups. Hell,
sometimes I drink 50 oz of an energy drink in one sitting.

Oscar Lenåsen says:

How about if I work out late, like maybe 7pm and take caffeine before I go
to the gym, wont I have a hard time fall a sleep?

Trevor Johnson says:

@hamt24 I’m not mad, just stupid information makes me lash out. Sorry,
please go back to enjoying your bro-science video.

ironlungdtoker says:

in the usa 1000-10000 people die every year as a result of caffeine , i
still love the shit but take it easy too much will SNAP YO SHIT UP !

killacalimorphs says:

@legend2kill how long does it last with energy …and is it good to take it
with afedrine ?

MrAxileas says:

caffeine raises your adrenaline.Its rly rly bad for u in big amounts(and
daily consume

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