Coffee as a Supplement – Bodybuilding, Caffeine, strength, and performance

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In this video were gonna talk about my number one favorite supplement, caffeine! Caffeine is a cheap and effective supplement for bodybuilders and endurance athletes alike. In this video we will talk about what kind of caffeine to take, how much to take, when to take it, caffeine tolerance, and also about what the research says.

Caffeine comes in different forms and surprisingly, coffee is not the best way! Several studies have shown that the anhydrous caffeine in the pill form is more effective in improving perfomance than the caffeine in coffee. If you want to maximize your performance, you should use the pill form. Two added benefits of using caffeine pills, first its far cheaper. For the price of one fancy starbucks coffee you can buy a bottle with 100 doses of caffeine in it. The second benefit of using the caffeine in pill form is that you know your exact dosage. Speaking of dosage, lets talk about how much to use.

Oddly enough, more is not better. Several studies have shown that there is no increase in strength or endurance if you consume more than the recommend amount of caffiene. This makes caffeine unlike many other supplements.
So, how much should you take? The research shows there is no benefit to taking more than 6mg/KG before your sports activity, I would recommend half that or 3mg/kg – so for a 150lb person thats 200mg. Take your caffeine about an hour before your lifting session and take it at most once per day. If you dont want the caffeine to interfere with your sleep you would best be advised to have your workout in the morning to allow the caffeine to be eliminated from your system by bedtime.

Dont take caffeine if you have any history of heart irregularies.

Caffeine tolerance is a very important issue here. You quickly build up a tolerance to caffeine which diminishes its value for sports performance. If you want to use caffeine as a supplement you really need to stop its use as a beverage. The only caffeine you consume in a day should be that taken the hour before your weight workout. On days you dont lift weights, no caffeine. If you have a race or contest, you should stop all caffeine use the week before the event so you can benefit its full effect on the big day.

So there you have it, caffeine is the #1 best supplement for bodybuilding in my book but you gotta use it properly. For those of you interested keep watching and we will talk about the research.


dragon11689 says:

fish oil is important…you need omega 3’s in your diet which are essential
fatty acids that assist in muscle building and also for overall health. You
need multi-vitamin for any vitamins and minerals you don’t get from your
daily intake of food. Most food nowadays are lacking because of processing
and the way it’s cooked.

mrhako0000 says:

lol XD

The_HBK_23 says:

You can read the description dumbass. He goes over a lot of advice and
reasoning behind each tip. So shut up.

Ernesto Soliz says:

You are so informative! Thanks, Scooby! =)

GusMartin2 says:

lol….no it doesn’t

Alordien says:

oh dear..

Hyperion974 says:

no but it is an excellent source of chocolate!

dmdrummer23 says:

Thanks. And it’s mostly related to the reason I smoke in the first place
(plus it’s more fun). It helps with a bunch of things like anxiety and
ADHD, which is also the same reason I started working out. If I go to the
gym high I have better focus/form and motivation, and it helped me stomach
a protein shake on the way in and out of the gym. It seems like there is no
comedown and I’m just really relaxed and comfortable after a workout. I
wouldn’t recommend it if weed makes you paranoid though.

Chris K says:

So do fruits and veggies. Learn to enjoy those instead!

Peter Ahn says:

My friend gets up at 4AM and goes to the gym in time to go to school at
7AM. He says it isn’t as bad as you would think because the workout really
wakes you up for the rest of the day. If a gym ain’t open that early, it’s
probably some exclusive ass shit because a LOT of people workout early in
the morning. Also (gym class at school is fucking easy…). About the 6 AP
classes, haha shit I can’t help you there. You put yourself in that puddle!
You will regret it motherfucker. -Satan

gunlover94 says:

my caffeine buzz will die off before i even workout if i take it an hour

Don Charlito says:

I don’t see coffee as a supplement, it’s a drug. That’s why you become more
tolerant of it over time and you need to increase dose.

Demolish Dreams says:

Cortisol reduces muscle growth not growth overall

boahgeil465 says:

For hardgainers caffeine is really counterproductive 😀

iamUSAn50 says:

how about fish oil and multivitamin supplements?

John Johnson says:

must be a bee hive near

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3malkow says:

Sup(: Did you heard about the Explosive Muscle Method (do a google search)?
My dad says it gets people stronger…

amistler says:

Scooby, what do you think about ephedrine or 1,3 dimethylamamine

Sudip Mandal says:

Wow. Amazing vid. My older brother was once obese. He went from 279 lbs of
fat to 214lbs of purely natural muscle mass. Shit’s outrageous! I just
joined myself coz I’m looking to get big muscle mass. He used the Muscle
Building Bible (Look in Google)…

gedist2 says:

I’ve tried it, for me it did gave just a lill bit of extra strength, but
it’s not as awesome as he states it is.

swissmrkc says:

what brand do you use? bought from amazon?

Jarod Glatz says:

They fight oxygen radicals (hence ORAC- oxygen radical absorbance capacity
being used as a measure of antioxidance) in the body which cause oxidative
damage to tissues and can potentially cause DNA damage, wearing down
telomeres and such, altering the haflig-limit apoptosis scheme, among many
other different things, mostly bad.

Jack Bailin says:

You also don’t get REM sleep when you pass out drunk

Barry Kelly says:

Caffeine has a half life of about 6 hours so it’s out of your system by 12.
It’s your adenosine receptors which down regulate with continued caffeine
comsumption hence why a lay off is advised.

drizzt94720 says:

Study was done on “Untrained Young Adults” What about “Trained Adults”?
It’s true that untrained people don’t need supplements in the beginning,
that’s nothing new.

KevrockFilms says:

Coffee makes me highly depressed. I know this sounds strange. But if I
drink an entire cup of coffee, it brings down my mood in the most bizarre
way. Is this common?!? Or is it all in my head?

Dictator says:

do u mean 7pm?

IND3LIBLE1 says:

Can I just drink a cup of coffee?

superkar2985 says:

what’s the last two sentences he says in the video? non native english
speaker here 🙂

jrepnin says:

That is not a description, DUMBASS!

RonaldPaulsons son says:

scooby is jesus

usename8 says:

Hahaha what the hell? These people are delusional

David Thomas says:

those are good

Tommy says:

Oh I gotchu. Caffeine supplements aren’t really worth it. They have way too
much caffeine and way too much potential for abuse (like taking way too
many at a time). Just one cup will have a healthy amount of caffeine to get
you a great workout.

ekimkraur says:

animal based proteins are great for growing muscle but they may also be
great fertilizer for cancers and tumors. Why not play it safe and use plant
based protein?

MrMclovinnnnnn says:

dude i have 6 periods of ap classes and then i still have fucking gym and
ballsack useless english class 🙁 is teh gym even open that early, maybe i
can shift my scehdule back..

Don Charlito says:

Thanks. I’ll stick to coffee than.

TheUnknownGrower says:

i had a panic attack today…went to the gym drank 2 big E.D.came back ,had
sweaty hands and feet a headache and had heard racing while sitting on my
couch.had a bonedry cottonmouth and a tremor and even experienced some mild
acustical halucination.i experienced psychoactive effects before from
drinking too much green tea before.i had to talk me down like on an acid
trip and took a walk to match the pulse of my heart.HORRIBLE.i finally
smoked some weed to get me down…wtf

KennyReid95 says:

@Devastator402 bullshit!!!

herrba says:

I have to take an extremely large amount of caffeine before i can even feel
any effects.

TheUnknownGrower says:

that stuff is a real drug like amphetamines..nothing to fuck with and call
HARMLESS.i even thought about calling an ambulance because i thought i
maybe overheaded at cardio(maybe i did a little)but than rememberd that
heart attacs have other symtoms like chestpain and irregular heartbeat and
trouble deffenitly helped to take a quick walk outside and i
felt like im slowly comming down from he trip.i suspect this effect from
endorphines and edded coffeine…FUCKING DRUG!

Ryan Suddeth says:

Yeah. I understand that. My statement stems from the response that Scooby
doesn’t want people to drink coffee because it will lessen the impact of
taking caffeine supplements. madjimms made a case that coffee contains
antioxidants, meaning (s)he enjoys drinking coffee for the health benefits.
I was providing a way to enjoy coffee, its additional health benefits and
not having it lessen the caffeine supplement’s effect.

Animalinstinct89 says:

don’t take caffeine when using creatine. caffeine makes the creatine much
less effective. google it, nice vid for the rest btw

jbanks10127 says:

Do you creatine and coffee before weight workout has any benefit?

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