Do You Have to Take Bodybuilding Supplements?

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Competitive Bodybuilder and Fitness and Supplement Expert for I’ gives some solid advice on taking bodybuilding supplements to help you meet your fitness goals. Do you NEED or HAVE to take supplements. See what Tim thinks!!

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Ash Osh says:

the more protein you take in the more you fuck your kidneys so……….. 

bmillz321 says:

I stopped after you said hizzeck. Your physique discredits anything you

Dawne M. Riggins says:

In two month later on, you actually can easily get 10 lbs in muscle & lose
5 – 10 lbs in fats. You just need a tested workout plan, right nutrition
plan & begin immediately.

John Chabon says:

You don’t need supplements if your diet is in check. Also you have no idea
what these companies put into there products

zik adan says:

dude you can speeeak!! motivational!!

Santhosh B N says:

Unless u r really like a phil heath you need to think of all that or else
its BS just a scam to get us to buy more and more and more ALL in the hopes
that we ll get bigger and perhaps a few ch****

teakey says:

You can do whatever the fauck you wanna do


well said bro!

Josh Wagner says:

All you have to do is be careful with what you intake. Supplements are just
short cuts.

JQKER555 says:

Are they healthy ?

jah zion says:

Your kidney would fall apart as eating too much food or driking too much
liquids, its just as it says on the video, its EASIER to get a shake and
done.. I personally have a “kindey malfunction gen” that comes along in my
family, so what i do is buy generally one 5lb protein, finish it and wait
from a month too two months to take another protein. I prefer taking 1
supplement at the time

Rev0lutionIsMyName says:

I guess he wouldn’t be much of a salesman if he answered no to this

JQKER555 says:

And what are the cons of using them. My mother is a doctor and she said
your kidney’s would fall apart, if u are eating too much of this.

MrTravelstuff says:

I thought he was going to orgasm at the 1:30ish mark haha

xIPen says:

This guy is just bullshit

Grace Ario says:

If you really want to gain some muscle, you should Google the term “Oak
Muscle Method”. You are surely going to end up getting the appearance you

Jesper conradsen says:

This is such bullshit. supplement companies at their best/worst.

vicky sharma says:

if you people wish to get ripped prompt without spending a one extra minute
in the gym, then you really want to look at this online video SIXPP.COM You
live to die, and you die to live.

Ceasar Ceasa says:

ofc he is telling that u should take supplements, look at the background,
back in the 70s they had non of this supplements but looked all buffed up.

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