Exposed Supplement Industry Scams – Secrets – Information You Need To Know…

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Exposed Supplement Industry Scams…
Information you should know before you go out and buy any supplements…
Kyle Leon from The Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer interviews Adam Cloet From Blue Star Nutraceuticals about the scams that some of the supplement companies use to sell their supplements.
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Hey guys don’t judge a book by its cover, weather this guy is fat or may
have a medical condition, at least he had the CAHONES to spill some of the
beans and say the truth, i agree he has his own brand of supplements but
its good quality.
My tip: Be careful of what you are buying out there, that’s what this video
is all about, research and ask questions about the products you are buying
and also what country are they made in, also the ingredients are they
imported cheap stuff or good local quality, one thing to look for is the
sugar products that are disguised with different names. 🙂 

Yolo Swag Beast Mode Muthafucka says:

all u need is whey protein and creatine end of story the rest is all bs.

matt gimblett says:

the ben afflict dude loves the sound of his own voise thats for sure. he
keeps cutting the guy off…… just let the fat cunt talk

каунтерстрајк плејер says:

90% of supplements are scams.
Good supplements (I think they are good): whey protein, zinc.

Tilan123 says:

So this fat guy wants to teach us about healthy bodies…

MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ says:

this guys 30?…hmm

davidsirmons says:

I work at Vitamin World. There are huge name labels with “Fat Burning”
mixes, or test boosters. Let me enlighten you, based on my year of personal
research. There are zero supps that burn a single molecule of fat off the
body. It happens naturally when you eat right. There ARE howerver carb
blockers and fat blockers for gluttonous idiots that have zero
self-control, and would never make it to the gym to begin with. End of
story. As for test supps, not a single one of them will boost test levels
(determined by independent blood testing) above 1 percent over baseline.
Which is zero help for anything. ZMA however DOES work. But it doesn’t
increase test via androstanes or saponins. It works by giving the body the
3 crucial vitamins needed for REM sleep. More REM sleep=more test
production cycles during sleep. Other than that, the rules are simple: eat
clean, leave the gym in 45 mins, concentrate on big compound moves, get
lots of sleep, take clean supp protein, HMB, glutamine, and creatine.
That’s about it. After that, there’s only HRT or steroids.

davidsirmons says:

Hangon. You question the presence of ‘toxins’ in the body, regarding
cleanses. It’s pretty simple, chief: processed food has chemicals directly
introduced to PREVENT them breaking down. Which means your digestion system
never fully breaks down ALL those processed foods. What remains is a foul
sludge that will remain in the intestines, and will build up over time.
That layer is a nice breeding ground for yeast, mold, fungus, bacteria.
Incompletely digested particles also lodge in that layer and putrify,
releasing their own chemicals to the mix along with the waste toxins of the
pathogens outlined above. Those chemicals will begin to irritate the
intestines, inflame and damage them, at which point a person can exhibit
signs of autoimmune abnormality, chronic autoimmune problems like eczema,
psoriasis, lupus, systemic inflammation, allergies, etc. Doing a cleanse
must be accompanied by taking probiotics, since the person will be purging
the good bacteria from the intestines. Those good bacteria normally provide
a shield against bad pathogens, but idiot doctors don’t know or don’t care.
It’s normally after a round of antibiotics/cleanse/sigmoid flush that a
person begins to first exhibit signs of bad pathogen overgrowth, at which
point a massive effort must be undertaken to rebalance. It’s nothing to
sneer at, and worth your investigation.

paul hopkins says:

I very much appreciate it man :D, I am a member with blue star and i
personally love the products.. 

Sales Kayondo says:

Iove this video. It was very I informative.
However, the interviewer could’ve let his interviewee speak more.

Keith Purdy says:

always enjoy expert opinions, but nobody wants to hear the interviewer more
than the person being interviewed/the ‘expert’.

TPQ1980 says:

The guy on the left ought to stop interrupting the guy on the right. Why
ask the guy for “insider information” and then keep interrupting him every
time he opens his mouth. Plus, I doubt the guy on the right is really all
that passionate about supplements and working out, unless by that he means
supplementing his diet with cheeseburgers and working out a way to eat more

Rodd Haltunen says:

It’s all BS. Supplements are processed which makes them junk. Eat food and
forget supplements. End of story.

jasbir singh says:

I don’t think I understand the comments here. I do not see why anyone would
piss on the CEO of pharmaceutical company as far as what is good or crap.

Andre KW says:

LOL. Most people would have been with you all the way up until the point of
roughly 21minutes where you say they trust “Food” instead of the
supplement. Let us be totally real here; they trust drugs, D R U G S.
Period, point blank. Just like this Ben Affleck looking dude. When he wants
to cut down for a “photoshoot”, I will almost guarentee that he uses drugs
to cut down. This isn’t a scam expose, this is just random crap that anyone
could guess.

Where is the information about supplements being “tainted” with actual
pharmacuetical drugs? Where is that TRUTH? This whole video was a waste of

David Ungacta says:

Nothing on this video that a person with an average IQ didn’t already know.

jaycore21 says:

this guy doesn’t let the guy he is interviewing talk. 90 percent is him
talking about his opinion on stuff and the guy is sitting there just saying
“yep, yep”. let the guy talk

Wyoming says:

This is an ad, the anti system guy selling his own stuff…..the stuff must
therefore be legit and great…..I don’t buy this neither

Leftyman3 says:

This is total crap. You guys just got done saying “if it sounds too good to
be true, it probably is” and yet on your website you say things like
“double your testosterone” and “up to 700% more lean muscle mass”. Not to
mention you also use words on your labels such as “proprietary blend” which
is a huge red flag in the supplement industry. I have an idea, let’s make a
video talking about how all the supplement companies are ripping you off
and it will make us seem more honest!! Nice going guys.

Dara R says:

why does this dude interrupt the joe while he is still making a point? his
timing is off and its not professional at all. Seems dicky to me to be such
a interruptive guy even if youre not conducting an interview

Sheldon Prescott says:

So is my beloved Syntha 6 bogus on the label? I hope not. Best tasting whey
I’ve had in years. And I love the fact that it also have Fiber.

Spongebob Jones says:

How do we know YOU’RE not lying?

Lawrence Cox says:

I have been a regular supplement user with regards to protein and pre
And really learnt alot by this video so thanks blue star.
Gained some valuably knowledge, and awareness, 

zo p says:

Some things are true…. but there is no proof of multi-vitamins and
minerals in pill form help…and if they do work you need HIGH doses… and
if u look at multi-vitamins they barely have any of each vitamin that you
need to actually make a difference!

This info of nine has been researched on the Harvad University websites! 

golfinguna says:

I really cannot believe that you have front to sit there and claim that
your products are any different to the junk being sold by other supplement
companies. I checked your products and laughed. One in particular caught my
attention……..joint armour…your claims…less joint pain! Better joint
mobility!! Results in as little as 4 weeks!!! Just one a day…. The
ingredients of your wonder pill….Microcrystalline cellulose…which is a wood
pulp used as an anti-caking agent….magnesium stearate…which is used in
tablets and powders to stop them sticking and gelatine which you can buy
in any supermarketand mainly consist of non-essential low class proteins….

santabarbaraca2010 says:

You break others down to build yourself up Adam.Lame!!!!

ivso1978 says:

Why would you sell supplements you cant condone or support (As a retailer)?

Chris Roxx says:

great vid. this industry is shady and needs people like this

Ma Professor says:

Are any of these supplements dangerous to people who are allergic to ‘shell
fish’ I am interested in the testosterone boosting supplements Blue Star

619WWEFAN says:

The fact it’s all chemical fake crap is enough to put me off.

But this guys honesty earned my respect big time.

Achraf Choukri says:

ben affleck is that you ?

d bunch says:

I admire your balls 

Mike Parchen says:

Blue star sells the best shit, just over priced =/ 

SwollenRhino says:

Fat-Burners are a big 1 , people believe that taking fat burners give you
instant 6 pack abs but if the person reading that ad believes that guy in
the photo got that muscular with just that product alone then they should
be smarter! Just cause that guy takes that product to look like that
doesn’t mean he’s not taking something else to get that physic! 

Sales Kayondo says:

Grateful for the video nonetheless.
Using it for a school business project.


guy is fat though 

Ken G says:

This interviewer talks more than the guy he’s interviewing.. Come on let
the guy speak he’s the one being interviewed man not you 

thefugitive1965 says:

let me guess, this fat fuck is the only one who sells good supplements? bs.
yes, its true there is a lot of bs out there but the way he is explaining
it is as though his is the only company to be trusted.

Islander Mesopotamia says:

Great video I was actually looking into buying the blue star pre workout
but I’m not a fan of proprietary blends is there any way that blue star can
reveal how much of each ingredient is dosed that would be very helpful and
really be practicing what you guys are preaching

michael gabriel says:

Why doesnt this video have more views? i found it very interesting.

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