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Hodgetwins Bio:
Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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Jessica D Pippen says:

Thats some good clean advice!

nicholas smyth says:

Thanks for the advice, I was about to buy it.

Will Smith says:

these fools don’t even look good….

zagan1 says:

Glutamine doesn’t come from protein it comes from the body processing
sugar, so any sugar you get your body turns it into energy for your muscles.

Glutamine is the last step before your body turns into the energy your
muscles uses up.

So the more energy in your muscles the longer you can go.

Creatine is just a volumiser, it just makes your muscles suck up extra
water and side effects is your muscles get a bit larger, because muscles
are 75% water they
will they function a bit better, increase strength not really as there’s
nothing for the muscles to burn up energy wise and the water won’t make
your muscles work harder.


you guys are awsome

Deez Mutts says:

I never heard of anyone saying it builds muscle.Ive heard everything else
it helps with but who thought it builds muscle?

StarStuff says:

dudes, you need to do your cerebral homework instead of your body
homework; glutamine ,on a nuclear level, is an anti-aging, antioxidant,
and muscle building amino acid. Why, it’s even given to some cancer
patients! Get informed!!

Phiscal2 says:

Of course L-Glutamine works! In this first 30 secs of this video these
guys just proved..Just because someone is using other supplements that
indirectly creates more glutamine doesn’t mean that L-glutamine doesn’t
work. Forget about bodybuilding jargon…you tear muscles when you
workout, and occasionally get injured. Glutamine has been shown to help
recovery from this kind of trauma. I’ve seen gains in size and strength
with NO supplementation of any kind, does that mean supplements don’t
work…of course not. BTW – L-glutamine is cheap!! It’s a great

Slade Wilson says:

Take glutamine if you take insulin.(bodybuilding wise)

simply big says:

It’s true, your body makes glutamine enough for a normal person. Not enough
for someone who puts his body through hardcore exercise everyday. Plus you
have to how to consume every supplement. For a bodybuilder 8 g of glutamine
is efficient. But you have to break it Down into 4 doses. 2 g upon waking
up.2 g pre workout and 2g post workout, 2 g with meal before bed. Take into
cosideration that your protein shake and preworkout supplements might have
glutamine. Knowledge = gains

sean wilson says:

Y’all didn’t end the video right so I’ll say it. I’m gonna do what the fuck
I wanna doooo.

Stefan Christiansen says:

I went up 3 kgs in 2 weeks from taking glutamine before bed. Everyone is
different i guess

mark alforque says:

Test your self… When you train legs.. Stacks glutamine and see what you
feel after 2–3 days…

Brucho Sindicate says:

I actually agree on this one, since there are no scientific research
showing that consuming glutamine as a supplements will help you build
muscle. At most it can help you recover a little faster.

rohit sharma says:

aye! u know what mayne? fuck you!

SpeedKid117 says:

Hey ‘Top Comment’ guy. Glutamine is not a bogus supplement? I am sorry but
it is bogus. Glutamine is NOT classified as an essential amino acid, which
means your body is capable of synthesizing that molecule. Why the xxxx pay
for something that your body can produce no problem? This is another good
advice from Hodgetwins.

Rhinobatidae says:

They met each other a long long time ago in a gym far far away. They were
like wow you look exactly like me we should be friends and then they
started making videos together and cause they looked exactly the same they
called them self twinmuscleworkout.

Shayne Brooks says:

Good one you dumb racist redness :-*

Math Spurm says:

That you Jimmy Struthers?

dod smith says:

L-Glutamine and Glutamine are two different things. What we find in
supplements is L-Glutamine which is “free” Glutamine. It is not bonded to
anything else which makes it extremely unstable to heat, water, and ph
levels THEREFORE it is impossible to take L-Glutamine in powder or capsule
and expect it to be digested it will be destroyed well before. (part1/2)

Sonnys503 says:

This too (glutamine) I was going to get some as well, thanks for the video.
Save me a trip and cash! Thanks!

495theking says:

fucking typical of a liverpool/suarez supporter, scum of the earth

90sgrunge1 says:

Also Kre Alkalyn has put on 5 lbs of muscle on me in one month! I t works
just like the mono works its also not near as expensive as people say. 2
month supply for 25 bucks is cheap. Pills are easier to take and no stomach
issues for people who have that with mono. Both are great mono and kre alk

Vic LTD says:

cheers, brother

Dahblackrussian says:

keith and kevin, u chat shit

Gidis96 says:

N’GAGE…That de product…try it madafuckas!:)

Bruce Banner says:

glutamine is relaxing as fuck. Sustamine is even better.

funnybot77 says:

Ah man, whenever I’m thinking about taking a supplement, I check with you
guys first. Thanks for saving me cash!

WhatsHappening783402 says:

So according to you guys EVERY single supplement doesn’t work and we should
get EVERY nutrient, ie: protein from all food. Please die

alix1493 says:

im not saying i disagree with the twins, but the only reason i started
taking it is for recovery. i noticed my soreness went away faster thus was
able to work out more. your body uses 70% of glutamine while working out
and you need yo replenish that because remember that glutamine is also used
for immune system support you guys forgot to mention that.

Dystopian Outlook says:

It hydrates the muscles for one, and assists in muscle repair.

MCWAY1 says:

Where did you guys buy your glutamine? I can get it for $6 at Vitamin
Shoppe. And, when GNC marks it down, you can get a huge amount of it for
almost peanuts.

macdutte says:

Cant agree with this but most of your stuff is cool… I find it helps me
in recovery and it is used in hospitals for the same purpose as well.. Good
for when you over train (we all have done it).

Mason carter says:

fuck you motherfucker

Homero M says:

Glutamine is NOT bogus supplement, its super good stuff for many different
things as they claim

TheMrplayitsafe says:

how long have you guys known each other?

mchief101 says:

i noticed i get less sore when using glutamine…pre bed about 3-4 scoops
with a protein shake. i stopped taking it and my god i was sore for
days… i would say glutamine works.

Vic LTD says:

sorry brother but you’re WAAAY wrong.

D Katkhuda says:

skeletal muscle does that mean anything to you?

thembp4sho says:

well do what ever the fuck u wanna do

0neofthem says:

You can make great gains just taking creatine. Even whey isn’t necessary on
certain days when you have very high protein foods like steak.

Angel Angelov says:

lmao their not on the juice ,if they were juicing youd know

overlord3069 says:

exactly x100000

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