Hindi Body Building Tips-How to Buy Orignal Body Building Supplement

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Muzammil Akhtar says:

I would suggest if you want to get bigger muscles to first clean up your
diet. I believe you live in India and I know it’s different there. A good
diet to gain muscle would have 5-6 meals a day. Each meal should have
around 40-50 grams of protein and around 30-40 for carbs. Good protein:
chicken breast, lean beef, fish, egg whites,
I would suggest bodybuilding.com if you are looking for a good workout
plan. Follow a plan you like and you will be successful. Main tip is eating
more and eating healthy. I’m just trying to give some advice if you didn’t
already know this. Tell me if you like it

Gigeesh Kallikkadavil says:

Buddy plz do sme work out n gain smd muscles n cme infront of d camera…..

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