Machinima Tutorial Live Stream

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Ask me any and all of your machinima making questions! I’ll probably do some filming for Creature High as well for you to watch. This just seems easier for me instead of doing an actual tutorial video. You can ask me anything from the writing process, to filming, to juggling voice actors, or really anything you can think of


Popstardiva527 says:

Is there a way to ask questions live?

Trisca Cat says:

I’m now watching

AzureBlaze says:

Watching also!

elizabeth keointhisone says:

Are you Emo

Brooklyn Cece says:


Shaniah K says:

Hey :)

Ayaka Rain says:

I’m tuning in. :3

xGymnast675x says:

How to run a voice series.

Moonxdreams says:

Hey bitch lmao. I’m watching :P

krama12 says:


Lovesims300 says:

I’m watching

elizabeth keointhisone says:


elizabeth keointhisone says:


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