Mens Physique Arms Workout | P2 Triceps

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“You have got to want it as bad as you want to breathe” – Eric Thomas.

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Colossus Fitness says:

Part two to our arms series preparing for our Mens Physique competition.
See more on 

Anderson Petersen says:

Inb4 all the comments about vascularity 

mickyboarder says:

Love those sweaters, hurry up and make them for sale :)

jeff sayaon says:

Still can’t get over the shreds from the BICEP video now this!!! 

Quang Tran says:

Looking great guys!

Ryan Fit says:

2 plates for close grip?! Still murdering the weights on that prep 

properproductionTDOT says:


Elite Fitness Labs says:

another amazing video guys

Matty Cuschieri says:

Man mirin that Jumper haha
Strong close grip pressing boys !!!

Warning : This video contains a high amount of Aesthetics, Veins,
Striations and Awesomeness haha

Great vid boys !!! Still getting leaner!

emily mcaw says:

Looking good!

Shamlo Faek says:

Great video guys, I was mirin hard on the ridiculous vascularity at 6:00
and I know your close to your comp so keep grinding, i’m excited to see
footage from the show!

Preston Elavsky says:

Good luck on your contest guy’s! I’m trying to switch over from
powerlifting to physique competition soon. It would appreciated if you
guy’s could take a look at my channel and give me some feedback :)

Mike Molon says:

You guys are gonna wreak shit!! your gonna come in so diced no one is gonna
stand a chance. Is this a pro qualifier? 

brosonbroslifting says:

This channel is growing so fast

Colossus Fitties says:

you guys are twinsies heheh :)

Phillip Beacheu says:

Both looking very lean!

Tom Shufflebottom Fitness says:

Yall really know how to hit arms 

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