Muscle and Fitness Supplement Sample Unboxing

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Muscle and Fitness Supplement Sample Unboxing Video with a special thanks to MuscleTech!
This video is just a quick unboxing of the May 2013 monthly sample pack sent out to fitness bloggers containing supplement samples and other products to try out. The great part is the opportunity to try out a new product before making a purchase and to let you all know my personal thoughts and opinions on them each month.






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This is an original video made by me and I own rights to all the content. I created this video with my own camera and used the editing software by Apple Final Cut Pro X. It contains no movies or tv visuals. I own all the pictures in it. There are no video games or performances.

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Jacob Zionkowski says:

You gotta grow into that shirt LMAO

dillonobryan97 says:

I was admiring those knife skills for like 3 minutes on loop

David Garcia says:

Optimum nutrition

TheHomemadeStrength says:

Crisp AND crunchy? I didn’t think we had the technology for that yet.

ross franey says:

Someone has never tried trutein 😉

NightwolfMK3 says:

Please make a video on how we can figure out our daily caloric needs! My
local gym does bmr testing but it is way too expensive. Thanks!

dmeara fitness says:

Them t shirts are pretty dam sweet

Marcin Obuchowski says:

You seem rather skinny recently Matty, what gives :(?

Matty Fusaro says:

i like the shirt lol

Tim Thebodeau says:

And now we wait for POG to comment back haha.

PeteMercerFitness says:

Nice delivery. I bet you’ve been sent a ton of shaker cups!

MrBX5 says:

Can you post pictures about the nutricional values of the bars?

Matty Fusaro says:

wtf? lol

Marcin Obuchowski says:

Ufff, good, was a little worried about you bro! 😀 Thanks for reply, been a
fan for a while 🙂

SwollenRhino says:

I’ll take what ever you don’t want, less crap to store!

Roger Almeida says:

What size is that gym shark luxe tee

Matty Fusaro says:

fixed it!

Promise Land says:

Does this ship to the uk? Thanks.

yearound6p says:

dude you are fierce with that knife LOL. Great video man thanks for

GrowBIG710 says:

LOL haha dude it looks like you threw some cover up on bro

Matty Fusaro says:

In b4 comments saying I copied Chris Jones by saying “what’s good YouTube”
copyright copyright copyright!

dharmendra sah says:

Have you heard about “Smashing Ripped X?” (Go Google it) It is a quick way
to build muscle fast.

Promise Land says:

I did turns out they don’t :(.

ChaseWright says:

Yeah! Haha giveaways:D

Muscle And Fitness Help says:

I wonder if you’ve heard about MuscleRipX? It’s said to be an all natural
formula, increasing muscle strength, endurance, and protein output in your

Matty Fusaro says:

What is it that you are sick of the flavor? They do have lots of flavors
but I also recommend MTS nutrition whey!! Seriously tastes unbelievable!

dharmendra sah says:

Have you heard about “Smashing Ripped X?” (Go Google it) It is a quick way
to build muscle fast.

snop6176 says:

Don’t do the N.O explode dude! it shakes up in your stomach and makes you
projectile vomit…

Tim Thebodeau says:

Take your body weight and multiply it by 14-16. That should be a ballpark
estimate of what your maintenance calories should be. Lower or raise the
calories as needed.

ITpro91 says:

matty .. i need help working my arms… assistance ? tips ? …

Salih Uzun says:

the facebooklink doens’t work for me

Kevin Hansen says:

Yep I agree. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if
your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. Listen to this I heard
that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this
7 food items. i found it here

Chris M says:

Dat der celltech?

wazapp erbasi says:

i love nanoVapor 🙁

youcanttoochme says:

Matty, as I’m sure you’re aware none of this stuff is regulated by the
FDA…do you have any sources aside from their company websites to confirm
that these supplements are legit(no harmful chemicals and support
nutritional claims)? Omar Isuf posted an interesting link that claims
several popular supplements contain things such as arsenic and
cadmium(including the one I use lol).

Robert Leite says:

How did you get the year subscription

vivek karia says:

anyway we can something like these samples in Canada?

bulkstorage says:

Try the new peanut butter cookie BSN Syntha-6. its GOAT status in terms of
taste imo

Matty Fusaro says:


AleksFitness says:

Nice video Matty 🙂 Can you tell us what flavors of the quest bars you

Matty Fusaro says:

Got to check with their website!

GrowBIG710 says:

lol not more gym shark…fuark be original they didn’t offer u a trip lol

NuWave Fitness says:

nice one man i liked the protein bars i did a video of this too

Amir R says:

Hey Matt my gold standard protein is coming to an end any good suggestion
for a new whey protein? I wanna try something different getting sick of
this. Thanks! Great vid

Rabin Anouseyan says:

Is that May’s or June’s sample box? My sample boxes are never that
good…what gives??

Kenny Gonzales says:

Hells yeah brah

GrowBIG710 says:

fair enough fair enough ,,,looks good..NO HOMO HAHA

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