Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Mass Supplement Review, Taste Test and Price Per Serving Comparison

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Mike D says:

The taste is horrible but,we are takin it for results not enjoyment. Suck
it up and drink that shit. Don’t be cry baby. 

Steve Rodriguez says:

This really helped me gain muscle and stength.

Horatio Huffnagel says:

I bought some on sale. Buy one get the other half price. Try something
different. I bought vanilla and chocolate. Tried vanilla tonight. Its goes
down nice and tasty but kind of made me queezy after. Going to mix them
together and see how it works.

sam man says:

he said arnold schwarzeniggers lol

changeitonem says:

This is a horrible and unhealthy product. 

Arnoud1987000 says:

lol ALL these sups.. i never took 1 execept creatine which is a waste of
money,,,, i train 13 years now..
you hear so many pros say supps are bullshit.. just eat well and use shit
like steroids if your ecto as fck.

You could buy alll the sups in the world and its even more unhealthy than
going on a goddamn cycle.. supps are fucking hard on ur health

MrAmbidex1 says:


Hostess Cupcakes says:

Good job, Tim. You told me everything I needed to know and educated me on
this great product. If it wasnt for your expert knowledge it would have
never lead me to buy this lean mass gainer. How about I put a scoop of this
fine powder in my mouth and we open mouth kiss and tongue dig this powder
and enjoy our Arnold like gainz.

Stefan S says:

Great Video man, also great product, I have been on this consistently for 5
weeks, gained 13 lbs, and it is not a bad taste, to me a bit nutty, but I
mix with frozen fruit, banana, and peanut butter. My strength and weight
has really increased!!!! 

Lord Bro-Science says:

This guy is a lying sack of shit fuck him. fucking scumbag

Abhimanyu Khanna says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

TheOnlyGHOST1015 says:

Nice video but beef or gelatin protein sounds cheap and nasty 

Swoldier says:

This is a shitty ass product. Not to mention a shitty ass company! Fuck
MusclePharm and their amino spiked bullshit! I only use Optimum Nutrition
and Cellucor now. 

bogdan stamenov says:

fuck this just get some mutant mass……

Tommy J says:

I am a aspiring bodybuilder and pro wrestler, type 1 diabetic , came across
this page and website the other night, thank you for these videos very

15y old bodybuilder says:

You could allways go to the nasty shit they had in Arnolds time u guys.
Need to stop whining about the taste grow some balls 

Joshua Gray says:

I love this 

Savage C says:

muscle pharm has really disappointed me with their arnold series

eskimo joe says:

blend two eggz with the Arnold iron mass… DO IT NOW!!!!

Chris Reyes says:

Your eyes are fucked up. 

Andro says:

Ever since I heard Arnold put his name on MP’s products I knew they’d be

Hatake Kakashi says:

9:41 “Its very interesting”
He couldve just been honest and said it tastes like shit LOL

Aaron McCutcheon says:

I have been taking this product for about 2 months and I’ve seen nothing
but awesome results. I’ve gained 12 pounds of muscle by taking this product
with my workout regiment. 

MingChieh Tsai says:

which is a better mass supplement on serious mass or iron mass

Barneylikespandex Sir says:

Does it taste chalky? Is that what you mean by poor mixability?

Luis Ruiz says:

Hey what about inner armour Mass Peak??????!!!

Neby Moges says:

So it’s not like a huge weight gainer, but like a lean mass weight gainer?

Maziar K says:

I really want to buy this but I just can’t see the logical reason they put
1g of trans fat in this.They could’ve easily skipped it like 90% of gainers
out there

Nicolas Glen says:

This has a gram of trans fat in it. so for me this gainer is a no-go, there
are plenty of healthier alternatives out there.

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