Muscle Pharm Arnold Series Iron Cuts Supplement Review

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Tim Muriello, Fitness and Supplement Expert for I’, breaks down every single ingredient in Muscle Pharm Arnold Series Iron Cuts and gives his overall honest opinion of the product. Tim discusses if this product is a good buy or not.

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BruceWillis says:

i kinda wish arnold went with a real supplement company and not
musclepharm, theyre a joke that cheats their customers with shitty under
dosed products hidden in blends and are nothing but marketing. kind of like

Moammed Nasar says: so which is the best fat burner U recommend…plzzz

sam the man says:

best fat burners are Pizza and Ice cream ….lol

Anthony D says:

This shit really works 

90sgrunge1 says:

Yes I loved it and almost 40 I’ve been takin supplements for 20 plus years
arnolds MP line is great I take iron packs & iron cuts and just extra omega
3s , extra Vit D & creatine and it’s helped me get into the best shape and
I’ve been lifting natural of course since I was 18. My test levels are
higher now at age 38 than they were 6 years ago . I look the same as I did
10 years ago but most important is I feel the same just as strong actually
stronger & once I got on iron cuts I just felt really really good like
confident I dunno. I lost zero weight stayed at 193ish but body fat has to
be down 1-3% bc I can tell by looking n the mirror for the first time I cut
fat off my chest . My diet is good but not perfect at all. Great products I
liked his whey too 

Fran Batista says: I’ve a big question and I don’t seem to have an
answer.If I’m skinny fat can I take this? I was thinking taking this and a
100% Gold Standard Whey Protein

sandon seaman says:

Bradley Cooper when did u get a hair cut n bulk up??? 0_0

hugo sanchez says:

you guys know…the company change the amount of ingredients? 2014 ….. 

AF1R says:

Arnold was probably asking for too much Money so MP had to cut back on the

The47thStreets says:

Hey Tim. for the first i would like yo say my english isnt my first
langauge i hope you understand my shit anyways els its to bad.
For the second i would like to say i realy ” im serious i realy love your
talking about Protein supplements, make tests of whats best and whats the
bad shit giving us tips for what to buy and not to, a realy nice job of you
sharing your proffesional knowlegde to us about this huge marked !
For the third – you the shit you the shit man, fuck i love how you are.
Great personality great why to make me feel this is fucking worth to spend
my time on. ! I hope you will continue your great fucking work Tim – fo
sho, becuz we are some people here who realy reseaching your videos before
buying any supplement.
And hey some of your tips did realy work on me so hey Tim fucking thumps
Great fucking love from here.
R.M.R Scandinavia Copenhagen Denmark.

90sgrunge1 says:

Infamous? Huh? It’s one of the best lines out there hardcore supp guys
think it’s all advertising but Arnold and MP are not messing around and
I’ve used a lot of supps since 1991. Take the pack & take cuts & really all
of it is great and not expensive at all it’s to help you look & feel better
you can’t put a tag on that 

Raze Rashidi says:

Arnold’s the BOMB ~!

Jake From State says:

U better start gettin dat MTS whey

Cameron Wright says:

another “review” that’s just 10 minutes of reading a label! Any chance of a
review that involves using the product for a few weeks, then telling us how
well it works/affects/side affects/best usage methods ect.?

Farhan Azama says:

is this the same like Musclepharm CLA?



ME Gusta says:

so i buyed this for nothing dammit :/

FolkRoots says:

“Infamous”? Why? Is there something wrong with the line?

Miguel Mandingo says:

Can a 15 year old take this?

Brendon W says:

It’s because the human eye recognizes green over most other colors (hence
night-vision goggles)

Yonabrother says:

Total price: 50 bucks
packaging: 20 bucks
Arnold on the side: 20 bucks
actual products: 10 bucks

Stan Mingo says:

Been using this product for a month now and it’s decent. Diet and training
is what’s going to help you build muscle and cut. These are just
supplements. It’s up to your commitment to eat clean and train dirty.

Psycho_Michael says:

Say what you all want about muscle pharm I could honestly say their whole
line is doing wonders for me. From regular series to Arnold. The know their

OtakuGamer says:

He does reviews without trying it himself. He just reads off the label and
reviews what the it says off the label. A lot of supplements don’t put
everything it includes

Kevin Kelley says:

Muscle pharm is crap

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