Muscle Pharm Assault Pre Workout Supplement Review @hodgetwins

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Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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Angel Torres says:

I bet they still live at their mommas house 

Andrej frutbela says:

never buy this shit taste like a tone of sugar my stomach hurth je it give
result but sucks anyway

Joey Calderon says:

Another “review” of a product you didn’t even try? Really? You need to
cut this crap out, I’ve used it for months and it works for me and most
everyone else I’ve ever personally met who have actually used it. I’m not
defending Assault, I’m defending actual reviews. Maybe TRY something, THEN
review it. Just a thought.

Hank The Tank says:

Hate these gaylords so bad. So much bullshit coming out of their pieholes.

Iamsterdam says:

Every preworkout is bullshit when you’re on steroids

Yourster Khomych says:

Thanks guys. 

rubber duky says:

These are the 2 biggest monkey/ simian faggots on the web. How about you
review each others dick in your mouths. If a movie like the Purge ever
became true, I would gladly pay the rich money to see your asses fucked off
on live t.v……. 88

Prashant Joshi says:

Calling it a shit supplement? No! I don’t know how it worked for you but it
gives a massive pump and makes you feel focused throughout the workout. The
only downsides to it are that it may not feel good in your stomach, it’s
expensive and the big scoop size makes it hard to take but effectiveness?
It’s 100% effective and it does work much better than a lot of other NO2
based pre workouts. Seriously I felt it’s effects on the second day itself

Mike Dean says:

Its possible im allergic to something in this stuff, but I felt like I had
just bathed in mace about 10 minutes after I took it. My skin was super red
and had small bumps on it. Ive taken many products with beta-alanine in it
and never had this problem. I didnt even get a good pump from this stuff
either. This product is pure shit if you ask me… On the other hand, most
people ive talked to love it.

Abel Rodriguez Sr. says:

Work`s great for me! You guy`s need to go to bed early…you twins look

jamie adenuga says:

Worst pree workout. No energy. Taste Horrible. Stomach ache. Felt like I
was going to die waste of money and not using it again

Brucho Sindicate says:

I never tried old Musclepharm’s Assault, or new. But i can see that new one
is actually completely different. I trust Musclepharm because so far,
products i have taken from them are actually really good. And i love your
videos, but don’t call beta alanine bullshit just because it gives you that
unpleasant sensation. Beta alanine is probably second most researched
supplement after creatine. (Don’t mention whey, it is too fucking

halfmanhalfshark86 says:

I tried this a couple of days ago, didn’t feel shit! the only thing I did
get was a stomach ache. My bro uses this product, and says it works. See
for yourself!

Becky Young says:

Fucking weirdest ad ever before this video

thatoneguitarist says:

That’s the old one with old ingredients.the New one is way better

MrJalisco1906 says:

Gives lots of energy. Made me feel like I was on crack. The bad thing was
after a few hours I still had it in my system. I had trouble sleeping and
had a terrible headache. Personally this stuff is way too strong for me

Count Stackula says:

I took this today and it was the worst preworkout ive ever taken

thatoneguitarist says:

That’s the old one with old ingredients.the New one is way better

Andrew Krenske says:

You Dumbshits even try it???

zagrix says:

man you cant do a fucking review on a pre workout product if you’ve never
even fucking tried it for yourself. dislike your fucking fake review

paramain says:

Stupid question but what’s a preworkout for?

Gurvir Sandhu says:

I got this today

chrlybndy1 says:

Speak the truth fuck assault 

mixman29 says:

I tried it that shit didn’t work for me a waste of money.

silver350z94 says:

I felt my skin burning too but because I was going motherfucking
supersayan. My first ever pre workout I started freaking out but I had the
best pre workout ever

Thome90 says:

no i actually don’t have problems with it aswell….maybe a little bit
tingling sometimes…but i don’t give a fuck….pussy ass BBs always crying

Chris Botha says:

Not hating but try it before u give it a bad review =D

Clayton Smith says:

First off your vids are awesome guys! But for this one I tried the new
assault recently because they have a half off deal here. Anyways that shit
gives the craziest focus/energy I’ve had. Not the greatest pump but crazy
energy. If you all could do a review on the new one they put out that’d be

em843 says:

Uneducated idiots!!! Get some knowledge on the training and nutrition front
before you give advice. Hint… If you are going to claim to know wtf you
are talking about, have some muscle definition or be jacked up. Don’t look
like two average joes…

spawnge says:

Very very good product !!I bought it on iHerb with whey proteine and
tribulus you can use this coupon to save money ! TAZ312

Peter Parker says:

Hi, have you heard of “MuscLeader” (search on Google)? On their website you
will find a nice free video featuring the best way to build noteworthy
muscles very fast whilst reducing fat at the same time. Ralph is among the
many men which enjoyed good results using this technique. I hope it works
for you also.

Alleyboy88 says:

Fight racism with racism lol

malicios says:

1,3dmaa is verrrrrrrrrry bad for you dude…

gabe hasbun-peralta says:

umm i actually use this product and seen massive results after finishing a
32 serving jar.. sooo yah…

Gator says:

NO xplode didnt work for me but assault did….

Gator says:

new assault has creatine monohydrate now, as well as other creatines

BackCountryTV says:

For once boys im gonna have to disagree with you. I love the product. Plus
there’s no crash after and it pumps me up. Great tasting too

Kevin Talamantes says:

I hate this shit.

Teth Adamus says:

MP Assault is definitely the best pre

Alpha Brah says:

I normally agree with tmw, but I just tried assault a week ago and god damn
it was awesome (I did a full scoop)

MarsRacingYorkshire says:

omg you guys are so full of shit ! and fucking annoying

Luis Fernando says:

there’s a new Assault bottle

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