Muscle Pharm Crunch Bar Supplement Review with Taste Test

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Tim Muriello, Fitness and Supplement Expert for I’, reviews the new Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Bar by breaking down the supplement facts, giving his opinion on value, and doing a taste test.

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BruceWillis says:

and yet another disappointing product from muscle pharm. people, save your
hard earned money and dont buy anything from MP. 

PwnngNbs says:

I didn’t hear you mention the Robert Irvine bars…best ever…and I’ve had
all the ones mentioned…

Michaelsp9 says:

Aren’t the ingredient list in order of what is in there the most? With whey
iso being at the top doesn’t that mean there’s considerably more whey iso
than soy and almonds since they’re near the bottom?

paul walla says:

I never expected to hear something negativ from a supplent store on a
supplement they sell. Thats why I always thought these reviews were bs. But
now I know that you can actually trust this channel. Keep it up!

Amélia Zaccaria says:

Tim, it is not possible that there is more Soy Protein Isolate than the
Whey Protein Isolate since the ingredients list go by order of the most
present ingredient to the least present ingredient! and as you can see,
since Whey protein Isolate is the first ingredient it is the most present
ingredient in the bar!! 

Shane Stewart says:

The Detour bars I’ve come across (while delicious) are loaded with sugar
alcohol. Store Front says:
Justin Baker says:

I’ll take a Combat Crunch over a Quest bar any day. Try the Cinnamon and
White Chocolate Raspberry they are way better than the cookie dough and the
pb cup ones.

ShowTyMe Fitness says:

Good to hear a unbiased real review this is why you are the man Tim

NickFit says:

Well I WON’T be buying these…Lol, I can agree with you on the
“chewiness”, its not a favorable aspect of this bar at all. thanks for the
honest review as always Tim

Brian Martone says:

Dat sodium content…

STiLLBANGiN209 says:

The lean muscle bars are my favorite too! I love the macros in them and
they taste hella good! Great for road trips and things of that matter! I
suggest you check them out 

Mauricio Collazo says:

Honest review. That’s that shit I do like! Keep em coming.

P.s, got my package from you guys last Saturday. Shit took 5 days to get
across the country. Not bad at all. And the prices are bananas. Thanks! 

Justin Allen says:

These things are so damn good. Taste like 100grand bars

Leo Pach says:

Thanks for the info. Awsome review like always

PJ says:

The cookie dough doesn’t do this bar justice.
I promise the cinnamon twist flavor is the best protein bar hands down.

Flo Ferrari says:

Damn u lookin smaller tim but maybe its cuz of Ur Shirt which is tellin
that u r lean haha

iamrsin says:

Best tasting protein bar. I love them

JRuseRelax says:

Blend all 12 of them up a drink it!!! Fuel life

Jamarcus Love says:

1st view and comment. I love this product

buttnakedsneaks says:

Good review i felt the same way about the chewing 


Tim you leaning up hard bro

Forceface says:

Gotta love the honesty!!

kendal thorne says:

full of BS!

magnus den kule says:

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