MusclePharm New Assault Pre-Workout Supplement Review – RAW REVIEW Muscle Pharm

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MassiveJoes RAW REVIEW is a video series in which Managing Director, Joseph Mencel, along with other members of Team MassiveJoes give their raw opinions on their first uses of the World’s newest supplements.

Each MassiveJoes RAW REVIEW video will address:

1. Product Formula/Breakdown
2. Product Taste (if applicable)
3. Product Effects

MassiveJoes Raw Review will feature on the YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and website beginning in September 2012. If you have a product that you would like us to review, please email us at

Another innovative initiative from the Team who brought you “Tried & Tested” – the most extensive supplement trialling program in Australia! Because at, we are not in the sports supplement business, we are in the business of delivering the products and information to help YOU reach YOUR health and fitness goals.

In this video, Managing Director, Joseph Mencel, gives you a RAW REVIEW on MusclePharm’s New Reformulated Assault Complete Musclebuilder Pre-Workout Supplement!


sam p says:

hi, its complete waste of money , its not working no focus ,no pump, no
recovery, i think some thing wrong is going on with formula,its only it
make u face and body strach like monkey, gaspri nutrition is always leader
and will be. get sizeon it will blow each an every pre workout, as far
assult it will go in drain.

Joshua Gray says:

Has a chalky taste to me but works better than C4

ForgivEarl says:

so far this is the best pre workout. tried it and the best part is after
your workout there’s still energy left for doing cardio whether HIIT or
just jogging up to 10km of jogging u wont get tired

felix Morales says:

U fucking sound annoying ass fuck

iCreezyy says:

How would this compare to C4?

Danny Ulrich says:

is this a review or a sale?

Romario Smith says:

Please review iforce nutrition max out pre workout

Rizo Ridzuan says:

my assault blue arctic doesn’t go blue. it turn into dirty green. is it ok
to use ? 

drantz12 says:

I wouldn’t recommend taking two scoops of this. I took two and it gave me
some bad jitters and nerves and I ended up performing worse than I did with
just one scoop. 

Shah Salim says:

My assault turn brown. How?? Is it ok??

bentkaku says:

fuck sake talk like a normal person you dumb cunt

Burebista says:

Hey, MJ, what do you advise me to go for – MusclePharm Assault or Iron
It’s really difficult to decide.

Nick Doll says:

it work for me !! 

raven150 says:

Do you still get the tingling effect in the new version of assault 

Ricky Penate says:

I’ve watched your Pre-Jym RAW review and this one. Ive been taking 2 scoops
of C4 before i head the the gym. Once i finish that which one would you
recommend? I don’t really feel that pump that i get from C4 when I used
too. I’ve been watching reviews and I don’t know which one to pick help me
out here! Thanks!

Agustin Reynoso says:

does it make you train like a wild bull !!!! 

Ryan Shaffer says:

Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Right guy?

thatoneguitarist says:

The Assault kicked my ass at the gym the last couple of days

Sterling Archer says:

massive Joe you sound like a Australian version of the Hodge Twins. You’re
australian be australian kangaroo jack

MP DADAN says:

what a retard

kyosuke okumoto says:

1scoop of assault is too weak but 2 scoops made me terrible niacin flash!
so i found that i don’t like it.

Migi Reyrao says:

@chrismckay youre orobably immune to it, do you sup regularly? I cycled off
and tried this new MP pre and was in the gym for 2 hours. so maybe cycle
off pres for a while then try after a month or so

Nirav Naghera says:

talk normal

Michael says:


MrGreygoose116 says:

I’ve been taking assault for years with great results, switched to this new
version. first couple of times was good, but now i have been getting energy
for the first 15 minutes then all of a sudden a fall in energy. i took
about 6 months off in between the 2 versions, any recommendations?

DonSkarling says:

What is CreNitrate? says:
Daniel Krichavets says:

assault or prejym for crossfit and weightlifting???

AngmarKingBG says:

WOW that was a quick reply 😀 thanks man.

Owen Wagner says:

you forgot grape… you bitch says:

Yes sir – we will get the product in and do a Raw Review soon… MJ

ChrisAMckay says:

I tried it today, it tastes great. I have the Raspberry Lemonade, however I
never felt any different :/ any suggestions how I might fix this?

AshhBoii14 says:

how much caffeine in each scoop of this ? thanks in advance.

MrZacko20 says:

Hey massive joe can you do a raw review on the betancourt bullnox androrush
pre workout? says:

MassiveJoes . com MJ

shadowhawk72 says:

I like the product but after every use, my stomach begins to bother me.
Anyone else having a similar problem?

Ezequiel Mata says:

Haha you funny I have that preworkout says:

Higher than the original IMO MJ

borehag says:

Finally serving size is 1 scoop not half scoop.

jaymania82 says:

i loved the original assault but where on your top 10 list would the new
one rank?

MacroFitness says:

Thanks sounds good lol, great review btw

Chris Rivers says:

Have you guys reviewed Nano Vapor from Muscle Tech?

Roy Steele says:

Great vid man! says:

Either one would be suitable – perhaps try them both and decide which one
you like the feel of better. MJ

MacroFitness says:

Cool, thanks for the response.Nice review on assault btw

Xbitrate says:

Hey MJ, Great review. one question: will the dextrose and the carbs on this
product break my fast? (i trained fasted) thanks!.

pinchsnaphate says:

how much caffeine in this?

MacroFitness says:

Joe, what is your favorite flavor of assault?

StephanK330 says:

Great review bro.

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