MuscleTech Clear Muscle Supplement Review

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Tim Muriello, Fitness and Supplement Expert for I’, picks apart and reviews MuscleTech Clear Muscle. Tim discusses what the product actually is, what it does, and give his opinion on whether on not it merits the claims.

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gearsofwar2112 says:

I’m gonna go ahead and make 2 statesments:
1. Tim’s a boss and that’s a fact.
2. I’m thinking 16.3lbs is a false guarantee

Brody Matthews says:

You should make your own supplements Tim! I bet you could make some awesome

Alex bodea says:

tim wish you dugg into it a bit more

i am confused if i should buy it or not :(((

Leouise Grech says:

I have taken HMB and leucine post workout for a while now and have not
gained anything close to this claim. Maybe combined with steroids or maybe
because I am female? Who knows. Just buy HMB and get the real stuff! Full

Neil H says:

Im going to go out on a rather secure and stable limb here and say that
this product, along with most supplements, will lead to 1/2 pound of lean
mass after 12 weeks. maybe.

Shane Graham says:

You guys are hilarious ive taken this stuff for 1 week now and all i know
is my soreness has dropped to a minimal level. I put in 2 to 3 hours a day
one powerlifting workout at night cardio . I put in the work i dont give a
fuck about the 16 pound lean muscle claim im barely sore and i workout
harder then i ever have on this stuff. HMB has brought me to another level
before you talk shit use it and put in the time quit worrying about the
claims if you dont want to be sore for three days after beasting use clear
muscle or hmb if not keep saying its garbage lol i love it but wgat do i
know lol have a good one cheers you filthy animals stay vigilant and smile

Jason Bustamante says:

Water pills

Jordan Day says:

There was a study done on HMB-FA this year, check it out on PubMed.. The
results were increased strength, hypertrophy, and protein synthesis, as
well as improved recovery muchhhhhh more than the placebo group.
BUT……the study was with 3 gram dosage daily, whereas 1 serving of Clear
Muscle is 1 gram… Tricky labeling…So is it worth it…?….. Also in
reference to the optimum, the optimum is HMB, no HMB-FA, not the same… 

Ken Hawk says:

My experience with HMB leads me to believe that it makes your muscles much
harder but does not make them very big. It does work but not the way
everyone would want it to. Best if stacked with Bio Gro and leucic acid or
better known as Hica Max. I just started TRT 3 weeks ago and will be making
a video some time in May to let everyone know my results.

Da Hulk says:

16lbs 12 weeks right of the bat u can tell its bull shit 

Master dema says:

Awesome video tim .it would be great if you did a review on the the new ON

Amer Maz says:

The difference is that it is Free acid based not salt based and that’s why
its expensive.
It is better absorbed by the body and faster than the old HMB.
For the hype I don’t buy it, but I just use it for anti catabolic effect
and just for this reason I use it.

Luke Jennings says:

This guy didn’t really go into depth on what makes Clear Muscle and regular
HMB different. When you take Clear Muscle you are taking in HMB, but,
Clear Muscle is free-acid HMB while normal HMB is HMB-calcium salt.
Free-acid HMB has a higher absorption rate than HMB-calcium salt, so
therefore it is more efficient and you “take in” more HMB when using Clear
Muscle. I’m not saying he is wrong, but his video was certainly
misleading. I don’t think Clear Muscle will 100% give you the results it
claims, but I do think it will increase recovery time and get you back in
the gym faster than HMB-calcium salt or leucine. 

JGD1985 says:

Clear Muscle is sum dang bullshit bro, don’t waste your money. Buy some
good food instead.

U WUT M8? says:

It’s just one part of the usual BCAA you can find. not a big fucking deal.
Save money and just buy BCAA’s 

Ivan Tenorio says:

Just another Bs supp that does not meet label claims. Wouldn’t be surprised
if they get sued. 

Chase Bricker says:

Prosupps Leucine Matrix 250 is the answer.

Blue69HD says:

Anyone already tried Animal Pump ? Worth buy it ?

Jossue Carrillo says:

I tried it for 2 months
It made me hungrier
Its like my body wanted more food!!! 

Shane Graham says:

Oh yeah i was doing some more reading muscletech is clear because its HMM
free acid not HMB calcium it absorps rapidly way more efficiently. Thats
why i stopped using garbage creatine monohydrate and went to CGP
(Creatine-Glycerol-Phosphate) absorbs immediately .These products are more
expensive because they are more efficent but if u want to save money buy
HMB (Ca) and creatine mono that is all .

Christopher Willis says:

So what is the difference, if any, between HMB and HMB-FA?

jose razo says:

Tried it for 3 months. I didn’t see anything 16 pounds but I did gain some
strength and muscle size but I wouldn’t say it was because of clear muscle
I give it a 5 out 10

Von Ace says:

I tought you was going to try to push that garbage!!! And bying Leucine and
HMB in bulk will be a better option.

Marc B says:

Its amazing how muscle tech’s own studies always result in extreme
claims…. Followed by asterisk*** 

Cesar Andrade says:

Tim your really explain the ingredients of the supps thanks for making
great videos

assassin hernandez says:

So is this product just like bio gro? Or which one is more legit and

bhower02 says:

Of course you can put on 12 lb’s in no time . Pizza, MacDonalds ,candy bars
12pounds in no time. Lol

Sydney Steele says:

Seriously EVERY muscle tech product is under dosed 

LegSpreader1 says:

I’ll rather use that money on food

Da Hulk says:

Over priced and over hyped bs company

Da Hulk says:

Shout out to anyone dumb enough to buy this shit lol 

MrEbby17 says:

Tim got a question for u can I take mesomorph and testerone xr tablets at
same time 45 mins before workout will these mix well I lifted for 3 years
but started own business it took over help thanks 😉 Store Front says:
Edward Delacruz says:

Nice inf bro I agree with you and I don’t blive no body going to gain that

p7reston777 says:

Tim your the shit I always appreciate your honesty!!

sendo82 says:

love ur review bro, keep it up

inmymemory507 says:


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