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Supplement Review: MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Review for Chocolate Smooth Flavour
A supplement review for a great cheap protein for those of you that are also Bodybuilding on a Budget! Be sure to hit up my Protein.

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Pure Muscle Gains says:

+graffldn thanks for following me man :). And yeah i’m still using this
protein, this is mainly used just for recovery, for extra calories i have
the myprotein instant oats, i have another vid on that just search in on
the channel man.

MrAndrewk98 says:

Toffee tastes orgasmic

rafid rahman says:

Great work mate! finally a video about the impact whey which i found
useful. Looking forward to more of your good work 🙂 just ordered myself a
7kg one

graffldn says:

yo.. jus followed u on insta. u have made some good gains. jus wondering if
you are still using this protein?? this only has around 100 calories per
shake and has around 21g of protein per serving (scoop). would you
recommend this for someone who is slim and tryna bulk? or do you reckon
something with more protein and overrall calories would be better??


Bart van Swaaij says:

Please, please, just please dont get the maple syrup flavour….. 

Reece Davies says:

Used your referral, good stuff

Rav H says:

Great vid man, are the scoops included in myprotein supplements? 

TheRidou92 says:

I’m from France and i love your channel ! Continue ! It’s a very good job !

TauroFitness says:

Haha good shyt T.J. vid quality is off the hook family…

ismail mo says:

anyone tried chocolate peanut butter? i really wanna get it but i don’t
want it to taste like watery peanut butter 

Jonny Rickard says:

Got Vanilla today and its insane with milk and water

daniel mills says:

Mint chocolate is very nice aswell 

pnelad14 says:

Rocky road sucks dick, stay well clear lads 

Mažors Toms says:

for me its too sweet i better choose one with no flavor

Valar Morghulis says:

the lemon cheesecake flavour is AMAZING. ive swapped out to bulkpowders for
this month as i got a good discount code, and wanted their ALCAR but i’ll
be goin back to MP, as BP seems to be sending my gut “wild”

Enock's Tech Reviewz says:

Good video and this is the best stuff man tastes good and easy on your
pockets especially for teens like me who can’t afford to pay so much for
protein…cookies and cream or choc smooth are my favorite flavours

Ella Jones says:

Started taking the pineapple flavour under a space of two days can already
see a different in energy and strength it’s a really good buy

ApolloBeats says:

I usually buy Optimum Nutrition because of my student loan but when the
struggle hits me I’ll check this out.

Bola L says:

When it comes to whey protein you can’t test for effectiveness. At the end
of the day whey protein is whey protein and the effectiveness will depend
on your body. All that really matters is taste and value for money which is
why MyProtein is so popular.

The banana flavour for me is 7/10 I always mix mine with the instant oats
for an easy morning and post workout meal and I think mixed together they
taste really good.

MyMrwrestling says:

is this better than optmium nutrition gold standard?

Nick Dean says:

I’ve tried the banana and that reminds me of the banana sweets you can get.
I’d give that 7 out of 10. The strawberry flavour is my favourite I’d give
that 9 out of 10.

gamertanafc says:

I got the vanilla insant whey 60 legit tastes good with water an its
protein at the end of the day get all my supps from their

Waterling says:

Brought Tiramisu flavour last week from myprotein, it’s a decent flavour.
Recommend! #gainz!

ARxASAP says:

Well done on the review man. I agree that it’s very affordable and taste is
quite good. I got myself the Cookies and Cream one. Would recommend! 

MrlDase says:

Anybody know how much, sat fat is in a serving?

Matt Major says:

Damn literally beat me to uploading my unboxing from MyProtein, good vid
bro. The US doesn’t have the full line yet tho

Renato Crespo says:

is it good for teenagers?

Chasing Aesthetics says:

Good review bro 

James Williams says:

you can buy a 5kg bag any flavor for £50,99 with free delivery from using discount code VB15 is myproteins sister

Nasty Bone says:

Sorry if the question already been asked but u know my taste ( da syntha 6
lover from west indies)

Does it taste good (better than ON gold whey?) and just to be sure in
France we got same brand right but french version ma protéine 

threedabs glenn says:

nice review:)

Natural Muscle Brit says:

Good review..myprotein whey is really good, on an independent test its came
out the highest actually protein content per 100g wheres one brand
beggining with G was full of sugar..if it taste too good its
sugar…generally all vanilla and chocolate taste the same on all brands 🙂
like you said, its hard to test effectiveness..ive tried all brands i can
think off…but end up getting PHD on sale in GNC..but your deal is amazing
:O if its a standard price..

pangli says:

What’s the expiration date on the impact whey? 

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