MyProtein Instant Oats Review | Bodybuilding on a Budget! | Unboxing & Supplement Review

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MyProtein Instant Oats Supplement Review:
Here’s my supplement review and unboxing of the MyProtein Instant Oats that I’ve been using for the last two months. Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the product too.

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Pure Muscle Gains says:

@James(you need google+ so I can reply to you directly). Yeah i know a few
people that buy the unflavoured just to mix with their protein to soften
the taste. I would say its worth while, but if you’ve never tried it before
it might be better buying a smaller pack to see if you like it just in case

strecharmstrong uk says:

Cost affective lmao normal rolled oats 1kg £1….

José Miguel says:

Hi ! Nice video ! This product is good for pre workout? I usually wake up
and go to the gym. this product is good to supplement with breakfast? It is
also good to take the snack and make several meals a day? What do you do?
Thank you for your patience !!! :)

freakied0550 says:

Nice review man, subbed. +Dan HomePhysique the phaggot sent me here

TauroFitness says:

+Pure Muscle Gains TJ what up kid great vid looked like you was
using a shake weight when you was shaking dem shytz haha god job bro..oh
and not sure if you know but I gave you your windshield wipers too playa on
my last shoulder training vid..get u some lol

Reece Henderson says:

would this be ok to have for breakfast?

dayzbutnotquite says:

Would this be nice with whey added to the oats?

Domen Kristl says:

Intro song title ? Thank you

John Murphy says:

Thanks +Pure Muscle Gains for a great little vid, however, I don’t think
you are demonstrating the most efficient way of mixing this stuff. Just
get a hand blender from any cheapo shop. The little metal shaker ball that
comes with the MP shaker is a pain in the a*ss to use and is even worse to
clean afterward. I use the oats and loads of other MyProtein products. I
use a cheap electric hand blender and it takes seconds and is as smooth as
a smoothie! Fifteen euro/pound/dollar and you have no more problems
blending your shakes ever again. Cheap and simple.

kelvin132 says:

Hey bro just subscribed and ordered one hope delivery isnt too long as im
in canada lol. One questions , how many servings does the 11lb bag haves
been looking everywhere for this information cause im planning on taking 2
scoops twoce daily since i work at a high demanding job so i need the
calories as im an ectomorph.

James Binding says:

Good review Just subscribed this week and I like your content keep it up 🙂
Quick question since im going to be a student at university and gonna be on
a really tight budget would it be worth getting the unflavoured pack where
you can get 5kg instead of 2.5kg and mixing it with a scoop of whey protein
to make it taste better?

Kyriakos Kokkinos says:

Sup man, im currently trying to gain and maintain my weight. Will this help
and can i replace some meals with it?

MILifeFitness says:

Dat signature-shake face!!!

Habeeb Idris says:

+Pure Muscle Gains wassup man, I am already using the impact whey protein
supplements since couple months; what are the instants oats supplements

730TheDJ says:

its crazy how different english and american sounds lol

Daniel O'Connor says:

I use it in my high calorie shakes (did a video) 🙂 so handy to have around
as a quick go to carb source.

billy brooks says:

cheap for oats ? really ? have a look at supermarket own brand 75p a kilo
but its your money dude !

billy brooks says:

oh I see you don’t own a blender really ? lol spend the money your wasting
on powdered bloody oats !

J2Dxplicetz says:

I realise I’m a biut late but how much do you spend on your supplements per
week? Thats if you don’t mind me asking :)

Pure Muscle Gains says:

MyProtein Instant Oats Supplement Review #myprotein #instantoats
#supplementreview #supplements #fitness #gym

FMLFIT says:

Damn i wish they had that stuff out here in Oz 🙁 Might try to find a sub,
cheers champion!!!

Daniel Harrington Fitness says:

nice review i subbed 

Bruce Wayne says:

The instant oats which lasted you two months, what size were they?

Matt Major says:

Awesome how in depth you got in this review! Keep it up!

gamertanafc says:

Yh my protein standard delivery is fast and another great vid

Mark Macqueen says:

Amazing review brother, keep up the great videos!

Hulk Motivation HQ says:

Good Big Review enjoy your supplement 

MILifeFitness says:

Dam guys… 1,000 subs is just a week or so away I reckon

William Priv says:

How would you say it compares to normal oats you buy in the supermarket? Is
it worth paying extra over? I make my own mass gainer. 

ToThePoint FIT says:

Just watched +MILifeFitness and he had the same thing with quick delivery!
Going to buy some protein tonite, if i get it from myprotein I’ll use your
referral code bro!

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