NEW METH DRUG Found In Bodybuilding Supplement Of The Year!

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It’s not shocking. Simply put the sports nutrition industry comes out with nothing new. All they want is a product that you feel and get addicted to so you can pay them more money. Make sure you know what you are taking or you are taking a big chance with your heart. Check us out out for real nutrition that will not kill you 🙂


mensa517 says:

They took “Craze” off the market and shut down

Tracy M says:

1) gives out the award but consumers vote for it. 2) glad it’s not
your product would have been a lot happier if you just said it’s not us
it’s blah blah’s blah. Not that company down the road…2 minutes of you
beating around the bush. I respect you for making a product that is safe
and clean but really. I still don’t know what the product is and I’m not
watching this over and over. I know I don’t use it because of the location. says:

thanks says:

I’ve been in business for over 15 years…..seems to be working loser.

detrone fking says:

store and it is very hard trying to explain that because of the mídia; but
now some awesome guy did studies in a cia and put down all the cia that had
wrong or no stuff they say it is in the bottle. Keep the good work, but
name it. With the research printed to avoid problems. Sorry my english.

catchpen says:

DS Craze. Didn’t you take high school chemistry? There’s a big difference
between “like” meth and actual meth. E.g. if they banned all products with
chemical chains similar to benzene (a known carcinogen) there would
probably 1000’s of consumables taken off the store shelf. Just like any
energy supplement take it in moderation and you’ll be OK.

Luke Palmer says:

I didn’t get the last part of your video; the way you incorporated another
video of yours with the sound on was conflicting, and annoying. Just a
heads up for the future, but thanks for the information. says:

last news report was the DEA was getting involved. And I also read the head
of the FDA was commenting on this. All I can say is this is big trouble for
both of these companies from a federal stand point and from an legal stand
point. The lawsuits that could hit both of these companies will be
staggering. From the company that made this stuff to the distributors. says:

you’re welcome. alot of dirty guys in this business.

chefjimmie1 says:

So what is the name of the product that puts meth in it’s suppliment? I got
this as a spam email and it took me to this video which says nothing about
the product, only that they aren’t the ones making it. Who makes it? says:

uh yea OK. is nothing but a joke. this isnt bashing its the simple
truth. these two supplement companies put in some bad shit and
called them the supplement of the year. Why dont they strip them of the
award then?

David Horner says:

Thanks for the information Alex!!! Drug pushers man.. Never touch any of
that shit.. Keep up the good work. Outstanding products B-)

Derrik Tribbey says:

When I worked at GNC we had a product similar to this. We received letters
from GNC stating to just leave the product on the shelf. I took it upon
myself to warn my customers!

Greg Tinsley says:

This response makes me happy 🙂 It’s his company and his YouTube feed. if
you don’t like it, don’t come visit and don’t buy his products. Many others

5881el34 says:

Craig titus mike mentzer used meth in contest prep. President Kennedy used
it. Walter white makes the best.

Justin Rhoads says:

I hope the whole bashing other companies to try to get your rep up is
working for you. doesn’t endorse the supplements that win those
awards, they are all customer votes. Keep on bashing man, try not to lose
the little credibility you have.

vaporeizied8 says:


Reagan Stevens says:

Meth “Like” is not ‘meht’ dumbasses. says:

first off the video is to tell people that it wasnt us it wsa the other
company in lakewood you dipshit. Secondly, I’ll bash whomever I want. I
have videos of my working out here I can probably lift more than you you

catchpen says:

Other “meth like drugs” are in Sudafed and numerous other consumables. But
it isn’t methamphetamine and is perfectly legal.

abad68camaro says:


petebanta says:

I believe that the awards are voted on by site users, and not
selected by the site staff. So, winning Supp of Year is not actually an
endorsement by I would not necessarily select a sup based on this,
but I understand that some will. You need to do your due diligence and
check ingredients, People. Don’t know what something is? Google it. Can’t
find it there, or good info on it? Don’t. Take. It. And make sure you
follow dosages! This is where things go really wrong. Buyer Beware! says:

not our point. the point is they put in an illegal ingredients. CAnt wait
till the DEA nails there asses

Norman Witt says:

I’ve used Craze in the past not recently Berry tastes like doo doo lol
grape was so so but that shit pardon my French haha made me extremely

Francis Marino says:

There was a story about this is USA Today. I heard Walter White was behind
these products.

Lilian R says:

oh my god!! that’s terrible! says:

google Lakewood supplement company and it’ll tell you

Jordan Woods says:

i like what you did there haha. CRAZEy pre workouts.

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