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Supplement Unboxing from I Love that I ordered everything Friday night and received shipment from UPS on Monday Afternoon!

You can order everything here:

Muscle Pharm protein, Vanilla
Muscle Pharm BCAA, Cherry Limeade


CamboFitnessChannel says:

Received my shipment of supplements.

Kenny Ng says:

Good stuff bro

Tim Thebodeau says:

I’m definitely considering trying out the MP protein soon.

Brian Nielson says:

Good stuff!

RippedLifting says:

Good video bro. Musclepharm is a great supp company. the scooper they give
you for the assault preworkout is way too big though that’s the only
problem i got with them haha 

CamboFitnessChannel says:
aric whatgives says:

good deal on the protein i just got gold standard 2lb for 30 and you payed
10 dollars more for 2 more pounds! -.-

John Day says:

Muscle Pharm’s protein is pretty good man, always got good things to say
about it in my previous experiences with it! Glad you didn’t get Assault
lol would of been wasted money on that, their Amino drink looks good though

Someone Movement Fitness says:

Good pick ups man!

Anthony Tran says:

Looks like good stuff! The bottles are really cool looking.

threedabs glenn says:

nice unboxing:)

Destamoon says:

BCAA’s + electrolytes do wonders after a rough night of drinking! How does
the combat powder taste?

threedabs glenn says:

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