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Hodgetwins Bio:
Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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Jaryd Elias says:

look into Sunwarrior protein please. 😀

spidermonkey001 says:

@batterycock you mean how old is his brother on a channel called

rustlis6122 says:

double the fun! woohoo

Chael Sonnen says:

Ending is epic

Dare Dhillon says:

Really appreciate your honest opinion. I agree you guys really know what
you are talking about.

NeGa TiV says:

@batterycock, you are a fucking retard! Damn!

NotoriousB3 says:

I appreciate the videos you guys make. Keep it up.

robiscool09 says:

most of the shit these guys talk about are wrong

avqhuynh says:

Hey guys, could you do a review on mesomorph by APS?

JJ says:

ngs then jack but hey the taste is that much better and like I said gives
great pump with out the itchy twitchy burning feeling

LEGENT22 says:

I Have Been Doing What They Been Saying And I Lost Weight And Gain Muscle

TUI518 says:

@Devin1400 I have used both. I have never once crashed on Jack3d, however,
every time I take C4, i feel like I have the flu an hour into my workout. I
feel 100 times more focused on Jack3d, plus, (at least where I purchase it
from) Jack3d is about 25 dollars cheaper.

Dent says:

You’ve already told us everything we need to know about pre-workouts. You
should stop listening to all these retards saying “review this..” review
that…”. Like this tit below saying “review Nubain”. Fuck’s sake.

syrupsaleen says:

I just got done using jack3d wat product would you recommend taking next
that’s closes to jack so I won’t get use to it?

batterycock says:

wow ur 36! how old is ur bro?

muscleman677 says:

the hodgetwins know whats up

flick07051986 says:

@blastermaster52 NO! ON THE LABEL IT SAYS “JACK3D” SO ITS JACK 3D.

Marty McGuire says:

Hey Man! Supplements make my farts smell bad and now I’m all butt hurt
about it. Does this ever happend to you?

ramesh sht says:

Hey guys. Outstanding film. My bro used to be a fat. He went from 285lbs of
fat into 214 lbs of genuine lean muscle. We think it is marvelous! I just
subscribed myself as I would like to greatly improve my body. He made use
of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

Tony Mejia says:

Im 15, gonna turn 16 in 3 months and i been a body bulider for 1 year now,
and still going on, BUT people have been telling me, to stop with the work
outs and the protein in takes, because there saying when i get older and
stop with the proetien take outs im gonna get all weak and flappy and i
started to think if its true or not. What do you think

CidLaxer says:

None of the supplement sponsors tell me I could just do what ever the fuck
I wanna do….thats why I don’t listen to them

Menaka Sadesh says:

It would be a shame for you not to get some muscle and get stronger when
regular people are able to so easily by implementing Moro Muscle Ripper
(Look it up on google).

PraiseForAll says:

FUCK OUTTA WAY! Dafuk guys you two look much more younger than 36, I hope I
will be this joyful when I become 36.

OneTallman says:


Sean Rowe says:

QUESTION? what are your stats? Do both of you have exactly the same stats?
Like do both of you have the same hight and weight? I’m curious? Genetic
wise that would be interesting?Since both of you guys train?..

Cody Myers says:

lol seems like a response to barthelfitness’s last video

Brandon Kibler says:

first pre-workout ever —— N.O. Xplode First pre-workout concentrate
—— Jack3d

momoneyindabank4 says:

I’m so glad someone finally pointed out what I been saying for some time
now. GNC folks always telling you what to do butthey are in worse shape
than you. Jack3d was a good product I will give itthat but it made me
crash hard though. I came down slowly. The crash was bad. I have bee trying
Muscle igniter by GNC I can say it works well for me.

Ty Tr says:

this fuckin gnc guy tryd to fuck wit me and sell me some ole bullshit. I
was like fuck that shit I want my jack3d Now I got to bodybuilding com and
save money and dont have to talk to some fuck tard that dosnt workout and
eats so much protein he is fat from it. He was like u need 55g of protein
per shake and drink 3-4 a day lol wtf and hes fat as shit what your body
dosnt use turns to fat and piss out the rest.

Devin McCormack says:

@batterycock they’re twins dip shit..

Jimmy Rodriguez says:

@guitarplaya1234 they talk about theyre older brother sometimes tho dumb

TUI518 says:

@Devin1400 How? Explain.

DJx ThexGreat says:

Give the body some credit!

jajackka says:

@StevenM92 I feel obligated to answer since they started doing that intro

Logan Kemshead says:

jack3d started the super concentrated prework out 5.5 grams per serving vs
20.5 grams

dawaiguy says:

Try GPLC with

Edgar J. Rodriguez León says:

I follow your advice I am eating Jerky Beef for protein and food replacement

Eric Parra says:

-He’s pretty vascular hahahahaha

Nayeem Ahmed says:

Hey, have you tried “MUSCLEADER” (search on Google)? There you will find a
nice free video explaining the right way to build up noticeable muscle mass
quickly while dropping fat at the same time. James and hundreds of guys
with the same goal experienced great success by using this approach. It may
help you out too.

De Monte' Dudley says:

Man….where the hell do I get dynoa ball smoothies?.I am 120 and I want to
put 20 pounds of muales just in the upper body before school starts and
that is in 2 months!!! Not to mention I love smoothies.plz right back

Eric Parra says:

@guitarplaya1234 they already made a video for Animal Rush

turdrhinofiend says:

that gnc guy doesn’t look like he works out LOL

RainMan675 says:

Why is it every time they mention they are 36. There are like 10 people who
say OMG YOUR 36!!! it annoys me haha

Edwin Bautista says:

Ya’ll know that it was N.O. Xplode is what started the pre-workouts and was
released before jack3d right?

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