Ripped Muscle X Supplement Review

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XSilvenX says:


Maximo Fanjul says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

EmoneyMaker28 says:

This is a total SCAM don’t be fooled, and they have spammers spamming the
comments. Its a total lie and marketing scam.

Antwin Beal says:

SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. . they charged my act $84.00 after 4 days of me having
the product and since I had no choice but to keep it I used it.. No Results
wouldn’t recommend this to anyone at all

chikarakobuLA says:

ok. you make me feel an amazing blood flow through a certain part of my
body. My god you could raise the dead, you are so hot.

HCNation1 says:

Is it ok to use if you are in th 15 to 17 age range? Because I want to cut
for the beach

DarKCuervo21 says:

I run sometimes, but from there I’m not into working out. I work for a
delivery company so I load packages into trailers for 5 to 6 hours a day,
so I guess you could say working out and I need more stamina, do you
recommend ripped muscle x for me?

Sange Sherpa says:

It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when these ordinary people
accomplish it so easily with Ready Set Ripped (Google it).

Simon Igbinedion says:

Drugs is never the solution to keep fit, they all have side effect if you
want to work out tirelessly my advice is take glucose simple!

dearsuman1 says:

Do you make these deadly mistakes in your workouts? Go and google Ready
Set Ripped to find out.

Simon Igbinedion says:

They collect shipping cost after 30days they collect $74, if you fail to
cancel they keep shipping and collecting $74 dollars every month please
every one read the terms and condition before ordering

axelmr4 says:

Can use this together with other as a Creatine and any-pre-workout product?

Matt Bruno says:

How long do you have to work out for every day? 

DeSh Brown Productions says:

Thank you +Antwin Beal !

HandxSanitizer says:

Do NOT purchase this product unless you want to lose $84 + shipping.
They’ll keep charging you said amount until you cancel your subscription.
It’s not worth the time and effort. Stay away! 

HandxSanitizer says:

I don’t recommend it. And beware if you try the free trial. It specifies
that you won’t be charged until the 14 day mark when the trial is over, but
they’re going to charge you sooner. Also, they’re going to tell you to ship
the remaining capaules back, which wasn’t even mentioned on the terms of
the trial. They don’t work. There’s a reason why the product is not
well-known. Although I did call them, cancelled, and got my money back. 

Ted Morris says:


Todraben says:

What about side effects. I used ephedrine in high school and it damaged my
liver. Can I still use this or no?

Ripped MuscleX says:
Ripped MuscleX says:

Good luck 🙂 It worked for me and I am sure it will do the same for you.

Ripped MuscleX says:

Yes, with any supplement you have to work out.. Nothing out there will just
magically make you have muscles.

Cupe says:

I’m more interested in the fat burn process. I have a goal to lose 50lbs in
3 months. I’ve started working out everyday 2hours a day mon-fri and 4hrs
on weekends. I just ordered a 3 month supply which comes with 2 extra
bottles. I really hope it works for me. Cuz it cost me a lot…about $150.
But I don’t mind d cost as far as I get my results. I also wanted to ask
when is the best time to take it…b4 or after workout? And how many
capsules each day!!

Ripped MuscleX says:

Why not try it? How are they trying to make money off people when all you
pay for is shipping. And you can cancel at ANYTIME if you are not satisfied
with the trial.

Steven Core says:

I just got my 30 day supply in the mail. I hope it works well wish me luck.

BashFeri1 says:

It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when other normal people
accomplish it easily using “Smashing Ripped X” (go Google it).

Cuhm atmeh says:

Is it safe for teenagers to use?

Henry Craig says:

so have you seen the difference in your husband yet?

joeybcannon7 says:

Dude needs to do some incline reps. His chest is freaky looking

shanny burger says:

I bought a trial offer for my husband cuz he wants to get as big and cut as
he used to be. I wonder if we will see a difference…

EL TIGRE says:

How to use ripped muscle x

Boyd Baldwin says:

good stuff

Ripped MuscleX says:

As you can see the in video reivew, it works. Just give it some time like
most body building supplements.

tre249 says:

any results?

Saad Khan says:

Unsure if this product is legit. Many bad reviews online. Not sure what to

Christopher Lynch says:

Well I just ordered mine cause I need something to give me the energy to
get through my workouts after working.

Vishwa Kumara says:

It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when other people are able to
build muscle easily using “Six Pack Strike” (go Google it).

Hardbody Coach says:

Hey DRealCupe, How is it going with the Fitness goals and using RippedX?

Ripped MuscleX says:

Its a free trial… why not at least try it for yourself.

John Stevens says:

Damn this stuff is good

Christopher Lynch says:

I personally love it Gives me the boost I need.

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