Ronnie Coleman Supplement Talk – Best Bodybuilding supplement

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Ronnie Coleman Supplement Talk – check out what Ronnie Coleman Mr. Olympia winner has to say about supplements and bodybuilding. Find out what Ronnie Coleman is using! Also for the best bodybuilding supplements check out Protein Factory!


bullrunning says:

Ps. He doesnt use the nitrix

whatigot2say says:

he looks disgusting.

Phibz FourZeroEight says:

So ur heart is in better shape than ur doctor… But he still gave u
aspirin as a blood thinner… Right…. We all believe ur not on hgh and
don’t have an enlarged heart…

MrZapparin says:

clearcombat who´s posted a comment below´s got some inside info on and
secret knowledge about the world of bodybuilding,he knows stuff,you know

whatigot2say says:

over compensation for a small penis no doubt.

KwCtaC EoTB says:

ronnie coleman’s best supplement : steroids…period

clearcombat says:

The freaks of the human race. This so called sport of body building is in
the trash as of late. The drug use in this sport is not just one steroid
but many that they must take to look freaky. They also shoot insulin into
their bodies. Most pros only train 4 days a week for 1.5 hours. The rest
of their look comes from drugs and a terrible diet that lands them in the
hospital many times. I know all of this because I use to have a gym wear
company that marketed to them.

sicherewuddup says:

Boston loyd ain’t got shit on this hahahahahahahaha

Fred Fecied says:

Scientific proof reveal that you are able to optimise your muscles building
process 2x-3x faster; by just change your nutrition plan. Because the time
you spend for the gym is only 3% of all your time.

sicherewuddup says:

We wanna know your cycle lol not your pcs

Claudio Hishe says:

Scientific evidence reveal that you can improve your muscle building
process 2x-3x quicker; by simply change your nutrition plan. Because time
you spend on the workout room is just 3% of all your time.

rod evans says:

Sow what happens to him when he stops taking all that stuff?

Kyle Grimm says:

Prime arnolds morning piss> every suplement in the universe

Austin Castanon says:

He seemed a little tense…..I bet he was afraid to be asked a certain

igsy01 says:

If you have a good diet you don’t need this shit. This is just advertising
for pill companies!

colin bryant says:

i was researching the NO2 and far as i can see most people think of it as a

jebes909090 says:

except if its from pacific fish, which are all contaminated with radiation
from the fukushima plant. So if you enjoy supplimenting with cesium 134/137
keep taking those.

mymsong says:

ur belly is 160 lbs? O_o!

PortfolioPL says:

For you it would be getting a brain.

gymfreak29 says:

i’ll have the lot ha

Marcus B says:

to much Daam pills just go natual

Abby Normal says:

“But, uhh, I guess I’ll start over here with the Chromium…*covers mouth*
mumble mumble”

anytingbu says:

Like seriously dude. All I want to hear about is what his cycle is like now
compared to when he was competing.

andrew stretty says:

why are you stalking me you faggot…. go act like a fat nobody and try
search for my comments everyday, which is sad.. whilst i actually watch
fitness videos to improve my muscle growth via gym…

sub liminal says:

No dter

osalexandeko says:

and HGH, and a medical lab funded by his sponsors that ensures him being
healthy till 100+

Denero Rahming says:

My own is Architecture, now that we have established that we’re all
educated let’s leave it at that have a nice day!!

Jaminur Rahman says:

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website you can watch a nice free video demonstrating the way to build up
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