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Close – Was running low on some of my supplements so needed to stock back up. Got some cool little gadets as well and a new weight gainer! Universal Nutrition: Real Gains!

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Nick smith says:

BRA! Protein powder, whole milk, Oats, peanut butter or coconut oil/olive

Jon Fuller says:

I didn’t get to pick any “samples” when I just ordered over $300 of stuff.
I only got a lame free gift.

Aaron Vanderveen says:

stop being such a dick, who cares? thats not the point of his video. he is
not being rude so stop being such a douche

Stephen Michaels says:

ASaltyChip I can tell you now BUT. Universal Real Gains is really amazing!
It will last you a really long time. I am still with my banana flavored bag
since I take 1/2 scoops of that stuff. It has given me some muscle mass
around and im still using it. I saw amazing results with it and it can go
well with your creatine. For now I am stuck with Superpump Max, Cellucor
COR Performance Creatine and Universal Real Gains. Its all amazing 😀

NuWave Fitness says:

no problem, right arm is 13.5 cold flexed, left arm is 13 cold flexed.

NuWave Fitness says:

I’ve tried it a few times already full servings (3.5 scoops) the cookie and
cream flavor with 16 oz of milk is so good! One of the best tasting weight
gainers ive had.

matthewjago says:

I used to spend a lot of money on supplements, then I found organising my
diet properly worked better and felt better (weight gainers are mostly
pretty dreadful). I only use whey protein now (in the morning and after
workout) and occasionally creatine.

NuWave Fitness says:

Very nice! I’ve used a few bags of Serious Mass in the past and it worked
pretty good. The only reason I stopped using it was because the scoop size
was massive and I didnt like the servings per bag ratio.

backnite1 says:

i rest my case

NuWave Fitness says:

yeah real gains lasted me a little while you can see my review on real
gains on my channel since i finished a full bag of cookies and cream.

jjimmy jambu says:

If your desire is to get some muscle and be stronger, i suggest you Google
the term “Oak Muscle Method”. You are bound to end up getting the muscles
you merit.

Robson Andrade says:

thanks, the coupon/code 20512107 is working at healthdesigns . com !! =)

NuWave Fitness says:

quite possibly

FuriousKH x says:

do you even legs day ?

TheTb11111111 says:

I fi take allll those supplements will my legs be as skinny as yours?

NuWave Fitness says:

tell me what you guys think of these supplements!

NuWave Fitness says:

I agree that a lot of weight gainers can be bad as their cheap carbs are
taste terrible thats why I like experimenting with these weight gainers to
find a good protein/carb ration and decent price as consuming calories in
liquid form is the easiest way to increase caloric intake.

Stephan Gonzales says:

I use a weight gainer, too. I use optimum nutrition serious mass; put on 20
pounds of lean mass in a month and a half.

backnite1 says:

lol you measured your arm and didnt want to give the inches to everyone on

Stephan Gonzales says:

It definitely gets expensive. But I see it as an investment. I didn’t like
the scoop size at first, either, but I’ve grown fond of it; its definitely
a part of my supplementation regimen. I consume about 5-7,000 on any given
day. I do irrigation by trade, so I burn allot more calories than some one
who works, say in an office.

Stephan Gonzales says:

I used my fitness pal and bought a body bugg to pinpoint exactly how many
calories I was burning. In order to meet my goals I needed to consume at
least 3000 calories, I go to the gym at 5am every morning then go to work.
I burn at least 3000 cals a day, so to maintain… You get it.

KJ Lifting says:

massphase vs real gains taste performance????????//

nadeeka dn says:

It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when other normal people do
it easily using Max Muscle Method (search for it on google).

Isaac says:

wow they should have just gave that to you in a tub. I have never seen a
protein bag that big

Austin chadwick says:

Why do you use so much weight gainer?

NuWave Fitness says:


ImportaMarombaCupons says:

hey guys, e bought at healthdesigns and won a discount 5$OFF with
cupon/code: 20512107 . Very good site, viste healthdesigns and use a coupon
descount 20512107

NuWave Fitness says:

You have to manually select your 2 free samples under the store section by
clearance there is a “free sample” section where you can choose up to 2
items to be included for free. Sometimes you’ll also get free samples ontop
of those two.

NuWave Fitness says:

no problem!

NuWave Fitness says:

For me i need to hit 2850-3000 calories per day ideally so thats tough for
me to do in whole food alone and weight gainers help me reach that number.
Of course you can make your own homemade weight gainer but it takes an
additional few minutes which I find annoying sometimes lol.

neometalx9 says:

the weight gainer would work better after workout. before bed might make
you gain fat mostly

NuWave Fitness says:

never heard of massphase hmm…

NuWave Fitness says:

I just like trying them out and see which I like best 🙂

BoxThee says:

do you workout? yet alone train legs?

NuWave Fitness says:

5-7000 calories per day is insane indeed I’d love to see a calorie
breakdown on fatsecret or myfitnesspal daily for all those calories you
track 🙂

sanjdhak says:

Have you experienced “Elite Muscle Formula?” (check it out on Google) It is
a quick and easy way to get ripped fast.

Viraj Thenuwara says:

If you want to get you a well-defined body, i suggest you Google search for
“Aston Muscle Ripper”. You are going to get the appearance you deserve.

Bivolari says:

Like I said before, no one unboxes like you!

Jon Fuller says:

Thanks. This has been my first time going with BodyBuilding (thanks to
their 20% off birthday discount). I’ll keep that in mind for next month.

Massthetics says:

This stuff is great, i love the carb to protein ratio and caloric amount
with the full serving. I ordered 3 bags of the 10 pound a few weeks ago.
Already done with the first bag, gained a few pounds thus far and strength
is going up.

NuWave Fitness says:

orbitape is siiiick!

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