Supplements for New Bodybuilders

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HettesKvek says:

Your barber fucked up your hairline Elliott. 

Wilton King says:

I have been working out for just over a year and have tried over fifteen
supplements, five different pre-workouts, and eight different post whey
formulas. I am currently on Muscletech Test and Hydroxycut, and the results
are getting decent. However, nothing compared to last summer and fall when
I was taking in the ANIMAL brand supplements, those fired me up damn good,
and I was getting toned quick. However, I want to keep mixing it up and try
different things and not stick into just one thing. See which products have
a more positive affect on my body and ones that do not. So far, Gold
Standard and ANIMAL have done me well. Arnold Iron series is pretty good.
Muscletech seems decent.

Spencer O'Neil says:

Did anybody else spend the whole video looking at his traps?

zorkan111 says:

Just useless rant. It’s not about that 15 year old kid being brainwashed.
It’s about a 15 year old kid not being able to critically think through
things he reads on the internet. He doesn’t know what these supplements do,
how to use them, when to use them. He just wants something because he read
somewhere that some other guys are using it.
nd that’s what his parents are trying to warn him about. And they did a
good thing. He shouldn’t just blindly follow everything he reads on the

Blaba Cocaz says:

You have the best body building channel in youtube.

george says:

6:17 magic lorry goes past and takes away focus…..

DantheHP says:

I didn’t watch this video because of the stupid ass title, but I REALLY
hope he suggested ZERO supplements for beginners. They don’t need them…

Ivan Ereiz says:

Yo Elliott , im 17year old , I’ve been lifting for 2 yrs now ,im really
really satisfied with my gainz but as always i want more ! so I have
question for you ! whats your oppinion on suplement called TRIBULUS ???
..natural increase of testosteron bla bla 🙂 it draws me to buy it but it
has a warning it says do not use it if your not 18 yrs old .. i would be
very thankfull if you answer or make a video 🙂 sorry for my english. 

Veight Woofer says:

6:14 everytime ^^
I agree with Elliot that the brain washing by bodybuilders or anyone is
good/bad for him. But I don’t agree that the 15 year old guy is doing it
better than others.
Everytime you are not better or worse than others


Elliot you hit the nail on the head my friend… “parents want the best for
you but it is limited by their personal knowledge and experience”. I think
your videos are every inspiring and your knowledge is sound. thank you
for sharing.


Braidon M.

Alex Pennie says:

I was brainwashed by Steve Cook lmao hahaha

Anthony Passarella says:

Supplements are meant to SUPPLEMENT a diet and workout regiment.
Can’t get enough protein? Take a protein supplement.
Can’t get enough omega 3 fatty acids? Take a fish oil supplement.
There’s no secret here, If diet/exercise aren’t in check no supplement will

yasir abbasi says:

That truck passing by 😀 

TheGreggy711 says:

Fuck outd da WHEY!!!!

Bawar Ahmad says:

i live in norway to :P

gursus123 says:

nearly everything is a brainwash, try to be more picky with your detergent

Parth Sarthi says:

You are fucking amazing man..never seen d buddy Lyk u before…u loook very
intresting..maintain ur atitude buddy it’s ur strength buddy 

John Gillin says:

A lot of babbling mixed in with some truths. My dad said the samething to
me as this kids parents are trying to say to their son. When your young eat
good meals. When you get older experiment with the products out there, but
you’ll find out real fast that most are hyped up by bodybuilders that take
drugs to get big not supplements.

Razorokc says:

say brain washed again. this guys a douche bag

Eazy E says:

I just put weed in my bowl and laughed at 1:45. Good sense of humour. “And
I don’t have anything against marijuana.”, like he said it and almost
laughed but composed himself.

Omar Rivera says:

When you said the word “Immigrant” I subscribed
Awesome channel

TeleIzy says:

It is good but you dont need it …. so it helps 😀 other video he tells
protein is BS …. but the BEST JIKE was in the weight loose video ….
Drink water nothing else OK, dont eat any sugar xD eat only vegetables xD
and walk …. only walk 😀 maaaaaaan i have a better diet than this guy 😀
dont eat anything and only a cup of water a day 😀 you are brainwashed
NOW… creatine WORKS , Protein WORKS …… you sir are an IGNORANT

invatorxx says:

Why are you all so aggressive and loud?

Conrado Rios says:

My ma got pissed of at me cuz i told her watch it now she not gonna buy me
more and if i do myself she gonna dump it out like wtf fuck my ma lmaoo.

Barrack Obama says:

old video

invatorxx says:

Why are you all so aggressive and loud?

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