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SlayerOfKleiners says:

“I – *jump cut* – LOVE butt stuff!”

– Ohm, 2015, context removed and slightly modified

Pandor25 says:

What will always get you laid? the death note… you can make anyone do
anything before they die (As long as its humanly possible.)

BaronVonHoovy says:

“The primitive villagers were both shocked and amazed when I showed them

The Horned King says:

360 no scopes would have been good in so many cases here.

A Duck says:

Screw school! I’m a duck.

BaronVonHoovy says:

Wow. I know what a “butt egg” is and Minx doesn’t?

This is shocking.

Brian Kolosvary says:

David Blaine must escape from *__*. The Death Note. Why a butt egg?

krowking123 says:

“I’d like to be a tree”

You know What its from :3

Izzy Carshuen says:

I would give up my soul to play a game of CAG with Minx.

Nirvana Hicks says:

I would actually like to see more soul hunt 🙂
If you can get around to it of course cx

XIRoyaltyIX says:

“No Matter How you look at it, ultimately The Death Note is responsible for
foul murder”

Pedro Nunes says:

Minx i have to ask this, how do you know how a hello kitty vibrator tastes
P.S. Love your videos.

Fizzyleon685 says:

It would’ve been funny if she played “eating African children gave me

Jensen Payne says:

anyone else get excited when they saw the death note card?

brandon ferebee says:

0 dislikes :)

The A-Trane says:

Minx! You should get Tabletop Simulator! I saw a video of Mini Ladd
playing this with some other guys in Tabletop Simulator

Maks Mamla says:

Oh they made this game in polish? Is the author od this game from Poland

Tectiva says:

Hey Minx, could you play “A Good Husband” or “A Good Wife”.

hanna magalit says:

What two animals would you combine together? I’d choose a duck and a chick
and call it a dick

Ollie McVey says:


1PionK says:

I was hoping you had picked: “In a pinch, the death note can be a suitable
substitute for an icepick lobotomy” but the dead hooker thing made me
almost pee in my pants :D

Brandon Verstege says:

“In a pinch, An oversized lollipop can be a suitable substitute for

Vicky Gardiner says:

During the vid Nutella got on my iPad screen and I was like:
‘Did that really just happen?!’

Adrian bonham says:

Michelle if you have the time could you answer this. How tall are you
because I am writing a fan fiction for my friend she loves you. I’m am
clearly not embarrassed about asking this. I read some of the comments of
some of your videos and they say your a six foot tall Asian. Hope you read
Love Adrian Hernandez Mengele

Den Danske Dumrian says:

*_* uses *_*. It is

I think adderal uses 360 no scopes would’ve been good

Alias Trancy says:

Fuck adderal focalin ftw minus the fact I think it’s depression and
suicidal thoughts side effect it s liek HIIIIII and I’m like fuckkkkkk 

Bly Nova says:

Minx: What is Adderall, by the way?
Me: Brain Steroids, Minx. Brain Steroids.

Andrea Mendez says:

I got to say …watching this video at almost 2 am while everyone’s asleep
is not a wise decision u know…now my cheeks hurt because I tried not lo
laugh…but …let’s be honest who wouldn’t laugh with this guy’s videos

faith johnson says:

My gym teacher got fired for adding [ Looks at Minx’s Card ] THE DEATH NOTE
to the obstacle course

MrBiodtox . says:

I wish someone typed “MOVIE” for last black card.

Marcey Z says:

The best password ever: butt.

Cassandra Stylish says:


WazzupMyOrange says:

18:17 Would have been perfect for The Death Note. and A murder most foul!!!

No matter how you look at it, ultimately The Death Note is responsible for
a murder most foul.

It’s perfect I tell you!!!

TmickyD1 says:

13:07 as a diabetic… WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT!?

adrizombieslayer says:

I don’t know if either cards agents humanity is explain life weirdly or if
its just plain whatever

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