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SomeBodyIUsedToKnow8 says:

Finallyyyyyy we welcome back Luiiiii! We missed u in the fitness
communityyyyyy daily nightly weekly monthlyyyyyy. Salute.

Mu Al. says:

Bro lui what happened ? You freaking look like you’re 25 bro. Mashalla!

MrCarlosYT says:

It seems that you have tits lol 

KaraLeigh83 says:

Welcome back to the camera Lui! Saluting you Dailllyy!


Raw natural bodybuilder, no sups protein etc.. you can attain a physique
without taking anything.

AlphaMale 3 says:

luimarco is the original and the best motivation for training and advices
and about girls ! 

batiittos says:

“Creatine works on 80% of population.” actually means that the RECOMMENDED
DOSE works for 80 of the pop, the rest may need to take more, 10-20 gram a

Dan Kowcun says:

What’s your thoughts about dhea and tribulus? I just went across the
border (I live in Canada) and picked some up for a friend in Winnipeg.
He’s the same age (43). I looked it up and saw mixed reviews. Thank you.


And salute luis i respect you!!

MyrON Gain3s says:

3 CC’s on a daily, Like Bostin L-O-Y-D, everything else is a waste of

buddyrox96 says:

Love the oldschool lui back brah!

Mabs Gadd says:

Hi there! Just wanna ask your personal opinion and experiences about this
Ripped Freak pre-workout. We just bought some of this product and notice
after 1 week we feel like so tired in the afternoon and feeling a bit
sleepy. Sometimes I have no choice but to have a nap. Is this one of the
side effect of this product? Please kindly reply and would appreciate your
comments on this..

ayy lmao says:

You don’t need to drink anymore water when your on creatine just think
about it logically.

Cranberry Muffinman says:

I asked in your Bostin Loyd Interview if you used the Controlled Labs Green
MAGnitude Creatine i saw in your bostin video it was a kind of green color
and when i search for creatine chelate that one shows up in the images.

Fr33d0mF1ght3r5 says:

Another amazing supplement that many people don’t know about is Colostrum.
This 100% natural substance contains dozens of immune and growth factors
that accelerate the repair of EVERY tissue in the body. Great for muscle
recovery time, muscle tone and strength, and even mass. Anyone interested
should google it :P

henrik sjoblom says:

You are the best dude :)

Fitness Alert says:

Hey Lui, you should do more “personal” videos like this. I know it takes
time to edit these type of videos with images on them, but I must say, they
are definitely entertaining on the daileeee baisiiiis! BTW Congrats on dat
der new place! 

Lord Araz says:

200£ of supplements. FK that, I rather make my own (ingredients): get bowl,
add 100ml of red bull, 500ml milk whole, 4 raw eggs and some fruit (straw
berry w/e. After add this all together and mix them in a mixture and BAM!
Your protein (natural), however, redbull I don’t bother anymore, use sugar
natural white. More than 100grams of protein DAILEEE!

Μάνθος Φουστάνος says:

lui,im pretty new to your channel,i wanna know,which county did you grow

enes sabanovic says:

Hey luimarco!

HMB totally works! You have misunderstood how it’s used.

Here is the problem: You are not training for growth, you are just
maintaining muscle mass. In that case HMB will do nothing. If you train
really hard and do something you are not used to for a period you will
grow. In that case HMB will double that growth.

If you just keep doing what you are doing HMB will do nothing!

Do some kind of new program you’ve never done before for 12 weeks. Maybe
like a Boris Sheiko program or something. Just make sure it’s something
you’ve never done before. In that case I promise you HMB will work.

Love your channel. Keep lifting on a daileeeeee!!

StreamerVideo says:

Is that a tub of muscle juice in the background?

DL_000 says:

still waiting to hear what that new preworkout is that you love…

Charles Thrasher says:

Is it ok to take creatine as a pre work out? 

Gerrald Samraj says:

Love ur channel.. I don’t even watch Netflix any more

james smith says:

im new to your channel but so far it is really good and informative.

Rob Gilmour says:

Keep it up!

Where in QC do you live?

Ahmed Jaber says:

Lui, your chest is great ( no homo) 

Brian Ting says:

Lui it feels like I haven’t seen your face in AGES!

Dimitris Tsapis says:

I tried creatine twice in the 7 years that I workout. I use all kinds of
supplements and I always felt great. Creatine however made me delusional,
gave me a lot of nausea and made me wanna puke the whole time, extreme
dizzyness. I was eating properly, working out properly and drinking 3,5 to
4 litres of water a day. It was monohydrate the one I took. However I would
really like to try creatine again if I knew what to try. Any ideas?

HealthyFitLife says:

Visit video would be awesome :D

Huston Boy says:

I like your vids man you’re honest and it shows

sebas osorio says:

Hey lui u look big man, bro if u can answer this question would he great,
it’s convenient taking creatine if i’m cutting? Thanks man. 

Imovaneful says:

Agreed. Whey and creatin. But, do not forget BCAA. And maybe a NO before
training, though nos seem to lose effiency after som weeks. Coffein is
also great. Before and after. RedBull is my personall favorite. Maybe mixed
With voltarol/aspirin to ignore some pain.
Add effedrin and you got the best safe mixture, but then all of a
sudden its not a supplement anymore

legalkillerkev says:

How much you spend on creatine lui? I bought 2000 grams of micronized
creatine monohydrate for 28 bucks. Its so freakin cheap man like 7 cents a
serving. I take 10 grams a day even though everyone says no more than 5
grams but its so cheap so why not 10 grams right.

joe greem says:

creatine monohydrate makes me blow shit & diarrhea out my ass. it works
like a laxative for me. maybe creatine chelate will be better? anyone have
an opinion of this?

mechagamera says:

Is there any color in your house? Everything is black, white and grey!!!

tomcio1539 says:

Salute Lui, good to see you back!

A question, do You still use the Green Magnitude Creatine Matrix? I
remember you recommending that one some time ago.

Javead Miah says:

lui looking jacked brother, ripping out of the tee on a dailyeee ;)

whello2000 says:

Some creatine mono I’ve had is like a salty texture and some is floury
texture , what’s the best as it’s both monohydrate . Well that’s what the
label says . The salty stuff seems to work for me I think . What’s you
thought luimarco thanks 

BiodegradeableMan says:

WTF is chillat?

anjin33 says:

I used creatine monohydrate for a couple of months but it gave me terrible
insomnia that lasted for weeks even after i stopped taking it.

Bass Player says:

Old news here, Creatine has been known to work for twenty years when I
first started taking it.
I was hoping for something new

omar bennani says:

dude i like u ! creapure monohydrate is good also ? 

FJano12 says:

My only concern about creatin is the increase of DHT about. 50%. Which lead
to hairloss . I used to take it , but i realized its pointless…and its
not good. for your health.

ayy lmao says:

How do you know if creatine is working? I started using it the moment I
started lifting.

Arunas Dudutis says:

Luimarco, been following you for over a 7 months now!! You made some good
Gains!!! Keep it up!!!

Justin Pruitt says:

So you don’t take preworkouts? or do yout preworkouts not have creatine?

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