Training abs with lying ham curl

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Exercises in these videos are being performed and filmed to help supplement your current workout routine. We are attempting to show you how to utilize existing machines in your gym in a different manner than what they were intended for to expand your workout repertoire. We are in no way insinuating they they should replace any current exercises you are already practicing. We’ve decided it would be better to show you a different way of doing things instead of what has been the accepted norm, filming others in the gym for entertainment in an attempt to humiliate them. It is our responsibility as fitness professionals in this industry to lift up others and promote health and a safe environment for EVERYONE to feel comfortable. Helping change lives is a better way to spend idle time rather than promoting the bullying pack mentality that is plaguing this industry. We suggest that everyone try new things that may help them along in their journey so long that they are being safe and it helps move you forward with your progress. Enjoy and be healthy!


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