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Hodgetwins Bio:
Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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Dsurgers says:

@FabFiveWideReceiver2 Pre-workout supplements contain caffeine. A long with
other ingredients but it’s caffeine whats really important in them. But
Glutamine is in some wheys and preworkouts so why buy separately.

ruin3r says:

You have to be able to tell where the usefulness ends and the bullshit
begins. The companies have a profit-driven demand to keep making new
products even though all the useful things already exist. The latest scam
is putting creatine & betaine into whey and calling it ‘hydrobuilder’ and
selling it for about $1.50 a serving when you can just use normal whey and
bulk powders for .50 cents or less a serving.

ILUVMEM Wahaj says:


Fe2KooL says:

@TeenBodybuilder7 they’re all for protein, creatine, and preworkout sups.
just against all the unnecessary extra lil stuff like glutamines, bcaa’s,
vitamins, etc.

WhatIsItToBurn says:


ammiccareable says:

I agree with you! That site is a unique and
customized nutritional program designed to help gain muscle in a short?
period of time. I was using it also for about 3weeks now and it did what it
promised! It helped me expand my muscle cells by 50%

chamption1 says:

I’m new to weightlifting and I just bought some perfectstorm creatine. It
turned into a gel when I mixed it with water. Should I expect this from all
creatine mixes?

orochimaruisugly says:

Lmao barthelfitness is a waste yute. Taking all these supplements yet he
dont even look that big.

bigbearsfan90 says:

@FabFiveWideReceiver2 jack has geranium stem that fucks up ur heart. these
guys are gunna be dead in about 5 years if they keep takin it

barthelfitness says:

@bebIessed lol i dont think they are talking about anyone in general! I
dont spend my money on supplements…i am always open and recieve them for
free. and every video i got says clearly you dont need them! My diet is the
key to any of my results!

MSotelo503 says:

@barthelfitness One thing for sure everybody is different and one’s
approach to bodybuilding IS NOT the same as the guy next to you in the gym.
You got good vids though.

combatculture says:

yo man, love all ur vids, agree with pretty much everything EXCEPT for one
thing. And that’s post carbs, u say to eat a banana on ur website but
dosent it have a low GI and u want a higher one post. Anyway, im 18 and i
take whey, creatine mono and dextrose postworkout and none of that other
b.s. man, also love ur routine split and staying below 40mins, never got
better gains!

MrMano54 says:

funny but very imformative video. i fully agree all needed is whey an
creatine the end

Michael Tritle says:

I love these guys so funny

NeGa TiV says:

@ultimatehelp009, i never took ON Serious MASS, so i don’t know about it!
True Mass is good, believe me, BSN products are very, very good. Sure,
there are products that are cheap, but they are full of sugar and shitty
soy protein. Try both, see what works for you. But don’t forget, food is
the most important thing in bodybuilding, and sleep at least 8 hours a

SoSo Trill says:

@DumbAmericans2011 Wow, is that all you can come up with DumbAmerican2011?
“Damn Niggers”? WOWOW!!! Listen try saying that in a busy street full of
“Niggers” see how long your pussy ass survives. But, you know what…you
can do whatever THE FUUUUCK YOU WANT!!!!

kevin mansour says:

@bebIessed barthel is a fuckin joke

Jsmith858522 says:


ja br says:

you 36 damnnn, you look like your 25 or sum shit

Metalloid87 says:

@2:48 “Shut up bitch & let me finish” LOOOOOL 😀

antoshahorosha says:


KooKooKrazy0522 says:

500 a month and you could hire a personal trainer, who the hell would spend
that much?

Amin Lem says:

aha “shut up bitch let me finish”

princewes says:

where can i buy steroids, and how do i find out how to take and cycle them

ivs010 says:

Shut up bitch let me finish!!!! Lol….you guys are pationate, smart and
know exactly what the FUCK youre talking about!!!! But you dont look 36 i
tought you were 28-30…you guys look good for 36!

BTMS09 says:

personally I like fish-oil for me I feel a difference between when I do and
don ‘t take it, and it burns extra fat

iswatchi says:

1:54 is layin some harsh truths.

Enigma says:

Great advice, i guess i need to throw out all my individual vitamins, damn
those guys at GNC got me good, jk, hell no, all i buy is wht you all
recommend, thanku for all the help, you guys are amazing…

MrBabeanator says:

Thanks guys, im only 16 years old and I totally agree with you. I’ve only
been workin out for about 8 months and all I take is whey protein and
creatine. I cant wait to show all my friends who take all these supps to
prove to them that their just wasting their money!!! thanks!

Matthew Eso says:

Jimmy struthers has a labor day HMB

Xeando says:

Can I put my creatine in my proteine shake in the morning? If not, which to
drink first?

Udara Jayamal says:

My family laughed when I told them I was going to get ripped with “Elite
Muscle Formula”, but then they saw the results. Google Elite Muscle Formula
to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

BigRyUnitedGuy says:

Love me some Christmas creatine son!

proximo20 says:

So true and so funny

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