Whey Protein Side Effects, Dangers & Benefits

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BUY HERE – http://www.bestpricenutrition.com – In this video we challenge the myths about whey protein dangers, whey protein side effects and talk about the benefits of supplementing with whey protein.
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BestPriceNutrition.com says:

@Ryan Maina Yes

BestPriceNutrition.com says:

@Austin Copley Depends upon your other macronutrient intake. Assuming your
diet is eucaloric (maintenance level), a good start is the bro-ey 1g/lb of
bodyweight. Hope this helps.

VirtualMark says:

“I don’t believe in side effects” – lol, what an idiot. A side effect is
an unwanted effect, a secondary effect that is undesired.

Drake Leslie says:

Hey i’m 14 and I weigh 105lbs my height is 5,3, while I know im skinny I
have a pretty amazing runners build. I eat way more then most people do. I
would say I am more athletic then the average high school athlete, I
usually do body work (I made a goal to do 400+ push ups a day four months
ago and i’m still doing it. Don’t worry I balance it out with 3 mile runs
and other body workouts etc.) My point is I am tired of being small, I have
a good set of shoulders from my dad, but they don’t have much muscle on
them. I am SERIOUSLY looking at lifting weights now, as I haven’t seen the
progress I wanted in the past four years I’ve been working. I tried to stay
away from weights because of the myth of it being bad for you as a kid,
which I now know is wrong. So my question is, “is whey okay?” because I
know those pre-workouts are extremely bad for people my age (Cellucor C4
and etc.) For the past month I’ve begged my parents for some protein drinks
which will help out some, but I was wondering if whey can help out with me.

P.S I’ve been forcing my self to eat this way and it’s always been a huge
struggle. I also take medication for my ADHD which does indeed decrease my
appetite, but I am about to get off it. Anything you know that can help?

Adam Schroeder says:

What are your thoughts on the new hype of native protein and their claims
to be cold filtered etc. Mainly proteinfactory.coms claims. 

Richard Supez says:

I cannot take whey because I am vegan but please look into mass producing
pasteurised human breast milk and protein supplement. I’d be willing to pay
large amounts of money for this. 

salmaan20 says:

Hey iam getting diarrhea from gold standard whey isolated, please help! 

'LEV' Nikolai says:

First of all those are American GMO Hormone whey proteins & second of all
those people are probably very un-athletic and cant say shit about the
product itself since they have probably no experience.
My claim is that whey protein is good just like everything else as long as
its in moderate use.

Kyle Cummings says:

Hey I am taking whey protein and i am asking If I can make you fat ? 

Zackari I. says:

I’m 14 …weigh about 115lbs pretty healthy(I rarely fall sick) …pretty
fit…and I do simple home work outs and i’m thinking of staring using
protein powder…I im NOT going to use much of it..I just wanna hear if I
should use it or not…I won’t be overdosing it..I’ll use it once in a
while…and I just wanna hear some feedback please. THANKS :)

PvMDiablo says:

Hey! Great channel!!

So i have been lifting for around 18 months now. I’m 20 years old, 182cm
tall and i have gained around 14kg weight in this time. I have gained a lot
of muscle but i would say.. zero fat. So i have gotten huge muscle gains
and absolutely no fat, which makes me think i’m still not eating enough.
Yeah i know someone would say if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, but i
wouldn’t mind gaining fat if it got me even more muscle gains from my
workouts. So i’m working on my diet at this moment and it’s all making
sense except how much to take in protein… There are so many opinions
going from 1 to 3 grams per kilo how much you should take in protein and
you guys seem to know what you are talking about, since why would i take
advice from someone on steroids spending 4 hours a day at the gym and an
hour doing cardio (Not hating on people using gear, just saying that
obviously they need more protein for their muscles then me). So the way i’m
basically working out is bodybuilding style lifting,5 times a week, around
an hour sessions and absolutely no cardio. So my question is what benefits
would cardio give me, if any since i’m even without it staying skinny as
hell AND how many grams of protein should i take in to my diet daily? I
don’t know if this helps you on answering me or not but i’m taking only
around 60 sec breaks at the gym, mainly compound lifts and going for around
8-10 reps almost always (to failure) and my muscles are in pain like hell
for the next day or two. If you can bother answering me, thanks so much! :)

Namikaze Minato says:

John,Glen i was wondering if u fellas could share some light,on this doubt
i have,please!
Whey,or beef protein…? is beef protein really better for muscle
building,or is it a fad? many thanks!

saurabh thombre says:

hey i m 25 year old guy i run every day morning and evening. i fill
weakness ,should i start protein shake or not ??

dgkallday4u says:

I’m a skinny guy because of genetics. However I do have a “gut” that sticks
out. I weigh 150 pounds but you wouldn’t be able to tell if I had a shirt
on. I just recently got into lifting weights and some cardio as well. I
ordered a big ol tub of gold standard whey protein but not sure if I should
use it? Should I I’ve other supplements as well, none at all? I’m looking
to shed some weight off my gut and bulk up my arms, and chest area since
I’m so skinny. Is protein or creatine etc right for me? 

Leandro Rocha says:

Can protein build kidney stones?

Alihan Yaslan says:

Is it damege liver

Plob Ster says:

Lol that fucking train horn ever few minutes….

Amine Zeggaf says:

Hey. I am 15 years old skinny fat 65kg 8 months of lifting weights in the
gym i didn t take any supplement yet . So what is your advice for me to
lose my belly fat and get six packs and also get a nice body and not being
skinny fat anymore

Prestige alain says:

I never go to the gym but I wanna your advice cuz I ll start going to gym
after a few days so I wanna use whey protein to build my body so is this
supplement good to use it cuz am as a beginner ??

I am waiting your reply plz !! 

Thar Htoo says:

sound like positive perspective for Whey Protein…Just wanna hear
potential side effects of it…Cos i am planning to consume it for my body

john norton cisneros says:

is it nice to mix whey protein in soya milk??? please reply… 

DiAbOliCaL41 says:

I understand that whey protein alone won’t help in dramatic weight loss,
but will it aid at all? I assume it will because it will keep you feeling
full longer, so you won’t be eating as much so in turn your caloric intake
is lowered. And then whey protein contains Leucine which is proven to aid
in fat loss and muscle reparation. And also if you make a shake using like
almond milk, some form of Omega-3s like fish oil, and a form of fiber along
with the right amount of whey will it suffice as a meal replacement?

J says:


MrChiress says:

Hi! I’m 28 years old and i started using protein shakes 2 weeks ago. Next
day after my first shake i got pimples on my chest and neck. I have NEVER
had problems with acne. Even when i was teenager i had like 1 pimple in a
year. And if i ask somebody that can protein shake cause acne, they say
that it can not be it, they have never heard that whey protein shake can
cause acne. If i stop taking it, acne will go away in days. What can i do,
so i wount get acne and still use protein???

Aris Retziki says:

I am 16 years old with really severe-acne..that’s why I am prescribed
accutane medication..Would it be risky to start using whey protein? 

TheGoofy90 says:

is it necessary to take protein shake…????

Nico Bruyniks says:

I feel you guys might be a bit biased

michael sardelis says:

hey i was wondering how old should you be to take whey because i am working
out now and i am 13.

Decore Noah says:

I’m 16 and 6’3, 145 lbs. I’m trying to put on as much weight as fast as
possible. I’m training, but will taking more than 150 grams of protein a
day be more beneficial? or how much should I try to get everyday?

General Sparky says:

ok so i just bought this a frind told me to but i only 200 pushups 100
morning 100 evening when i get from work will this wrk or will this get me
fat as people are telling me now this shit is scaring me!


I have been using whey for a while and have been getting good results over
the past 8 months. However, it seems to pass through my system in about 2
or 3 hours after consumption and gives me diarrhea. I’ve heard that this
may happen due to the fact that whey digests very quickly. Is there any
other form of protein supplement that may not have this affect on me? 

nibu rajendra babu says:

is it advisable for gout patients?

MrSambXL says:

What else but a monolith positive review would you expect from a bunch of
sales reps? 

crazyray64 says:

this video gave me gyno

Panneer Yuvaraja says:

Hello i have a question
I am using ON standard 100% whey protein .
It says in the box that 24 Grams of protein .Isnt that too much , as you
said in the video 8 Grams of protein is enough , so what should i do ?

lancelot 1236 says:

Im 18 and wieght 115 pounds and have a very skinny body to the point that
it shows
My arms are very flimsy and it is hard to lift weights would whey protein
give me body fat and strenght to lift weights

Andrew Ruiz says:

What are your thoughts on just taking in whey protein after a work out as
opposed to a protein complex which contains whey, casein, and soy proteins?
Has there been research to show its better to take a whey after a workout
over a protein complex? 

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