Workout Bodybuilding Trainer I FREE Helpful bodybuilding practicers inside the gym

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Workout Bodybuilding Trainer or WBT is a health and fitness application designed to help bodybuilding practicers inside the gym.

If you are ready and interested in staying fit, healthy, and gain some ripped muscles and therefor obtain an amazing body shape; workout bodybuilding trainer is your little companion at the gym when you workout.

Before we get to the features of this app, you should know the key to a great and fit body. One word: Consistency, a large term that meets the large responsability of bodybuilding once you took it upon yourself to pursue a fine workout program such as the one we offer.

1- Resistence: A great workout is a workout that includes resistence training throughout the week, it is important for tone and increase of body mass. Workout bodybuilding trainer includes a weights tracker to help you stay informed about them but as advised in some exercises, be careful with the amount of weight you use!

2- Cardio: To work on your fitness your workout must include cardiovascular. We have a few warm-out techniques you can use everytime before you start working out. It helps lose calories and stay or become fit.

3- Nutrition: We just advise you get a good nutrition plan as our app doesn’t include one for the moment. A good workout schedule always includes a nutrition plan on the side.

The features are simple in this first version but it is an app with a planned future to become one of the amazing fitness and bodybuilding applications.

It contains the following:
+ Three types of workout programs: Beginner, Medium and Professional.
+ More than 50 amazing exercises with details to perfect the moves.
+ Different warm-up techniques.

And this is only the beginning so as you wait for updates.. NOW HIT THE IRON!


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