3 Sick Bodybuilding Tips – With Ben Pakulski

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Here’s how to build huge biceps FAST.

Hey guys, I have Ben Pakulski here to talk to us about his special weight training techniques and strategies. These unique training styles will definitely help you develop the ripped and muscular body you’ve always wanted.

0:23 How to bring up laggin body parts. Well, most people never fully shorten or contract the muscles they train.

For example: When you straighten out your leg, you can feel the top of your thighs (QUADS) fully tighten up. It pretty much feels like it’s locking up. This locking feeling is a contraction or fully shortening a muscle.

This means you need to focus on exercises that allows you to fully contract during every rep.

Also it’s not about lifting the heaviest amount of weight, it about using the right amount of weight with the right exercises.

6:40 How can you tell if you have a weak point in your muscles besides just looking at them. Beside have them undersized, another way is to contract them by flexing that muscle. If that muscle feels solid like a rock, then it’s trained properly. But if you fully flex your muscle and it doesn’t feel knotted up, then that might be a weak point.

10:09 Use a full range of motion. By doing so you’ll be activating all the targeted muscles. Make sure you fully let the weight down, and fully contract the muscle during every rep to maximize muscle growth.

Hope this helps you guys, I know it surly help me.

And if you want to know the best exercises to give you full muscle contractions, check out this video.


As you can tell from my photos, my arms looked flabby and had no muscle development. I would do all kinds of arm exercises but they just never grew. Until one day I found this 1 muscle building “trick” that finally help me get the ripped and muscular arms I’ve always wanted.

Learn the 1 “trick” I personally used build up my biceps. Watch it now:


Train Hard,


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thecoolesteva6 says:

Mike is garbo but props to bringing on Bpak to give some impeccable advice.

Ian Mc Neill says:

Really dislike Mike Chang, But Ben is an absolute genius

Arjan Meijer says:

When a naturel bodybuilder asks a user, he is stupid as hell. People that
use steroids are in a different world of training.

Axl Verheul says:

Would be fun if they also put a normal person on the couch, gives a better

Towelieeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

Mike should have told Ben his view on steroids, so he could get schooled
for another 15 minutes..

Robert Brown says:

fuck mike chang! i hate seeing this dumbass! ben, stick to working with
brilliant people. not stupid shits like mike chang

Mikey Grigoryan says:

Ben Pakulski smart guy. I learned to concentrate and focus on the muscle
and contraction by using low weights and slowly progressing that muscle
group to where I can go heavy and still concentrate and contract that

grace says:

easy 2 comment when uve got the body from a injection

Tony Beazley says:

Samson curls with the cable machine are good for putting a good peak on the
bicep… pump up like a big dog too. 

timrokasamhai says:

Do you make these deadly mistakes in your workout regimen? Copy And paste
into Google Muscle Maker Method to find out.

bigc56b says:

3 tips

1. Eat
2. Lift
3. Sleep

Bonus… A little test, deca combo really get the job done.

Xavier Wulf says:

Ben is doing it for the money. 

Andrew Hyson says:

fuck you mike

Dx iLaggzZ says:

How Did this guy get massive calves???

ConcludedFever9 says:

haha that guy almost walked in 3:26

merchant100 says:

Staged as f**ck!!

Barracuda487 says:

lol people talking shit about Mike. When he would probably fucking snap all
of you in two.

someone19901000 says:

Lol at 3:26 some guy walks up from behind and then runs back behind the
wall when he sees them making a video lol

Valtteri Karonen says:

Holyshit @ Ben´s calves…..

Wolfd7a says:

Ben Pakulski looks like he wanna kill him, dunno why. Big Thanks anyways!

erik nielsen says:

Ben is a genius.

Angle Angie says:

Pure shit

dizzyduckone says:

Mike looks skinny compared to the other guy, who has a perspiration problem

Danny Vee says:

Haha from 6:00-8:00 Mike Chang is getting schooled..the teacher becomes the

Kirk Critch says:

Dat dere bicycle.

WAKE UPpeople says:

had to dislike because you had to put your afterburn in the picture, and
you try too hard to be cool

Robbie Stahl says:

Wow, that’s an excellent thing to teach the general public! Focus on
shortening instead of full ROM. For Mike or Ben this makes sense because
they have done over 1000 workouts and their body has adapted. For the
general public or average fitness you need to focus on elongation, balanced
improved strength, and stability. Great tip but only makes sense for 2% of
exercisers. Post here to learn more.

Samcagz22 says:

It’s obviously staged because mike is reading from the laptop

jeff swanson says:

That shortened muscle position is called “Active Insufficiency”. It results
in a muscle cramp. Love Ben Pakulski.
Couldn’t possibly care less about the insecure, out-of-his-league Mike

Dooda Douggie says:

Shit bens got big calves ,dammmnmm bro

PrinceArthas100 says:

Pretty ironic since Ben has terrible arms compared to other guys like Phil,
Kai and Roelly

ugnė pečiulaitytė says:

3:28 bigfoot? :D

andrew reshetnikov says:

bro when i workout on my bicepts i have barely and vains popin what should
i do

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