8 Bodybuilding Tips You Need To Know Before Training – How To Build Muscle.

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Hey everybody, if you’re looking training tips that everybody should know before they start working out to make the most of your time in the gym and avoid hurting yourself, watch this entire video. Also, check out the site above for a full workout and diet plan completely laid out for you with the ability to customize it to you.

It will help you make sure that you are eating and working out at the right times and it will show you exactly what you need to be doing to put on pounds of muscle every month without ever plateauing.

Learning how to build muscle is a bit more complicated than some people think at first – there is quite a bit to learn to make sure you build muscle fast, stay healthy, and make sure you don’t hurt your body. If done incorrectly, it is possible to do permanent damage to your body, so be careful when you hit the gym, and learn how to build muscle right. Check out the site above for more – I have have a vested interest in the site, by the way, it is a very effective workout program.

So check out the site above for more tips and a complete schedule, and I hope you enjoy the video!


Nicholas Janke says:

I myself have been a bodybuilder since I was about 18.

Vshape Bodybuilding says:

Hi there mate from the sound of things it sounds to me like your an
ectomorph or better known as a hardgainer. For maximum results i would say
that make sure in your gym workouts that your using slow and control
movements so that you hit each muscle fibre but more importatly eat
properly, for an ectomorph such as yourself your muscle is built outside of
the gym so eat more often and eat healthy calorie dense food such as
chicken breast, boiled rice etc but train hard in the gym aswell

MrSwaggerchecker says:

hey this is good stuff man


good man im glad someone is at least telling the true !

fightfanian says:

Thanks for the video, I have been lifting for 6 months and don’t see much
gain hopefully this will help.

Cavstic says:

I started last year, now I’m 20. Before starting I was kind of the very
tall and thin guy, now I’m beginning to get some meat on my bones but it’s
a very slow and hard process. My biggest problem is that, even though I eat
a lot, it’s difficult for me to put on weigh. That doctor says it’s because
of my young age: I quickly burn up everything I eat. Any tips?

Edgar Galeano says:


magicGOLDbug says:

Thanks man

sunbaskingman says:

Good information. As Arnold said, you have to see the vision of the body
you want first, then walk toward that vision.

cajb687 says:

my 12.5 yr old wants to start lifting weights n not sure what age is a good
age to start?

Joy Ann Montilla says:

I want to be a Natural Bodybuilder someday

Vshape Bodybuilding says:

Nice video mate, i like people like you, not pushing any supplements, not
trying to promote your workout or beliefs and as a result your not
confusing anybody. Nice video

ScubaSteveOops says:

Bretheren, dost thou habitually attempt to strengthen one’s own body by
means of forcing an inanimate object off of the floor?

Henry Robert says:

we should build biceps or triceps

Slash27015 says:

More natural fat, like banana or nuts, should give your body more
fat-energy-thingy that it can burn in a couple of hours, so that overtime
it will help built up.

MobilePersonalTrainer says:

How do you really know if you have recovered because I know soreness has
nothing to do with muscle growth. its just lactic acid build up. but other
than that how do we really know?

nic king says:

this is something ¥ou have to deal with at your age, but it is used in your
advantage. i dont really know how clean your diet is but if you just want
to bulk stick to many meals and carbs. lots of raw oats. and then of course
you have your meats. i could go on for a day. but just keep working on it
and eat healthy and try and stick to 5 or 6 full meals.

Vshape Bodybuilding says:

The thing is mate you dont but the normal amount of time it takes for a
muscle to recover on healthy human being consuming the right foods can be
anything between 3-7 days. So give yourself 7 days before you do that
muscle again to avoid overtraining

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