Arm Yourself for Battle – Spartacus War Of The Damned Arm Workout –

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Liam McIntyre needed to add lean mass to match his gladiator role. Enter trainer Tyrone Bell, who helped him add 20 pounds of lean muscle. Here’s how.
When Liam McIntyre was picked to play Spartacus in War of the Damned, the producers were thrilled with his talent but wary of his physique—at least for this role. To fill the breastplate of a Thracian gladiator-turned-hero, Liam needed more lean mass. I started training Liam in pre-production with an eye toward helping him build Spartacus-worthy size.

For six weeks, I put Liam through a grueling, no-holds-barred hypertrophy (i.e., muscle-growth) phase. From there he would move on to a boot camp of fighting and gymnastics, designed to get him up to fight speed. That phase also got him cut, and we had to reboot his hypertrophy phase periodically throughout the season. All told, I helped Liam pack on 25-30 pounds of muscle during our time together.

We fit in workouts whenever and wherever we could. Liam was in production constantly, but some scenes finished early, leaving us time for a 30-minute workout. So we developed efficient workouts that allowed us to exploit those small time slots. I’d say the average workout we had was 20 minutes long, so I developed five 19-minute hypertrophy workouts.

You have to take on a gladiator mentality to tackle these workouts. I made Liam throw up on himself and he still kept going. When people hear a muscle-building workout only lasts 19 minutes, they say, “Nah, you can’t build muscle in that time. It’s not enough. It can’t be done.”

The proof is on film. The cast of Spartacus packed on lean mass over time, even under their intense workload. You can, too. If you follow this plan, you’ll build shape and size just like the gladiators on Spartacus.

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ProzacPreacher says:

“Pressed for time, but still want to work out? Do a lot of isolation

Wat??? What a retarded schedule.

VideoVerifying says:

what does 10/10 mean ? 10 sets ?

juan nirog says:

1,140 seconds my ass… I bet this kid bicep curls and tricep extends more
than his max squat weight. 

Ababmer Vid says:

Do they even lift…
Seriously, how about you stop training abs and arbs and lift some fuckin

TheGentleman says:

I mean to tell you the truth this looks like the average workout rotation
most people do. I really don’t see anything special about it. But if it
works it works.

Akj B says:

he have chicken legs :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

nicholas thatcher says:

has he heard of leg day?

Kazuya Demon says:

Skinny calves

Ruben Cervantes says:

this is the most bullshit workout ive ever seen. 

GladiatorShield says:

he just fucking used the row machine for biceps…..I am going to fucking
kill someone

Walter White says:

Andy was jacked and a fantastic actor. He is sorely missed.

Liam is a solid actor but he physically looks like mush. I don’t get it.

CikaDuke87 says:

this is light weights even for a super set, and i watch spartacus and this
guy is build like a girl. Actor from the first season was in 10 times
better shape

TS50ER says:

I was watching and taking notes until I saw his legs.

Yuri Boyka says:

Is that Metroflex 

julian marcuzzi says:

Each to their own I personally do 20 reps per body part which worked for
me.It seems to be trial and error process and whatever works for you,will
work for you. Also have weeks of low reps heavy weight. 

Evan Iskandar says:

do spartans have chicken feet too?

tay crabbe says:

Tyrone Bell… the ” Trainer ? ” has the legs of a typical Kiwi… {
KIWI-BIRD that is !!!! }

Vince I. says:

I did this, but in my own way. I called it the 400. Basically 100 reps on
first superset, like total of 10-12 sets. Same for second and third
superset, 300 reps. Then Dips and Curls to 400 and beyond. After this I
felt like carrying 2 heavy stones instead of arms.

raakesh kanna says:

how a skinny person to gain muscle seriously i have done lot of workout and
i drink protein its just give me a less improvement..please guide me
looking forward… Tq

Jr Garcia says:


Pablo Vales says:

92 romans didnt like this

TAO 2811 says:

did you know spartans were starcheaters. they didnt eat meat

Mitesh Patel says:

I did this routine though in not 19 mins as I had more time have to say it
works. Its very similar other workouts out there BUT it works and that’s

MusicChannelism says:

This guy is pretty cool, he explains how to do many arm workouts and
alternative ways to picking up and putting down weights. My only qualm is
that every good trainer is paid to push supplements. I’m alright with a
little pushing because there was lots of decent information in regards to
lifting wieghts, just want you all to question the purpose of these videos.
Taking any supplement without a strict routine will result in no gains. 

andrew31593 says:

so much broscience

Greg Steele says:

they need to squat

William Moore says:

this is garbage

Ibrahim Ertekin says:

I was watching very calm and neat, I was liking it TO the point he said he
was a fan of GLUTAMINE! Bogus. Glutamine is one of the worst supplements
there is.

Malcolm Taylor says:

Praise God good vid! 

kabita shrestha says:

This Almost-Magical Workout Method gets average guys ripped quickly. Copy
and paste into Google Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

Diego Castillo says:

This video is great; however, if they keep changing the camera angle every
2 seconds, I feel as if I am watching clover field.

HighTowerNL says:

I want to do this but i like to spend time in the gym :P

owek123 says:

Did he just say supplementing W/O BCAA?

danivilciu says:


Jerwin Andres says:
Matthew Haworth says:

To much going on in this workout too many rep change and weight change bet
you spend most of your time changing weights and checking the stop clock 

blueray1969 says:

all that effort, all those 19 minute work outs – to look like freaks lmao

Andrew Georghiou says:

8:40 those veins tho

Forex Success says:

To people who want to bulk up some day. Go Google Muscle Maker Method to
find out more.

mrzooyork1000 says:


Dave Belmont says:

I appreciate this video and it’s very helpful, but I was always taught that
for ideal hypertrophy you should take 2 minutes between sets and lift for
between 40-60 minutes generally speaking. I guess I’m just a little
confused, is this supposed to be the IDEAL way to train your arms, all
things considered, or is it supposed to be good advise for if you find
yourself pressed for time and limited to 20 minute workouts? Thanks for
posting and for any responses.

TheArchangel129 says:

i need to find more viseos like this

Mason Hutcheson says:

Getting swole with CT FLETCHER

Lexo lilWarrior says:

ITS A LIE!!! Spartacus didnt DIE!?!?!?! :OOO

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