Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Training 3 – The KING 2013

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Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER : The KING of Bodybuilding
Bodybuilding Training Motivation Video 2013 “What is the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else?”

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DeOnlyBobblehead says:

Bodybuilders from that time were not only proportional and aesthetic but
also pretty damn strong, unlike most of the bodybuilders from this day and
age. Truly the golden era of bodybuilding.

odinga tinga says:

wondering what he did say to ferrigno …

muataz Al-Sereihi says:

Best thing about his body was the reasonable size unlike todays
bodybuilders who mostly care about the huge size

edgartj17 says:

“He is the Michael Jordan, the Tiger Woods,the Fedor Emelianenko, the Rocky
Marciano of our sport!”
Best Bodybuilder ever Arnold

Jack Tizzard says:

0:34 What the fuck did you say to me bitch?

Kaisha Enderlein says:

Everybody can develop more than 10 pounds muscle mass in 8 weeks and get

TysonProductions says:

Can’t get enough of these videos, make more like this please!

Rob Sins says:

what a boss, imagine if he had the core/abs of serge nubret

MusicTamashi says:

The King, The Legend, The Austrian Oak!

karanvir rana says:

My god he is amazing best there is was and will be. He is immortal.

MAHM S says:

Old school not like the shit today 

juan arcila says:

oh my god, the Hulk vs. the terminator? is this real life?

LSForumTeamOfficial says:

the best! <3

Regie Billones says:

kelan kya magiging gnyan ktwan q..ahahaha..

Filippo Juve says:

Arnold vs Lou = Terminator vs Hulk ! 

Duck slayer says:

Me one day

Andrew Appleyard says:

wots the music called?

lifeshort says:

Music really suits this. Well done cunt

Vincent LevskiFan says:

The KING of bodybuilding.

Artūrs Druss says:

One word God

superavispa says:

Grande Arnold, grande…

стефанюк андрій says:

№1 in all world!!!!!!!

J.C Iglesias says:

amazing edition ,,, congratulations

Daniele ivan says:


Yassine : ) says:

Just AMAZING this video !! Thanks BRO !! : ) #NOPAINNOGAIN

BigRedChapp says:

great video

pitbullsingh says:

The Bruce Lee of Bodybuilding.

Rex Tube says:

It is said that he had a body of a greek God carved in Marble.

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